Kent vs Schwinn, reliable, detailed review

It is not hard to find a kid’s bike, but what you want to look for is not a smaller version of an adult bike but rather a bike with all the characteristics and features good enough to accommodate the comfort, safety, and durability. Here’s a detailed Kent vs Schwinn review.
It seems like a long shot but when you consider all your options, you’ll soon realize that an active lifestyle and healthy eating is the key! This is the best gift you can hand over to your kid even at a young age. It is their ultimate guarantee of good health.
This is something that as a parent has been weighing down on me. After all, I want only the best for my little munchkins. I have always loved riding bikes. I think I owe my toned, muscular physique to riding alone.
I started my kids early on bike riding. It is my goal to have them carry on the habit throughout their lives. Children as young as 18 months old can now learn how to ride. Imagine how great they’ll be by the time they turn 5 or older? You should see how good mine have become.
See it’s not so much about them being good enough to compete in the championships. It’s more about teaching them about road discipline and giving them a good foundation health wise as proven in this Kent vs Schwinn kids bike review.

7 speed
1 speed
Bike weight
36 lbs.
32 lbs.

Kent vs Schwinn detailed comparison
Gears are important even for a kid’s bike because they help you maintain the pace you are comfortable with whether you are going down a slope or up a steep hill. The more gears a bike has the more speed options you have available for use on various roads. Note that fewer gears don’t mean that the bike is faster, it only means you have fewer options.
With that said, the Kent kids bike comes with a 7-speed gear which is appropriate for a kid’s bike if you ask me. The Schwinn kid’s bike alternatively comes with one gear speed.
Kid’s bikes endure lots of impact whether mild or serious. Often I see my kids quickly drop their bikes on the side to run over to the ice cream truck or to pet their dogs. This makes it all the more important to have a bike made of strong durable material that can withstand any type of impact while simultaneously staying light enough this being a bike for young kids.
Both Kent kid’s bike and Schwinn bikes are of steel material.
Does wheel size matter? This is one area that is often overlooked. By the time a kid upgrades from a bike with training wheels, they are ready to try out new things in regard to riding. Like riding down a meandering path, up the hill, down a steep slope and using higher speeds. This is where the wheels come in. The wheels need to be made of durable material and should be large enough to cover more ground in just one spin.
Both Kent kid’s bike and Schwinn Kid’s bike come with 20-inch wheels. I noticed that despite the similarity in size, the Kent bike has a wider wheel whereas the Schwinn bike wheels are significantly narrow.
Bike weight
It is important to remember to check how heavy a kid’s bike is. After all, you don’t want your child complaining about unnecessary aches because of the strain that comes with riding a bike that is too heavy. Part of checking whether or not the bike fits is by checking and ensuring that the weight of the bike is no more than 30% of the child’s overall weight.
The Kent kid’s bike weighs 36 lbs. and the Schwinn kid’s bike weighs 33.5 lbs.
Kent vs Schwinn reviews
Kent kid’s bike review

Giving you a smooth comfortable ride, the Kent kid’s bike is a must-have for a kid who’s ready to bid good riddance to those training wheels. It’s safe to say that this is a big guy bike only difference is it is made to look smaller so that it can fit a younger kid. Everything else is the same from the quality to the features.
The list of nice things about this bike is almost endless. It has a quick release seat clamp that can be adjusted to accommodate the child as they grow, large durable wheels and an intricate seven-speed gear. If your child is between the ages of 7 years and 9 years, then this is a bike you should seriously consider having.

  • Has a durable steel frame
  • Has a 7-speed gear
  • Comfortable and easily adjustable seat


  • This bike may be slightly heavier than most bikes in the same category


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Schwinn Kids bike review

Built to ensure durability, safety, and comfort, this is another bike my kids were definitely eager to get their hands on, literally. It is made of durable steel frame, has a chain guard, a one-speed gear and the most elegant design. It is an attractive, lightweight bike with effective handbrakes and the perfect fit for a young kid. It is easy to pedal and comes with an adjustable seat making it ideal for kids 6 years old and above.
Note that the same qualities in this girl’s Schwinn kid’s bike are the same even for a Schwinn boy’s kid’s bike.

  • Lightweight kid’s bike
  • Made of durable steel material
  • Has a chain guard to offer enhanced protection for your child’s hands, feet, and clothes from getting caught or injured.


  • This bike comes with a one-speed gear that may limit your options when there’s a need to tackle different terrain.


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These two bikes may come from two different brands but they have similar features. It was hard for me to choose one of these two because they are overall very good bikes. But seeing as I was looking for a kid’s bike for my little girl, I was biased and leaned more on the Schwinn bike as my best choice. It is the right fit, it is much lighter in weight and it has protective features like the chain protector. It helped a lot that it has both a coaster brake and handbrakes which for me is great considering how adventurous these young ones can get.