Linus Review: When Old is Truly Gold

Linus bikes have a retro-feel and an ability to mimic the performance of speed bikes. In this Linus review, we look at the selling points of Linus bikes and whether they are convincing enough to warrant a buy.
A lot of bikes retailing today come with a modern design. Bike companies built products that focus more on performance, safety, and handling. No one is thinking about the beauty of the retro and that is where Linus bikes come in. Linus is a California-based bike maker whose style evokes feelings of the 50s. They are masters of retro-bikes that perform like a 7 speed or 21 speed. If you believe old is gold like I do, then you will appreciate the craftsmanship put in the Linus bikes. I love their look, handling, and comfort. The bike colors are also appealing.
Linus Urban Cruise Bike
The beauty of retro-style bikes is their clean sophisticated look. Minimalism was fashionable back in the day and Linus has tried to maintain this on their line urban cruise bikes. This bike is a taste of both worlds. It takes you back to the late 18th century when cars were not yet fashionable or affordable. The Linus bike brings you back to the 21st century with features that enhances its speed, comfort, and durability.
The first thing you notice in a Linus bike is the clean sophisticated look. The bike producer used a minimalistic approach in designing the bike from handlebars to drivetrain. The saddle and handlebar grips are unique because they spot pure leather. The leather will look more sophisticated as it ages.
Linus bikes were initially 1-speed only. The modern bikes, like the Linus Gaston, sport a 5-speed drivetrain enabling you to vary your speed options. Though Linus bikes do not have the option to switch to free-wheel, you still have more control with a fixed gear. This is handy when you are picking up speeds.
To declutter the handlebar, Linus placed the gear lever on the down tube. Linus bikes also feature an internal gear system which makes it easy to change gears without having to pedal. Bikes with internal gear systems are easy to maintain as well.
A Linus bike has a longer shelf-life thanks to its 4130 Chromoly steel frame. The bike maker also made every other component in the bike from steel. The bike’s headset features aluminum steel which is rust resistant.
With all the metal used, one may assume a Linus bike is quite heavy. This bike only weighs 27 pounds so it will not be hard carrying it up a couple of stairs. Cycling uphill may need some effort because of the weight.
Unique Handlebar
Another thing that makes the Linus bike special is the unique handlebar. The handlebar is upside down with the handles facing the rider. To ride this bike, one has to lean forward and lower like in a racer biker. This riding position allows you to streamline yourself with the bike and pick up speed fast.
This riding position may not be ideal if you have a backpack. The bag will put more weight at the front affecting the stability of the bicycle. As an urban bike, you only use it to cruise around the city. If you have to carry a bag, ensure it is a stylish messenger back.
Linus bike is available in two sizes; 51cm and 59 cm. These sizes are suitable for people with a height between 5feet 4 inches and 5 feet 9 inches. This is a bike designed for the gentleman who enjoys two-wheeled escapade in different cities.
For simplicity, Linus only releases their bikes in one signature color. It could be black or white with retro undertones. A common trend by Linus is to use relaxed colors that provide a subtle background for the real features to shine.

  • Vintage design
  • Strong frame and components
  • Ideal for cruising


  • For adults alone
  • Tedious riding position
  • Pricey


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If you are a lover of all things antic, then you will enjoy the Linus line of bicycles. The retro design is a unique touch you will not see in most bikes. This bike comes with a metal frame that is tough and durable. An aluminum headset ensures the front-set of the bicycle does not rust. This may also be the only bike you own that comes with a leather seat and handles.
We hope this Linus review has been helpful. Compare the Gaston model with other Linus bikes like a classic Dutchi Pronto bike and Libertine II.