Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 Road Bike review

Are you in search of a quality bicycle for bike riding? The Kestrel Talon Road bike is tested and proven to bedurable and great for biking for any cyclist.

After years with my road bike and numerous repairs, I decided it was finally time to get a new one. Getting a durable bike was top on my list together with a comfortable bike because of how intense cycling can be depending on the terrain? With many options to choose from, I started looking for options from trusted manufactures and settled on the Kestrel Talon X road bike.

Kestrel has been in the business of making bikes since 1986 and is well known for being an innovative company. They are credited with being the first company to create a full carbon bike frame. The Kestrel Talon X Road Bike is one of their top-rated road bikes on sale designed for competition and adventure..

The Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 Road Bike Breakdown and Review

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This Talon X Road bike is made of high-grade carbon fibre for a sturdy and light platform. It comes in different sizes which have their unique tube diameters, shapes, and lengths. The super-light construction will give you a great bike feel to keep you riding longer.

This carbon frame bike is well designed for the best ride quality for every size rider. It provides the best fit for cyclists of various shapes because of its adjustability. The flexibility of this bike lets you shift from a triathlon-style position to a road bike position making it one of the best hybrid bikes out there.

The reversible seat post makes it easier to position for triathlons. The fork and the frame on the Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 bike offer vibration dampening to offer you a smoother ride. This bike is durable and sturdy to handle different terrain, whether it is paved surfaces or urban terrain, you are sure it will last you a long time.

What we liked:

  • The carbon frame on this bike makes it durable and lightweight to ride
  • It is a hybrid bike that is suitable for both triathlon and road biking.
  • This bike is adjustable for a custom fit and comfortable ride.
  • The Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 road bike is affordable and comes with high-end features.

What we didn’t like

  • This bike will need some getting used to
  • The pedals are not included in the purchase of the road bike

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The Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 Road Bike Specifications

Product dimensions
48 x 7 x 28 inches

Kestrel Talon x Shimano 105 Road Bike Features


These bikes are constructed from Kestrels Enhanced Modulus Hybrid (EMH) carbon that gives you a great performance at an affordable price. This bike is constructed from a combination of 700k and 800k carbon fibre which ensures it is rigid and lightweight.

The Kestrel Talon X road bike is durably constructed from carbon while still being lighter than other road bikes. The carbon frame makes it ideal for triathlon performance or road bike performance. The carbon frame will allow you to go faster compared to solid steel bikes which are great for athletes.

You can easily switch between the triathlon-style position and the road bike position when you want to. It is the ultimate hybrid bike in the market out there. Whether you need it for cardio workouts or competition training, the carbon frame is the best option.

Seat and handlebars

The seat on the kestrel Talon X road bike is very comfortable especially if you like riding for long periods. It is adjustable and suitable for road biking or racing. Whether you are cycling to lose weight or just cycling for fun, this seat will be comfortable enough for you.

The handlebars are ergonomic to create a well-rounded bike that performs well while cycling. These handles are rounder than traditional ones and flat at the centre making it ideal for hand positioning. Your comfortability also depends on your riding style.


Are you looking for a fast road bike? The Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 bike is fast yet lightweight for great riding performance. You can choose between 11 gear speeds which makes it easier when climbing steep hills and doesn’t drain the energy reserve making you ride for longer.


The Kestrel Talon X road bike is very adjustable and versatile. It can give the right fit to a variety of users with a variety of shapes. This bike comes in different sizes with different and unique tube shapes, diameters, and lengths.

This means that every type of rider will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The shifting ability of this bike allows you to vary your workout if you are cycling to lose weight. This can be great for weight loss training.


The wheels on the Kestrel Talon x Shimano 105 road bike are of the highest quality. This bike uses oval 327 wheels which are durable enough on this bike considering the price it is retailing at. You will find that these wheels are strong and lightweight for beginner cyclists.

The rear wheel comes with 4 spokes that ensure you can ride at faster speeds. It also makes it better to support the user’s weight. The tires provide excellent grip and durability no matter the speed. This makes it ideal for longer rides in rougher terrains.

Braking System

Being that this bike is made for speed, a lot more attention had to be put into creating the braking mechanism for this bike. It comes with an impressive braking mechanism with Tektro R540 dual-pivot calipers that ensures braking is responsive. The braking is controlled by the Shimano 105 STI brake levers. You have complete control over the braking of this bike without it feeling too sharp or clunky.

Assembly and Maintenance

This bike comes 80% assembled so there won’t be much for you to do. All that you have to attach is the front wheel, handlebars, the seat, and the pedals. If you need some help, make sure you get professional assistance so as not to void the warranty.

After putting it together you can start riding immediately. Â You will have to buy the pedals separately because it doesn’t come with the bike. This bike requires very little maintenance and you can easily clean it.

Who is the Kestrel Talon road bike suited for?

The Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 road bike is suited for athletes looking for a racing bike with the latest technology. If you want a bike you can train with and also go road biking with this is the best hybrid option for you. The geometry of this bike is designed to be fast and deliver high performance with steering precision.

This is a durable bike that comes in 5 different sizes which makes it suitable for different riders. It is best for athletes who were between 4″10 to 6″3 tall. The Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 is suitable for cyclists looking for an aerodynamic road bike with strength and flexibility.

Are there any alternatives to the Kestrel Talon Road bike?

Yes, there are. If you are looking for another bike then you can try the Poseidon Triton Road bike or the Savadeck Carbon Road bike. The Poseidon road bike is made of aluminium while the Savadeck bike comes with a carbon frame but they are both durable and quality lightweight road bikes for cycling.

Features of Alternative road bikes

Poseidon Triton Road Bike
Savadeck Carbon Road Bike
Poseidon Bike
32 pounds
21.8 pounds
Product dimensions
51x8x28 inches
54.2 x 7.9 x 27.6 inches

Verdict: should you buy the Kestrel Talon Road Bike?

The Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 road bike is a budget and quality bike for any rider. You are sure of a custom fit with the many sizes available and the adjustability of this bike. Whether you want a triathlon racing bike or a road bike you are sure to get it all on this bike.

This bike is designed to be sturdy and efficient for riding. It is still efficient at speeds if 50mph without any speed wobble. If you are looking for a top-level race bike with the speed and durability for a good ride then this is the bike for you. This bike is great for beginners and triathletes too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am 5″9, will this bike fit me?

Yes, it would. This bike is adjustable and fits many different users. It is height adjustable and fits athletes between 4″10 and 6″3. Because you are 5″9, the 55cm bike would be the best fit for you.

  1. Do the front and back tired differ in size?

No, the front and back tires are of the same size. The bike has 700X25c tires.

  1. Is the Talon X Shimano 105 road bike heavy?

No, this bike is not heavy at all. It has a lightweight carbon frame and only weighs 18 pounds.