Matrix vs Life Fitness Elliptical – Which one caters to all your training needs?

Training in the comfort and privacy of your home is the new best thing. You have 24-hour access to your equipment and you get to enjoy a quiet workout without all the hubbub of a public gym. If you have to choose between the Life Fitness and matrix branded elliptical, here’s how you know which one is better for you.

I just got into college about 6 months ago and while we do have a fitness gym on campus grounds, I much prefer the comfort of my own home. This is why I set out to find the best elliptical machine for me because that just happens to be my favorite training unit.

The market is flooded with great options but I had received a tip off from a friend to look into Matrix and Life Fitness ellipticals in particular. So, I did. And this is what I found out.

The differences between Matrix and Life Fitness Ellipticals

MatrixA 30
Life Fitness Club Series
20 levels
20 levels
Incline Range
24 -54%
Stride Length
24 inches
20 inches
Backlit LCD
Go-Track console
Workout programs
Max. Weight
350 lbs

Matrix vs Life Fitness Elliptical – How they compare


Only the Matrix model provides and incline functionwhich acts to add resistance and vary your training by including an uphill stride.Adjustments on this incline function can be done electronically by using the in-built console to type in the settings or by turning a knob to adjust it manually. Mid workout, it does help to have a console with control tabs.

Both ellipticals offer 20 levels of resistance but the Matrix has a 24-inch stride length while Life Fitness offers 20-inches of the same.

Their handlebars are very flexible and anti-slip and while you pull and push on the elliptical, you benefit from a full body workout. Matrix has a special added feature of stationary hand grips to hold onto for support if only working out your lower body.

I love Matrix ellipticals because of their provision of an incline range which increases my training versatility and adds to the challenge of the training. Life Fitness elliptical fails to meet this standard.


Heart rate monitoring is possible for both elliptical machines and the sensors are built in to the machine’s handlebars. So, as you work out with your hands on the grips, the ellipticals register your information and display it on the screen provided.

Life Fitness has a 7-inch Go track console while the Matrix offers us a customizing option with provision of three alternative consoles of varying sizes and installed with varying number of workouts. These consoles are the XR, XER and XIR models that are unique to Matrix training equipment.

The two ellipticals both have Bluetooth connectivity and using this, you can connect your phone and other external devices. This connection gives you access to more training apps with diverse workouts just in case you want a different experience.

Speakers are also embedded on the Matrix machine’s frames to help you crank up your energy levels and keep cheering yourself on. This feature also lacks in the Life Fitness brand.

Accessory trays have been also thoughtfully incorporated in both elliptical designs.

When it comes to the maximum weight capacity, these two ellipticals support the same 350 pounds of weight.

Matrix outdoes the Life Fitness elliptical because though they both have Bluetooth capabilities, it has a variety of handlebars and consoles with in-built fans.

Matrix vs Life Fitness Elliptical – A Comparison Overview

Matrix A30 – Overview

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This elliptical runs on magnetic resistance with 20 levels to choose from and these may be manually adjusted by use of a knob or automatically on the console. Adding to your experience is a 24 to 54% incline range you are able to really work out your glutes and hamstrings.

The Matrix A30 elliptical provides 20 to 24-inches of stride length and depending on your resistance or incline settings, this could be an easy or hard trainer. These settings could also be altered by altering the incline function available.

A 30-pound flywheel is featured which is enough to produce inertia for smooth training and also heavy enough to challenge all trainees even the pros. This machine will help burn off those extra calories and you should be toned in a few months.

Pedals on the Matrix are oversized allowing for better foot placement and flexible to use with any type of gym shoe. Handlebars are movable to provide a full workout and if you are tired, grip the stationary handlebars to keep working on your lower body.

Matrix offers you the option of three different consoles featuring varied number of workout programs. The XIR has 11, XER has ten and XR has 5 programs.

They all provide an option for Virtual active videos for scenic striding across the world and HIIT workouts to help you reach your fitness goals.

Tracking your heart rate is possible using the Bluetooth wireless connection which also enable connection to social media networks, your device and other training apps compatible with Matrix.


  • Movable handlebars
  • 20 resistance levels
  • 20-24-inch stride
  • 24 to 54% of incline
  • 3 customizable workouts
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 30-pound flywheel


  • Assembly and portability is a bit tough for this heavy weight
  • Takes up a lot of space

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Life Fitness Club Series – Overview

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Features 20 levels of resistance to choose from and you have enough challenges to keep your workouts fun and exciting. These levels are adjustable manuallyby turning a knob.

It provides a range of 18-20-inch stride length but lacks in inclineangle functions seeing as it doesn’t have an adjustable ramp. The more you optimize your workout, the more calories you burn leading to a toned body. A 7-inch backlit console displays your vitals as you train you a wide-angle view.

The console offers you 10 training workouts that comes pre-installed anditalso displays your vital information in regards to speed, time spent, stride distance covered and your heart rate.Workout programs ranging from weight loss training to interval training are at your disposal.

Also, goal-oriented workouts that push you to better your best performance in speed, time, rolling hills, distance and calories burned create an exciting challenge to embark on daily.

Though the Club Series lack a speaker or cooling fan on their console, it offers Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to pair your device and the included chest strap monitor. Grip handlebars are fitted with the heart rate sensors to track your progress.


  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 10 pre-loaded workout programs
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Movable and stationary handlebars


  • No cooling fan
  • No speakers
  • Takes up much space

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Verdict: So, which is better, Matrix or Life Fitness Elliptical?

Matrix A30 is the better pick as it features a 30-pound flywheel which necessitates smooth and quite workout sessions. Also, the Matrix offers something the Life Fitness model does not and this is the incline function.

Inclining your elliptical gives you more variety in muscle toning and riding experience and this is why Matrix rules the day.