Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 vs original – Which version rules?

Having been around for over two decades now, Kurt Kinetic has gained a reputation for creating some of the best trainers available. We look into the Road Machine models to distinguish between their 2.0 and the Original versions.  

Trainers are known to be either very expensive or cheap but one thing they all have in common is the noise that characterizes them.

Kurt Kinetic Road Machines are fluid trainers that have been built to strike a balance between value and performance.

I have had the Original version of this trainer now for two years and although it still works as perfectly as it did the first year, I have been wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to the 2.0.

This review will help you make an informed decision.

What is the difference between Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 and Original?

Trainer Version
Road Machine 2.0
Road Machine Original
28 pounds
29 pounds
32 x 22.4 x 16 inches
23 x 23 x 9 inches
22 to 29-inch Wheels
22-inch Wheels

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 vs Original – How they compare 


The Kurt Kinetic 2.0 is built on the blueprint of the first version with a spin-on ride Sensor technology making it a better and smarter alternative to the Original Road Machine.

This modern twist opens up new opportunities to the trainer’s users who now have the power to adjust and monitor their training by use of the Kinetic fit App.

With the 2.0, riders can access a list of varied workout programs from interval training to recovery spins all with very realistic read-like liquid resistance.

Without the need for extra bike sensors other than a Bluetooth-enabled smart device with the installed Kinetic App, you get to keep track of your workout progress in alignment with your individually-set target goals.

This information can then be uploaded to external storage for reference. Users of this trainer have the independence to create their workout routines and a choice of different program displays available.

Though limited in terms of technology, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Original works just the same as the 2.0.

With the back wheel of your preferred bike attached to the trainer, a blade rotates through the liquid silicon that is thermodynamically neutral, and this generates resistance.

This resistance increases the faster you pedal and is driven by a magnet to create a quiet and road-like experience.

Because of how fast the trainer’s liquid resistance ramps up, you may e well advised to use a rear cassette with close-ratio to make your load changes a bit more subtle.

When you have achieved a pace of 20 miles per hour, the trainer will provide you with 15 seconds of coasting to help you catch your breath.


Both trainer versions are foldable and light in weight making them easy to carry and store away when need be. They do not differ significantly in components.

The Road Machine 2.0 and original are built largely using powder-coated steel and some aluminum parts. 

Both trainers are built with a 6.25-pound flywheel which does not alter the force curve all the while offering a smooth riding experience.

The platform the trainers rest on is very stable and sturdy with a very slight change in the design. While the Original version featured an extended bar at the rear, the 2.0 cut off the bar to make a rounded and rubber-soled base which is way neater.

The front wheel of your bike will be supported on both trainers by use of the wheel block that is included in packaging along with skewers that cater to wheels with a hollow axle.

A magnetic coupler that is patented is used for both trainers to ensure that the resistance unit is completely and securely sealed to discourage any leaking.

A large tire roller is added to their design to handle and control any overheating incidents that if neglected lead to serious wear of your tires.

Feet and knobs of both trainer versions are made of ABS plastic and molded over with rubber for a reliable grip, durability, and great ergonomics.

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 vs original – A Comparison Overview 

Road Machine 2.0 Review 

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This version of the Road Machine comes fully assembled with a guide included in the form of a DVD for details on the quick and easy set-up that should take you under ten minutes to complete.

2.0’s trainer frame is stable, sturdy, long-lasting and it folds flat for simple and convenient storage and transportation.

Capable of accommodating 22 to 29-inch wheels the frame has a diameter roller that is large and measures 2.5â€.

Enabled with technology and the Kinetic fit App this is a smart trainer that makes training on it more fun and interactive for its users.

It is compatible with an InRide Watt Meter which is connected to the magnetic resistance to determine the Power wattage used per cycling session.

The fluid resistance creates a smooth and quiet ride.


  • Ergonomic knobs and feet
  • Foldable
  • Technologically smart machine
  • Compatible with InRide Meter


  • Cannot tighten roller against the tire

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Road Machine Original Review 

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Original Road Machine biketrainer is best for long spins and uses automatic resistance for a smooth, stable, and realistic ride experience. The 6.25-pound flywheel and the fluid unit work together magnetically to achieve quiet and dependable training.

Some time is needed to set up your bike but using the large axle clamps, it should be a piece of cake. The fluid resistance is magnetically charged which means it is built to match your pedal pace and force to adjust automatically.

It comes packed with skewers to help with the assembly of hollow wheels and the aluminum cooling fins work to lower heat levels to prevent tire wear and maximize your performance.

The resistance system is fully sealed so you don’t have to worry about any leaks. The Original version is limited to accommodate wheels no bigger than 22-inches.

It features several holes in its rear legs used to adjust the wheel size and this required two wrenches to hold it in place.

The trainer also comes with a roller that is quite large and it functions to minimize tire wear.


  • Automatic resistance
  • Quiet performance
  • Sealed liquid resistance
  • Outdoor riding simulated


  • Limits wheel size compatible to 22-inches

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Verdict: So, which is better – Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 or Original?

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 wins over the Original by a landslide. In modern times where everything is technologically enabled, the 2.0 offers cyclists multiple options in bike training and operation.

With a sleeker base, larger accommodation in wheel size, and the tracking and transfer of workout metrics, there is every reason to upgrade from the Original Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.


What is the range of resistance offered by the Road Machine trainer?

You are guaranteed 5-3,000 watts of liquid resistance when the trainer is fully assembled.

How quiet is the Road Machine trainer?

As advertised, the brand specifies that the trainer is down to 69-70 decibels. While this is very quiet, you will still hear it running but it will not keep you from holding a conversation or from watching TV or listening to your favorite jams as you pedal.