Mercier Kilo TT Review: Best Fixie for Showing Off

If you want to own a fixed gear without spending a lot of money, get yourself a Mercier Kilo TT. In this Mercier Kilo TT review, we unpack all the features to expect on your Kilo TT fixie bike.
I have always wanted to own a sleek-looking racer bike. Most of the quality bikes I saw online did not feature the design I wanted. I buy things to use and keep them as collectibles years later. So I was searching for a bike whose design is unique and has a good grip on the road. I like to feel the bike’s performance with every turn of the pedal. I almost gave up my quest until I came across a Mercier Kilo TT bike. Kilo TT is not a unique brand that builds bicycles with an out-of-the-box design. It is exactly what I was going for.
Mercier Kilo TT bike
A Kilo TT bike gives you the impression of a race bike but it is an urban cruiser bike. it is a fixed gear bike that gives you more control of your riding. Kilo TT bikes feature quality construction which makes them durable. This strong design also contributes to the performance of the bike. You will also notice the clean design of the bike, especially how decluttered the handlebar is.
To own a Kilo TT, expect to spend between $350 and $400. Here is what you get for that price.
Simple Design
You will love the clean design of this bike. This bike comes with a rear brake system. You only have one cable running from the handlebar to the rear tire. Being a fixed-gear, there is no need for gear levers on the handlebar as well. The result is a simple bike with less clutter and an ability to perform.
The handlebar features an unconventional design. They curve towards the rider making you lean forward while riding. This helps the rider streamline their body with the bicycle to achieve more speed. This streamlined position reduces wind resistance allowing you more control on the bicycle.
Durable Frame
Mercier Kilo TT bike features a tapered and double-butted 520 Cromoly frames. The top tube is 31.8mm thick and has a vertical oval shape around the seat tube. The crankset boasts of a 165mm thick forged alloy track. This accommodates a chain-line measuring 447×1/2×3/32,43.5.
The pedals also feature an alloy construction coupled with metal clips and leather straps. The stem, handlebar, brake levers, and brakes all boast of quality allow. This is a bike designed for top-notch performance and durability.
Mercier Kilo TT fixed-gear bike comes in 7 sizes. You can buy this bike as a 44cm, 47cm, 50cm, and 53cm. The bike is available as a 57cm and 60cm which suit taller people. The saddle is adjustable to suit one’s size better. Kilo TT advises their customers to confirm the seat and saddle height before purchasing the Mercier. Smaller Kilo TT bikes have a lower handlebar and are better in handling. Larger Mercier bikes have high handlebar which sacrifices straddle room. Your preference will determine which size of the bike you want.
Interchangeable Cog
It is possible to turn a Mercier Kilo TT bike into a free-wheel cruiser. All you have to do is turn the rear wheel to fix the chain on either the free-wheel or fixed-wheel cog. This makes it possible to vary your riding experience. A free-wheeler is perfect for cruising cities as you explore monuments and attractions. A fixie is handy when you want to work your muscles doing a cross-country ride.
Buy a Mercier Kilo TT in shades of gloss-black, orange-crush, or bright green. Add your own custom colors to personalize your bike further.

  • Strong and durable
  • Great riding experience
  • Stylish design
  • Available in all sizes


  • Limited color variety
  • Available in single-speed only


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If you are looking for a unique bike brand that delivers on what they promise, go for a Kilo TT. Their Mercier Kilo TT is a classic bike that boasts of a durable alloy frame. The design of the bike promotes a streamlined riding position which is great for speed. The rear alloy break gives you full control even at high speeds. You can buy this bicycle in vibrant colors that appeal to your personality.
We hope this Mercier Kilo TT review is helpful. There are few resellers of Kilo TT bikes. You will have to order one directly from them.