Kent bike reviews – When weight is not a hindrance to great cycling

Are you a young, athletic guy? Enjoy your high school years by making a grand entrance to school every day with Kent super 20 Bike. It is sturdy and easy to control. Go through our Kent bike reviews to learn more about the brand.
I have always hated getting into overcrowded vehicles. They left me feeling as if I am struggling to get some fresh year. Sometimes, when I boarded a public car to school, I could not wait to alight due to sitting in a squeezed chair. It was a part of my morning routine that I never looked forward to. My parents had no money to afford a vehicle, so I never thought I had any options until my friend advised me to get a bicycle. Now, I am motivated to ride my robust, handsome bike to school without having to stomach overcrowded buses anymore.
Kent super 20
This bike gives you the freedom to go anywhere you desire any time. It has a dual-welded frame that makes it reliable and easy to control. It puts you in control and eliminates the fear of losing your balance. With Kent Super 20 bike, you get to enjoy a smooth journey without any limitations.
The frame
Kent super 20 bike lets you look good in it but also give you a sturdy frame. It is a mountain bike that you can use from a young age till your teen years. It features shock points on the front and rear parts which readily absorb vibrations when you approach bumps on the road.
Though this bicycle is a bit heavy, it has numerous features that prevent it from feeling cumbersome. You can use the seat clamp to adjust the height of the seat effortlessly. This makes it easy for you to continue enjoying your bike even as you continue growing.
Suspension system
You will love the smooth ride thanks to the dual suspension system of this bike. You can easily adjust the suspension system levels by using the knob near the rear part. Sometimes, riders get intimidated by rocky grounds. Kent super 20 bicycle increases your confidence on such grounds since the front suspension fork makes it easy for you to handle rough terrain.
Quick shifting
You will enjoy the thrill of cycling fast on different terrain without worrying about how rough the surface is. It comes with seven speeds to help you maneuver both smooth and rocky grounds. You can also switch gears fast without experiencing any challenges. The manufacturer designs the derailleurs in that they can support different types of riders.
Easy assembly
Unlike other bicycles, assembling this brand does not give you a headache. It is easy to bring all the parts together. You should ensure that you tighten the brakes well before giving it a test ride.

  • Solid construction
  • Has a low shock absorbing seat
  • Easy to access gears


  • Complicated manual
  • Has a thin rubber on the tires


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Kent super 20 offers value for your money since it can withstand terrain change and daily abuse. It is a bike that you can easily adjust according to your height. If this does not fulfill your need, you can check out the other models such as Kent Avondale hybrid bike for men and Kent women’s Avondale hybrid bike.
If you go through Kent bike reviews, you will quickly notice one common aspect. The manufacturer understands the importance of stability and control when it comes to cycling. That is why all models under this brand have features that can help you achieve this.