LifeCore Fitness 2023 RB Recumbent Exercise Bike review

Are you in the market for an indoor exercise bike to get you closer to your fitness goals? Then the LifeCore 1060RB bike is the one for you!

Recently I decided that training at home would be better than going to the gym. Home workouts were easy to do and less time-consuming. To intensify the workouts, I decided to get an indoor exercise bike. I did a bit of research to find an affordable and durable bike for my workouts and settled on the Life Core Fitness 1060 RB.

This is a comfortable and quality indoor exercise bike. The bike has a strong build suitable for long, intense workouts. I found this bike easy to use and move around to fit different spaces at my house. Due to its wide range of features, this was a great choice for my home workouts. This bike is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and overall health.

LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB Exercise Bike Review and breakdown

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Lifecore is known to design products that are quality and value for your money. One of their best exercise equipment includes indoor bikes for low impact training. The LifeCore 1060 RB is a simply designed stationary bike from LifeCore that will deliver challenging workout sessions.

The bike is made with comfort as a priority with an adjustable seat and sloped pedals. It comes in a sleek black color. It features 47 training programs to incorporate in your workouts and heart rate sensors built into the handlebars. The bikes have a weight capacity of 300lbs with a 32 magnetic resistance level.

The LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB bike has a console with a multi-window LED display and USB charging ports. There are also built-in Hi-Fidelity speakers with mp3 connectivity. It also comes with a smart device station to hold your mobile or tablet. This is a quality indoor bike suitable for users looking to shed a few calories.

What we liked:

  • There are 47 built-in workouts to get you started and keep you motivated
  • The bike has pedals that slope inwards for natural motion while cycling
  • It comes with 32 resistance levels for intense workouts
  • The bike has a 3-speed workout fan to keep you cool during intense training

What we didn’t like:

  • The Assembly of the bike is complicated.
  • The heart rate chest wrap is not included.

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The LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB Exercise Bike Specifications

63 x 27.9 x 49.1 inches
Resistance level
User weight capacity

The LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB Exercise Bike Features


The LifeCore 1060 RB is made with a step-through design to make it easy to get on and off the bike. It comes with a sleek black frame that can withstand intense workouts. This makes it good for riders who might be heavier or taller than the average person. The indoor bike weighs 134.90 lbs.

There is a handlebar at the rear base and transport wheels at the front base to easily move the machine. The bike also has a bright orange LED display. It is designed for comfort so it has an adjustable seat and cooling fan for the best experience. It is a stylish bike to have in your home gym.

Resistance level

The LifeCore 1060 RB bike has a resistance level of 32. This level is guaranteed to keep the workouts intense and challenging. The resistance level can be accessed incrementally or with 8 quick keys for instant resistance change. The magnetic resistance makes this an ideal choice for any athlete out there.

It incorporates a V-belt drive with sealed cartridge bearings and magnetic resistance and electric control braking. This allows for the consistent and smooth operation of the bike with no noise. With these features, you can be able to attain your fitness goals in no time.


The LifeCore 1060 RB bike comes with an air mesh seat back and over seized foam saddle with vented cushion for comfortability. The seat backrest has a 6 position height adjustment and a 3-position tilt good for riders of different heights. The seat distance adjustment is by a lever that is easily reachable.

The front handlebars have built-in heart rate sensors on the grips to monitor your heart rate. The indoor bike has pedals that slope 2 degrees inwards for good biomechanics and are extra wide. The quick-release straps on the pedals are for support. The front and rear stabilizers have separate adjustment levels to firmly balance the bike as you work out.


The LifeCore 1060 RB features a console with a multi-window LED display and touch-button controls. The display has two user profiles for you to keep track of total times, calories, heart rate, and backlight display for a clear view. There are 47 built-in workouts including a fitness test, strength, lap 5k, lap 10k, fat burn, interval, and heart rate controlled programs.

On the LifeCore 1060 RB bike’s console, there is a USB port and MP3 jack to play your music as you work out. The indoor bike compatible with a wireless chest strap to monitor your heart rate as you train. There is a smart device station to hold your devices like phones and tablets.

Assembly and maintenance

The LifeCore 1060 RB exercise bike comes with a detailed manual on how to put it together. It requires at least two people to do the work. LifeCore also offers door to door customer service to assist in assembly or repairs of the indoor bike.

Parts like the saddle, seats, handlebars, and pedals are some of the parts that are fixed on the machine. Maintaining the LifeCore 1060 RB indoor bike is easy since only the external parts need to be checked and cleaned. This is a quality bike which is a bit hectic to assemble compared to other indoor exercise bikes.

Additional features

The LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB indoor bike comes with a cup holder on each side so you can access your water as you work out. There is a 3-speed fan to keep you cool and comfortable. The MP3 player on the bike can be played through in-built 3-watt speakers for your entertainment. This is a quality bike that also comes with device storage for your phones and tablets. You can listen to your favorite music while working out with your phone right next to you.

Who is the LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB Exercise Bike best suited for?

This bike due to its high-end features can be used in residential and commercial areas. The bike is good for riders looking to improve their body fitness and overall health. Its weight capacity of 300lbs ensures riders of all sizes can comfortably use the bike. It is designed for those in search of programs with hectic and challenging workouts.

It is suited for riders of different heights due to its 6 position height adjustability feature. This machine is good for anyone ready to invest in a long term machine. If you are looking for an efficient indoor bike to burn the most calories after every session, then this is the one for you.

Are there any alternatives to the LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB Exercise Bike?

Yes, there are other exercise bikes similar to the LifeCore 1060RB exercise bike. The LifeCore LC850RB bike and the LifeCore LC900eRB are good indoor bikes that can be used for at-home training or light commercial use. These are quality alternatives with the same weight capacity.

Features of alternatives to the LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB exercise Bike

LifeCore LC850RB Indoor exercise  Bike
LifeCore LC900RB indoor exercise Bike
51 x 24 x 31 inches
29.5 x 42 x 44 inches
User weight capacity
Resistance level

Verdict: Should you get the LifeCore Fitness 1060 RB Exercise Bike

The LifeCore 1060 RB indoor bike is a well-designed exercise machine fit for home use. The quality and durable build set it apart from other indoor bikes for cardio workouts. It has a multi-window display and comes with 47 built-in programs to lose fat. There are 3-watt speakers for entertainment.

A high resistance level of 32 ensures you get an intense and challenging workout. This bike is easy and comfortable to use. It has transport wheels to easily move it around. If you are looking for an indoor bike to integrate into your home routine this is a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is the capacity on this bike?

The user weight capacity is 300lbs, good for a variety of riders.

  1. Is the LifeCore Fitness 1060 bike noisy when you ride?

No, the bike comes with magnetic resistance and a v-belt drive for quiet and smooth operation.

  1. Is the bike suited for tall riders?

Yes, the bike has a seat that can be adjusted in 6 positions and 3-tilt backrest for riders of all heights to sit comfortably.