Keiser M3i vs Peloton Bike- Which One Is for You?

Exercise bikes are the ideal choice for people who want a ride similar to outdoor riding with the convenience of riding from the safety of their home at absolutely any time of day or night. This Keiser M3i vs Peloton comparison will help you decide which of the renowned company’s product is best for you.

I have always loved cycling outdoors but with full time job and a busy schedule, it’s almost impossible to ride in day light. After a while it was clear that what I needed was a stationary exercise bike which I could hop on to at whatever time I get home from work and get some good cardio exercise in before the end of the day.

This Keiser M3i vs Peloton review analyzes two top names in the industry and tells you why both are worth consideration.

What Are the Differences between Keiser M3i Indoor Bike and Peloton?

Keiser M3i
Bike weight
112 pounds ( 51 kg)  (easier to move)
135 pounds ( 61kg)
Max weight limit
350 pounds (158 kg) ( takes heavier users)
305 pounds (138 kg)
User height range
4’-10’’ to 7’’   ( takes taller users)
4’’-11’ to 6’’- 5’
Small console
21.5 inch touch screen ( larger screen)


Keiser M3i vs Peloton – How Do They Compare?

Packages and Accessories

When you purchase either of the two indoor bikes under consideration, you could choose to simply cycle and do nothing else for the entire period of your work out. Although this is still beneficial, you could make use of accessories which either help to burn additional calories or simply help to make your work out more comfortable.

When you buy the Keiser M3i indoor bike there is only one package available. Included in this package are the bike and several accessories such as a water bottle holder, a mat, a wireless polar strap, a set of AA batteries for the LCD screen and assembly and maintenance tools.

The Peloton bike comes in packages. You can choose one of 4 packages. These are the Basics, Essentials, Works and Family packages. The basics package gets you the bike and free delivery and set up.

The Essentials package gets you what is in the basics package plus a pair of riding shoes, a pair of weights and a pair of headphones. If you choose the slightly higher works package, you get what’s is in the essentials, plus a rubber mat and a heart rate monitor.

The Family package is designed for multiple users. It comes with the basics inclusions plus two pairs of riding shoes, two heart rate monitors, two sets of headphones, a set of weights and a mat. They also include a set of glass water bottles.

Console and Tablet

Both bikes have screens which are used to display a variety of details to the user as he rides. The Keiser M3i has a small console. This is a non-touch-screen, battery poweredmonitor with no buttons.

It has a backlit sensor which keeps the screen’s backlight off unlessit senses that the room is dark. This helps to preserve battery power.

The Peloton bike comes with a larger (21.5 inch), 1080, HD touchscreen with inbuilt speakers and a webcam. It is actually a tablet which provides you with all the information given by the Kaiser M3i console and is what you use to follow live and on demand riding classes from Peloton.

The inbuilt speakers are loud enough to fill a room. The device also has a headphone port which allows you to crank up the volume without disturbing people around you.

Media Tray

It may seem like an inconsequential part of the bike until your phone rings in the middle of a work out and you have to get off the bike to go and answer it. The Keiser M3i has a small tray, usually referred to as a media tray at the front.

You can place your phone, keys or any other item you will need in the course of your ride. Peloton doesn’t have this tray so you have to get innovative. Some users carry a little pouch containing their phone and other essentials and hang it on the handlebars.

Keiser M3i vs Peloton bike – A Comparison Overview

Keiser M3i Overview

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The Keiser M3i indoor bikeis designed for commercial use at gyms for indoor cycling classes. Keiser Corporation, the manufacturing company claims to be the first to develop a bike with a V-shaped frame which is essential in its ability to accommodate users of different height and body sizes. Its seats and handle bars can be raised in conjunction with each other.

It can be adjusted for longer legs, arms and torsos for heights ranging from 4-foot-10 to 7 feet. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds (158kg). This means just about every adult can adjust it to suit their specific body shape and size.

In further recognition of a variety of body sizes, shapes and footwear, Keiser’s pedal design is different from other bikes. In other bikes, the crank arms (thin rod connecting the frame to the pedal) are straight.

This is perfect for professional cyclists who often have a narrow pelvis and narrow footwear. What are the chances all users in a spin class all have narrow pelvises and footwear? Quite slim. Keiser therefore used a curved crank arm which also allows users with fuller frames to enjoy a comfortable ride.

The sound (or lack of it) produced by this bike is something users living in small apartments really appreciate. Magnetic resistance is responsible for a smooth and quiet ride.

You can have your bike at a corner of a small living room and ride as someone else watches television without disturbing them. If you have your bike in a bedroom, your partner can sleep through your early morning rides with no noise interruptions whatsoever.

The position of the flywheel at the rear of the bike is not unique today, but Keiser claims it was the first company to have it at the rear. This was after realizing that a flywheel poisoned at the front, places the rider’s sweat zone directly over the wheel.

Having a rear flywheel removes the bike’s vulnerable mechanisms from the sweat zone therefore reducing chances of malfunctions and making it easier to clean. It is also better protected from corrosion and contaminants.


  • V-shaped frame
  • Quiet
  • Rear fly wheel
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Adjustable seat (four ways)
  • Adjustable handlebars (four ways)
  • Media tray for phone and keys


  • Small console
  • No touch screen capability
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Peloton Overview

Peloton Overview

 When it comes to versatility, the peloton bike also takes intoconsideration a wide variety of body sizes. The saddle can be adjusted to fit riders from heights as low as 4 -foot-11 to those as tall as 6-foot -5.  The weight limit is 305 pounds (138 kg).

The most outstanding selling point of this bike is access to what has been described ascultish training classes run by Peloton. The bike comes with a 21.5 inch HD screen through which users can access live or past work out sessions. You can choose to join a live class running in the Peloton gym in New York City or follow scenic outdoor trail simulations.

Live trainings are a favorite because users achieve more than they would on their own through motivators such as live chats with instructors and other class participants and a leaderboard on the screen which displays the top participants’ scores ( if your name is displayed it motivates you to keep going).

It is worth mentioning that access to these live and past workouts doesn’t come with the bike. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee for it all.

On the bike frame, next to the water bottle holder is a resistance knob. Turn it to the left to make the bike easier to pedal and turn it to the right to make the bike harder to pedal. This allows you to make your ride more challenging, as it would get if you were riding up a hill. If the knob is pressed all the way don, it stops the wheel from spinning at all.

Behind the saddle are weight holders. Your weights can be safely stored here and can also be accessed easily if you want to use them as you ride.


  • Access to live Peloton classes with professional instructors
  • Strong, durable steel frame
  • Resistance knob to make it easier or harder to pedal
  • Handle bars and seat adjustable up and down
  • Weight holders for easy access to them when riding


  • Expensive
  • Classes come at an extra monthly cost
  • Screen doesn’t swivel
  • No media tray

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Keiser Corporation and Peloton are two big names in the industry. Both are excellent quality bikes for home or commercial use.  Both have a screen through which you can monitor your heart rate, how long you have been riding and how much power you are producing. Both allow for Bluetooth connection.

Verdict. So which is better? The Keiser M3i or Peloton?

If you cycle regularly and derive a lot of benefit from instructors and friends at the gym, the Peloton is the bike for you.Despite a higher than average price tag, it does prove to be worth it thanks to a durable frame and parts. The extra cost for monthly subscriptions to be able to access live workoutsmay seem like an unnecessary cost but it makes financial sense if you would ordinarily be paying for membership at the gym.


Can I use the Peloton app without buying the bike?

Yes. If you have an exercise bike, you can use the app, usually referred to as Peloton Digital. The app offers unlimited access to more than 10,000 cycling, yoga, stretching, cardio and running classes.

Which heart rate monitor can I use with the Keiser M3i?

There are lots of options in the market though Keiser recommends Polar brand monitors.