Kilo TT Review: A Blast from the Past

It is possible to blend ancient with modern and achieve a high-performance bicycle. This Kilo TT review explores the world of Kilo TT bikes and how different they are to their competition.
History always repeats itself. From fashion to the bicycle industry, the embrace of retro is evident. Kilo TT is one of the few bicycle companies that dare to be different. They give their customers a taste of the old while blending it with the new. Kilo TT cycles spot that 18th-century design and perform like a modern urban bike. Kilo TT delivers both style and durability. Durability comes in the quality metallic components used in assembling the bikes. I am privileged to own one of their flagship bikes which ride around my neighborhood. It looks and feels like a 21-speed modern racer, but deep down it is an ancient beauty.
Kilo TT Retro Bike
Kilo TT is a classic and fast bike to ride in the city or the countryside. It spots a simple clean look and will last you several years. A Kilo TT bike is ideal for the whole family. It comes in various sizes to suit children and adults. Part of what makes this bicycle simple is the ease of operation. A Kilo TT cycle does not come with a complicated drive-train like most 7 speeds and 21 speeds. It features a single-speed fixed cog which you can switch to a free-wheel cog with the turn of the rear wheel. Kilo TT bicycles also come in vibrant colors so everyone will notice how cool your bike is.
Good bicycle forks will improve the quality of your riding experience. Kilo TT bicycles come with chrome-molybdenum forks. These forks are of high quality and have impeccable performance. Kilo TT also uses kinetic carbon forks for their entry-level bicycles. Kinetic carbon forks are products from a company called Reynolds Ouzo. Reynolds is also an industry leader in the manufacture of bike components.
Kilo TT bikes have a high-grade aluminum frame. Aluminum is a tough durable metal that also makes your bicycle lightweight. To further push the weight down, the bicycle company blends aluminum with full carbon. The result is a top tier bicycle that maintains its geometrical quality.
Kilo TT manufactures their wheelsets from strong lightweight material as well. The metal used is rust-resistance which makes maintenance of your bicycle easy. Kilo TT bicycles use wheels from a brand called Ritchey. This is a company that specializes in bicycle components. Their products strike a great balance in performance, value, and durability.
If there is a classic bicycle for the whole family, it has to be a Kilo TT bike. This bike comes in over 8 different sizes. The sizes are 44cm, 47cm, 50cm, 53cm, 55cm, 57cm, 60cm, and 63cm. Everyone in your family, from the babies to adults, can ride a Kilo TT cycle. The saddle and handlebar adjust upwards or downwards to accommodate your height.
Kilo TT is a single speed bike. The fixed cog is interchangeable to a free-wheel cog for cruising. There are no complicated gears or levels at the handlebar. This bike embraces simplicity in both the looks and riding experience.
Kilo TT bikes boast of a padded saddle fixed on a Cromoly rail. The saddle is wide to allow the rider to be comfortable while riding. The cromoly rail is strong enough to hold the saddle intact. It also accommodates the weight of the rider.
A Kilo TT bike comes in various colors which can be bright or subtle. You can buy this bike in gloss black, bright green, grape soda or purple, glitter gold, or orange crush. Kilo TT picks fancy names for their colors to make their brand even more unique.

  • Classic design
  • Tough and durable frame
  • Available in various sizes


  • Only available as 1 speed
  • Expensive


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A Kilo TT bike is an investment you will never regret. You are getting a bike with a durable frame that is also lightweight for a great riding experience. Every component in this bicycle boasts of high-grade metal construction. Having a one-speed cog also makes this bicycle easy to ride around the town or the countryside. The retro design combined with vibrant colors will make your Kilo TT stand out from the rest. Feel free to compare this Kilo TT review with other bike models that retail at the same price range.