Life Fitness IC6 vs IC7 – Which choice is Superior?

Life Fitness Indoor Cycle is one of the best indoor spin bikes in the market. Whether for commercial or residential use, this bike brand will get you closer to your fitness goals. Which of their cool models between IC6 and IC7 is the more superior choice?

I first came across the indoor cycle brand by Life Fitness at my local gym when I signed up for their cycling classes. At the time I had no idea about the brand specifically but after months of using the IC6, I had gotten accustomed to its features and benefits.

The IC7 was released at a time when I was considering setting up my home gym and because I loved the Life Fitness brand so much, they were my go-to. I needed to find out about the IC7 to make a final decision. Here’s what I came up with.

What are the key differences between Life Fitness IC6 and IC7

Bike Model
Life Fitness IC6
Life Fitness IC7
Dual Sided
Dual Sided
9 pounds
8-15 pounds
Resistance Levels
Belt driven Magnetic
Belt driven Magnetic
Weight Supported
330 pounds
297 pounds
Training Application
ICG Training
ICG training
Colored TFT
LCD color touch control

Life Fitness IC6 vs IC7: How they compare


The frames of both bikes are heavy steel metal for longevity and durability. The mid-frame moves 20 degrees forward to keep the rider away from the drive system. This is done to protect it from sweat, water or any other material or substance that may weaken the effectiveness of the bike.

These have gas assisted posts meaning that the user needs not get off the bike to make the adjustments. Handlebars on this bike are ergonomic with elbow rests on either side which provides comfort to the user.

These two bikes feature dual-sided pedals with toe cages and clip-ins.They come in handy for those off-road, long-distance racers who need to take their mind off the pedal and instead focus on their energy and pedaling motion.

Both bike types have versatile pedals that allow for both regular gym shoes and special SPD cycling shoes to be used on them.


The magnetic belt drive resistance of the IC6 has a lever for manual adjustments. This lever is placed on the handlebars making it easy to reach and manipulate mid training. Instead of a lever, the IC7 bike uses a knob with over 100 levels on it and with every twist, a new level of resistance is applied to the bike.

Magnetic resistance is driven by a belt drivetrain on IC6 with a 9-pound and IC7 with 8-15 pounds light flywheel for a quiet riding experience. The belt drive system is low maintenance and does not need regular greasing like with a chain drive system.

Life Fitness IC6 features adjustable handlebars that are curved and anti-slip. They give multiple users the option to customize their handlebars to fit their form, height and comfort levels. For the IC7 their handlebars are not race grip ready and they have a better build ergonomically providing comfort to the user.

You will love the curved design of the IC6 handle bars and the convenient resistance adjustment lever placed on them compared to the standard handlebars in the IC7.


With the Life Fitness brand IC6 you get two console options. The built-in TFT monitor that comes with the bike does not need external power sources to operate. It also offers a special feature known as Coach by Color which shows color changes to reflect your performance.

A wireless chest strap is included in your purchase of the IC6 and this heart rate together with other relevant metrics concerned with training will be displayed. This console offers four different training programs.

The other option is the Myride console which connects a tablet to the handlebars and enables you to connect with different instructors and engage in a great workout. With its three built-in training programs, you will be cycling in the most scenic regions of the world right in your home.

All these features are matched by the Life Fitness IC7 model but the heart rate chest strap is missing and the console provided is of a better grade and technological quality than the previous IC6 model.

Experience on both bikes match because the console displays the relevant information. However, the IC7is fitted with the Coach by Color technology that shows the intensity of workout.

Life Fitness IC6 vs IC7: A Comparison Overview

Life Fitness IC6 Overview

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Features a high-performance, heavy-duty steel frame with adjustable handlebars that are customizable for people of all sizes. The bike’s design is built in a way that draws sweat towards the bike’s front to protect the exposed bearings.

Magnetic resistance is driven by a belt drivetrain with a 9-pound light flywheel for a quiet riding experience. The belt drive system is low maintenance and does not need regular greasing like with a chain drive system.

The resistance is adjustable by use of a lever that is conveniently positioned on the handlebars for easier reach in training. Seats are totally adjustable as well on the IC6 and though they are built for comfort, you may swap them out if it doesn’t cut it for you.

Curved and movable handlebars are fitted into the IC6 which presents many options of customization. These multi-grip bars provide riding comfort to the trainer.

Double sided pedals are featured on this bike with options to ride using normal gym shoes or special SPD cycling shoes. The in-built console that comes with IC6 is a colored TFT computer that is self-powered.

To track your heart rate, pair up with a compatible monitor using Bluetooth connectivity that also syncs with phones, TVs and tablets.


  • Magnetic resistance for quite ride
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Self-powered console
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Belt drive system require no maintenance
  • Compatible with ICG training apps


  • Expensive
  • Better console at extra price


Life Fitness IC7  Overview

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Made of steel and frame is shaped in U-shape that is strong and long lasting. The bike looks very commercially ready and will last a lifetime. The seat and handlebars are adjustable.

These have gas assisted posts meaning that the user needs not get off the bike to make the adjustments. Handlebars are ergonomic with elbow rests on either side which provides comfort to the user.

Magnetic resistance on a belt drive system gives the rider a smooth experience and minimizes the need for maintenance. The resistance knob has about 100 twists in it which indicate a new level of resistance with each turn.

The self-powered LCD monitor that comes with the bike shows vital training information and uses color gradients to identify the intensity of your workout. It is further compatible with both Bluetooth and ANT+ connections.

The flywheel weight of this bike is not indicated but could measure anywhere between 8-15 pounds. The pedals are dual sided for use with any shoe and the bike can handle up to 330 pounds in weight.

To monitor your heart rate, you need a chest strap that is either compatible with Bluetooth or ANT+ connections.


  • Bike parts completely covered
  • Sturdy Steel construction
  • Features Coach by Color technology
  • Bike is self-powered
  • Ergonomic design in seat, pedals and frame


  • Light flywheel
  • Handlebars not suitable for race gripping


Verdict: So, which is better, Life Fitness IC6 or IC7?

Life Fitness IC7 is a better and upgraded version of the IC6. This is evident in its build, performance and even much of its features and extras.

Although it does not offer the heart rate chest monitor, the IC7 has a 155mm Q-factor, ventilated seats,automated adjustment options of parts and their ergonomic designs increase comfort in training. This is why it is more superior.