Life Fitness IC5 Vs IC6 – Which One Is a Better Experience?

Life Fitness has a fairly wide range of indoor bikes in the market. Some have stark, clearly noticeable differences while for others it is difficult to tell exactly what makes it different from the other. Here is a Life Fitness IC5 vs IC6 comparison to help you decide which one you want to buy.

Hi, my name is Jamie. I have been riding Life Fitness bikes at the gm for years. Now I have decided to get one for my home gym and have narrowed down to the IC5 and IC6. They look the same and have the same features but the IC6 is more expensive. What is the difference between the two and which one would be a better choice?

Here is a Life Fitness IC5 vs IC6 comparison which points out the few, easy-to-miss differences and what they mean when it comes to the overall user experience.

What Are The Differences Between Life Fitness IC5 And IC6 Bikes?

52 x 20.5 x 47 inches
52 x 20.5 x 47 inches
Bike Weight
112 lbs. / 51kg
112 lbs. / 51kg
Max weight capacity
330 lbs. / 150 kg
330 lbs. / 150 kg
MyRide VX personal package
Not included
Training intensity guide
Coach by Color ( user only)
Coach by Color ( user and instructor)
Wattrate LCD
Wattrate TFT 2.0
Computer power supply
Self-powered generator ( with LiPo battery)

Life Fitness IC5 Vs IC6– How Do They Compare?

MyRide VX Personal Package

The MyRide VX Personal package offered by Life Fitness includes

  • A Wi-Fi enabled 10-inch touchscreen tablet
  • A handlebar mount to hold the tablet
  • 3 installed apps: MyRide Studio Coach, MyRideWorld View andMyRide Tour Coach.

These cycling apps give you access to numerous immersive recorded cycling sessionswith no subscription required. Here are more details on each of them.

MyRide World View lets you enhance your workout using footage from more than 500 different locations from around the world. You can ride along road trails in the city of California or the great Alps of Italy. Videos are about 5 minutes long and can be filtered based on terrain.

MyRide Studio Coach gives you access to recorded coached workout sessions with reputable instructors and music which will get you revved up for the challenge.

MyRide Tour Coach. Here you get terrain focused workouts from different parts of the world with voice overs from professional coaches. The fierce workouts include 4 different 50-minute sessions and 4 30-minute HIIT fast-paced classes.

This package is only included when you buy the IC6 bike. Although the IC5 is compatible with these apps, it doesn’t come with the package. You would have to purchase it separately.

The 3 applications which the MyRide VX package comes with make the IC6 a better choice for users looking for a range of immersive workouts.

Coach by Color

Coach by color is an indoor cycling system developed and maintained by ICG. The system works by giving users color-coded biofeedback based on the individual’s level of exertion.

You work in one of 5 training zones, all assigned specific colors. When you start off in warm up, you are in the white zone. When you work harder, the screen turns blue then green, yellow and when you start working at 100 percent or more, the screen turns red.

Intensity or color zones are adjusted to your individual fitness level. This way you are not competing with the person next to you (if you are at a fitness studio) but are looking to stretch your personal limits. Participants in one class for instance, can all be riding in the blue zone even though every individual is putting out different levels of power in order to stay in their blue zone.

In the IC5 the screen only displays colors to show the zone that the user riding the bike is in. With the IC6, the Coach by Color feature displays workout intensity for both the user on the bike and the trainer who is running the class.

The IC6’s ability to show you both zone colors for yourself and the instructor makes the experience more interactive and more challenging.

Computer Power Supply

The Life Fitness IC5 has a Wattrate LCD computer while the IC6 has a wattrate TFT computer which is more advanced. The primary difference between the two is how they are powered. The IC5’s computer is battery powered.

The IC6’s computer is self-powered so does not require batteries or an external power source. It has a generator which is powered by the use’s energy which then charges a LiPo battery.

The IC6 is a better choice because you don’t have to remember to check and replace batteries. You also get to cut out batteries as a maintenance cost.  

Life Fitness IC5 Vs IC6- A Comparison Overview

Life Fitness IC5 Overview

Life Fitness IC5

The Life Fitness IC5 is designed for commercial use such as in health clubs and fitness studios. Its sturdy steel frame can handle at least 3 hours of continuous use every day and has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.

A key outstanding feature is a rear flywheel which is still not particularly common in indoor bikes. This helps to protect the flywheel and other sensitive bike components from sweat.

The IC5’s wattrate LCD computer has a fully integrated screen with an on-demand backlight. There is an indicator above the screen which gives you an option to apply Coach by Color.

To operate the computer there are 5 touch sensor buttons which allow for fast and intuitive computer operation even in the middle of a workout.

Other key features include a uniquely designed saddle which has an opening in it. This serves to relieve pressure on sensitive parts of the rider’s body as well as enhance comfort and performance.

Dual sided pedals that are SPD compatible on one side and toe cages on the other give you the option to wear any type of shoes.


  • Solid steel body and matte slate finish
  • Coach by color
  • ANT+ and Bluetoothconnection
  • Adjustable cushioning seat
  • User assist handlebars
  • 100 resistance levels
  • Multi-position grips on handlebars
  • Levelling feet and transport wheels
  • Pedal with 155MM Q-factor


  • Myride VX Personal not included
  • Can’t use Zwift without an ANT+ dongle
  • Chest strap not included

Life Fitness IC6 Overview

Life Fitness IC6

The IC6 is very similar to its predecessor. It features a similar saddle and dual sided pedals. Resistance is provided using a magnetic system and a 9 pound flywheel. This is considered a very light wheel considering the average spin bike flywheel is between 18 and 22 kilos.

A unique touch included in this bike is the position of the fitness lever. Most spin bikes have a knob on the frame which is turned to the right or left to adjust resistance. In this bike there is a lever on the handlebar. The idea is to make the resistance adjuster reachable even when you are standing. It can be a bit difficult to reach a knob when you are in a standing position.

What is perhaps the most outstanding feature of the IC6 is the TFT 2.0 computer. This is an advanced computer which helps to enhance the Coach by Color experience. It has reinforced console housing with a hard, re-designed plastic shell. The lens cover on the screen is made of a thick material to make it more durable and moisture resistant.

This computer also has an advanced operating system and increased RAM. This ensures fast, real-time measurement of data and display of the same.


  • Full color TFT 2.0 computer
  • Self-powered generator
  • Coach by color feature ( user and instructor)
  • Comes with MyRide VX personal package
  • Magnetic resistance ( 100 levels)
  • User assist handlebars
  • Resistance lever on handlebar
  • Pedals have 155mm Q-factor
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connection
  • Dual sided pedals


  • Frequent battery failure


It is clear that the Life FitnessIC5 and IC6 are almost identical. Both are sleek-looking strong indoor bikes designed for heavy use. Both have the popular coach by color feature, dual sided pedals, magnetic resistance with 100 levels and user assisted handlebars.

Verdict: So which is better Life fitness IC5 or IC6?

The differences are in the level of technology used in their computers and therefore the overall digital user experience. For the best digital user and overall experience, the Life Fitness IC6 takes the lead. The Coach by Color feature includes feedback from the user and the instructor. The IC6’s self-powered generator is another advantage because you don’t have to think about checking and replacing batteries. This also makes the bike environmentally friendly.


Can I use the MyRide tablet for other computer functions?

No. This tablet is designed specifically for ICG apps. You can’t install other apps on it. You also can’t use it as a regular tablet for platforms like Google, YouTube or Netflix.

Do I need a chest strap with the Life fitnessIC5?

The handlebar has 2 main hand grip positions. Both have sensors which when firmly gripped relay your heart rate to the monitor so you can see it displayed on the screen.