Life Fitness IC6 vs Peloton – Which is the worthy buy?

Anyone who loves fitness training appreciates the value of a great workout. Cycling enthusiasts have experienced an expansion in their product range. Between Life Fitness IC6 and Peloton, which bike is worth the buy?

As the market floods with more brands and models of cycling bikes more people sign up for cycling classes. Because the classes tend to be operating at full capacity on most days, the more reserved individuals have moved on to home gym spaces.

Now, picking out your ideal bike for home use is daunting and sensitive because you will be stuck with your choice forever and if you make the wrong one, you can’t return or replace it. Unless of course you have the money to afford another expensive indoor bike.

So, my friend Maya needed my opinion on the two bikes that she could not decide on and together we dug up some information to determine which one was worthier.

Key differences between Life Fitness IC6 and Peloton

Bike Model
Life Fitness IC6
SPD and Toe-caged
SPD compatible
9 pounds
30 pounds
Magnetic with up to 100 levels
Weight Supported
330 lbs
297 lbs
Training App
ICG Training
Colored TFT
22-inch LCD

Life Fitness IC6 vs Peloton – How they compare


The pedals are quite unique for both bikes, the IC6 is easily set up with two-way pedals meaning you can either use the side with the toe-cage or, if you prefer to, you may opt to flip the pedal to ride on the flat surface like on an outdoor bike.

Peloton spots special pedals with three clip-ins on them meaning that you must incur an extra cost of buying cycling shoes with three cleats to clip-in to the pedals for a secure footing. With Life Fitness IC6, any sports shoe will do.

The pedals on these bikes could be swapped for other alternatives if you have a specific type of pedals that you like to cycle on. Peloton supports a weight up to 297 pounds while the IC6 can hold up to 330 pounds.

Choose the IC6because it has versatile pedals that do not require special cycling shoes to ride as compared to the Peloton which is only compatible with special cycling shoes.


The magnetic belt drive resistance of the IC6 has a lever for manual adjustments. This lever is placed on the handlebars making it easy to reach and manipulate mid training. For Peloton, adjusting resistance is done by using the touchscreen.

Life Fitness IC6 features adjustable handlebars that are curved and anti-slip. They give multiple users the option to customize their handlebars to fit their form, height and comfort levels.

Pelotonhandlebars are soft but a little too thin though they do give a comfortable cushioning with their stacked design.

The seats on IC6 and Peloton are adjustable as well and completely removable if you do not like their comfort levels.With both bikes, you can raise and lower the handle bar height, seat post, move seat forward and backward and align the angle.

You will love the curved design of the IC6 handle bars and the convenient resistance adjustment lever placed on them.


With the Life Fitness IC6 you get two console options. The built-in TFT monitor that comes with the bike does not need external power sources to operate. It also offers a special feature known as Coach by Color which shows color changes to reflect your performance.

A wireless chest strap is included in your purchase of the IC6 and this heart rate together with other relevant metrics concerned with training will be displayed. Tis console offer four different training programs.

The other option is the Myride console which connects a tablet to the handlebars and enables you to connect with different instructors and engage in a great workout. With its three built-in training programs, you will be cycling in the most scenic regions of the world right in your home.

Peloton features a large 22-inch LCD touchscreen that connects to the Peloton training app to give you access to some of the best trainers worldwide. Their training programs are exhaustive and extensive and you can never be bored training on the Peloton.

Peloton’s screen is larger than Life Fitness IC6 but the latter provides more variety by offering you the choice of two great consoles.

Life Fitness IC6 vs Peloton – A Comparison Overview

Life Fitness IC6 – Overview

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Features a high-performance, heavy-duty steel frame with adjustable handlebars that are customizable for people of all sizes. The bike’s design is built in a way that draws sweat towards the bike’s front to protect the exposed bearings.

Magnetic resistance is driven by a belt drivetrain with a 9-pound light flywheel for a quiet riding experience. The belt drive system is low maintenance and does not need regular greasing like with a chain drive system.

The resistance is adjustable by use of a lever that is conveniently positioned on the handlebars for easier reach in training. Seats are totally adjustable as well on the IC6 and though they are built for comfort, you may swap them out if it doesn’t cut it for you.

Curved and movable handlebars are fitted into the IC6 which presents many options of customization. These multi-grip bars provide riding comfort to the trainer.

Double sided pedals are featured on this bike with options to ride using normal gym shoes or special SPD cycling shoes. The in-built console that comes with IC6 is a colored TFT computer that is self-powered.

To track your heart rate, pair up with a compatible monitor using Bluetooth connectivity that also syncs with phones, TVs and tablets.


  • Magnetic resistance for quite ride
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Self-powered console
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Belt drive system require no maintenance
  • Compatible with ICG training apps


  • Expensive
  • Better console at extra price

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Peloton – Overview

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This bike has a sleek steel frame and it carries a 32-pound flywheel. This wheel runs on magnetic resistance with 100 levels to adjust to.

This adjustment is done manually or through the touchscreen but because of the wide range, it may be hard to feel a difference or even quickly adjust your settings mid training.

Handlebars are soft but a little too thin though they do give a comfortable cushioning with their stacked design.

The pedals on this bike may be problematic and present an extra cost to anyone who does not already own a pair of cycling shoes because they use the clip-in mechanism. This is ideal because with a securely locked in footing, you can then pull up in the cycling motion much easier which is great for glutes and hamstrings.

Unfortunately, the Peloton bike is fixed and does not move meaning there is no chance to incline or decline the bike for a more exciting cycling experience.


  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable seat
  • Engaging App with live classes
  • Can sync with Bluetooth


  • Adjustment knob not accurate
  • No incline or decline
  • Adjustments done manually
  • Doesn’t give you weights
  • Needs new training shoes with 3 cleats or Replace pedals
  • Need to buy a heart rate monitor which has a problem pairing

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Verdict: So, which is better, Life Fitness IC6 or Peloton?

Life Fitness IC6 has got to be the better home gym option because it is versatile and intersecting in design. It also offers screen customization options with varying training programs and a Bluetooth connection for pairing devices.