Kent vs Mongoose – Should It Cost More to Ride Off-road?

Would you go for a city bike or want the possibility of cruising in the wild as well? This Kent vs Mongoose review explores the difference between a city and an all-terrain bike.
I ride to work every day. Even though it is fulfilling, I often get those days when I do not feel like riding at all. Either my legs feel sore or I am not looking forward to the uncomfortable saddle. I also wished I could ride long distances for fitness. I could not get this benefit out of my current bike. I decided to upgrade to something that will expand my possibilities. I thought of getting a city bike or go for something that explores the wild terrains as well. To know which bike is best for me, I decided to test drive two bikes, Kent Thruster bike, and Mongoose trail bike. This was my findings.

Difference between Kent and Mongoose- How do they compare?

Kent Thruster bike
Mongoose Trail bike
Single Speed
Full Suspension

Kent vs Mongoose- An In-depth Comparison


Bike material plays a big role in the longevity of a bike. The Kent Thruster bike features a steel frame with steel forks. I must agree this is one of the toughest city bikes available. The tough durable frame did not feel heavy as I sped through corners and traffic. I can tell this frame can last a rider a couple of years.
The Mongoose trail bike has an aluminum full suspension frame. This bike is way lighter compared to the Kent bike. Whenever I wanted to push my speed limits, I knew this was the bike to go for. The light frame made acceleration easy and I had full control of the bike.
If you will only be riding in the city, a bike with a suspension frame may not be a necessity. For me, I wanted to have that possibility of exploring the wild while living in the city. The Kent bike suits the urban jungle better. It has no front or rear suspension because you will ride it on flat surfaces most of the time.
The Mongoose trail bike explores both the urban and wild jungles. It features front and rear suspensions which are great for shock absorption. I definitely love going through city bumps with this one. I take nature rides on the weekends too and this bike comes in handy. If you are living in the city and want a bike that doubles as a workout tool, you should get the Mongoose bike.


You do not need a drivetrain with several cassettes if you live in the city. If you are an early riser, all you need is a bike with a single-speed drivetrain like the Kent Thruster. This bike comes with an interchangeable hub to switch the bike to a Fixie. Braking on a fixie is quite easy too. The bike maker provided front and rear brakes as a reinforcement.
A Mongoose trail/city bike is what you get if you will be cutting through traffic at top speeds. It has a 21-speed drivetrain which unlocks speed levels you will not find in the Kent bike. The aluminum frame makes going fast or slowing down very easy. You also get front and rear linear brakes to give you full control of the bike.

Kent Thruster bike review

Kent Thruster is the perfect bike for anyone living in the city. It is ideal for riders who only want to get from point A to B with less hassle. It is also a simple bike with a sturdy frame that prolongs its shelf-life.
This bike features an all-steel frame which is strong and durable. The rims and brakes are alloy metal which is high quality. The handlebar has a riser design allowing you to be in an upright position while riding. This fixie comes in black and red colors which suit the urban life better.
The rare wheel of the Kent bike comes with an interchangeable hub. You can switch this bike from a Single-speed to a fixie at wheel. If you only want to cruise through the city enjoying how the bike handles, the fixie cog is ideal. For the days you want a mini workout from your bike, then the single-speed option is better.

  • Tough and durable frame
  • Interchangeable rear hub
  • High-quality components


  • Not for off-road riding


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Mongoose Trail bike review

A mongoose trail bike is ideal for riders who want the best of both worlds. This is a high-performance bike designed for the city, mountains, and trails. It comes with an aluminum frame with full front and rear suspension. You will not feel the bumps or rocky surfaces as you explore mountains and forests. Back in the city, the suspension system is a backup solution in case you get on bumpy bits.
This bike comes with a 21-speed drivetrain. You have enough gears to maneuver through difficult obstacles in wild or rush through traffic to your next appointment. Front and rear linear brakes ensure you have full control of the bike even at top speeds.
Mongoose trail bike has twist shifters that making changing gears a breeze. A Shimano rear derailleur ensures the gear system performs with minimal glitches. The frame has a step-thru design making it easy to get on and off the bike. You can add a water bottle on the drop tube to keep you cool during those hot days.

  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Full front and rear suspension
  • 21-speed drivetrain


  • Less color variety


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As I conclude this Kent vs Mongoose review, my winner is the Mongoose trail bike. I love the Kent bike’s simplicity and features that make city cruising fun. I prefer a bike that is excellent in the city and still has nimble performance off-road. For me, that bike is the Mongoose trail bike thanks to its full suspension.


Kent vs Mongoose BMX, which is better?

Mongoose has the best BMX bikes. Their bikes have lighter frames which makes it easy for stunts.

Where are Kent bikes from?

Kent bikes are from an American bicycle company called Kent International Inc. The New Jersey based company is a leading importer and distributor of bikes and bike accessories.

Is a Mongoose mountain bike a commuter bike?

A mountain bike is harder to pedal compared to a city bike. Some bikes come with a 21-speed drivetrain to make them ideal for city riding as well.

What is the best Kent road bike for beginners?

A single speed bike is great for beginners. Bikes with an interchangeable hub allow you to focus more on the riding and less on the bike.