The Watt bike Atom Exercise Bike review

Are you in the market for an indoor exercise bike to get you closer to your fitness goals? Then the Watt bike Atom bike is the one for you! With all the features you will love the performance of this bike.

I recently decided to save some money and stop going to the gym. It was cheaper and less time consuming anyway. As I got into the morning routines I realized the equipment at the gym helped me get the most out of my cardio sessions. So I decided to buy an indoor exercise bike to incorporate into my workouts.

Due to the variety of exercise bikes in the market right now finding the right one for me took some time. Finally, I bought the Watt bike Atom indoor bike. It is one of the best bikes for indoor training with cutting edge innovations to collect precise data and analysis to help you train more effectively. This is a durable and stable exercise bike for you too.

Watt bike Atom Exercise Bike Review and breakdown.

The Watt bike Atom is an indoor cycling bike that is used for weight loss and overall health fitness. Watt bike is known for quality products designed to improve your cycling experience. This is a smart bike known for giving accurate measurements of power which is important for anyone using it. The Wattbike Atom is suitable for residential and gym use.

The watt bike atom is a high-performing bike that weighs 44 kg, it is easily movable with transport wheels at the front base. The indoor bike is durable and has a weight capacity of 297lbs which is able to handle intense and challenging workout sessions. There are 22 levels of magnetic resistance and 64 kg flywheel for smooth and quiet riding experience. The bike has a sleek black finish and two water bottles at the rear.

What we liked:

  • The watt bike atom is comfortable and easily adjustable.
  • The bike is easy to move around since it has transport wheels at the front base.
  • It offers dual resistance systems, the gear, and ERGO mode.
  • The exercise bike provides accurate and comprehensive data.

What we didn’t like:

  • The bike’s power cord is short.
  • The gear changes are a bit sluggish.

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The Watt bike Atom Exercise Bike Specifications

44 kg
150 x 50 x 100 cm
User weight capacity

The Watt bike Atom Exercise Bike Features


The watt bike Atom is designed to be a portable training machine. It has wheels at the front to easily move it around in your space. The durable frame and sleeks design allow for intense training sessions for tall and heavy users. This indoor bike weighs 44 kg which is 11 kg lighter than the Wattbike Pro.

The indoor bike comes with clip-on aero bars which act as a holder for your tablet or other devices. The Wattbike is designed with handlebars that give you the feeling of riding on a road bike. There are a single 170mm crank option and replaceable pedals. This is a stable exercise bike compared to its competitors.

Resistance level

The Watt bike Atom gives its rider access to two modes of magnetic resistance the gear and ERGO mode. The ERGO mode is common in smart bikes, the resistance increases according to the metrics of the ride. The gear mode enables you to go through a range of 22 virtual gears with buttons on the underside of the right-hand shifter.

The ERGO mode is good for power rides with long interval periods and gear mode for shorter high-intensity intervals (HIIT). Both the gear mode and ERGO mode are accessible in most third-party apps. This bike offers quality resistance for an intense workout

Seat and Aerobars

This indoor bike comes with an adjustable seat post. On the back of the bike, there is a lever to loosen the seat post so it slides up or down. The seat can be adjusted forwards and back to match your height and comfortability. This comfortable seat will motivate you to work out for longer achieving your fitness goals much faster.

The watt bike atom indoor bike comes with 31.8 handlebars that can be replaced. The handlebars have shifters at the end to shift during the workout. There are clip-on aero bars at the front of the bike that has a tablet holder. You can watch videos and listen to music on your tablet while training.


The watt bike Atom bike has no inbuilt monitor and is instead connected to the bike using a phone or tablet as the head unit. It is compatible with various third-party apps due to the Bluetooth FE –C and the ANT +. Once the Wattbike app is installed you’re ready to start riding.

The app has training programs, multiple workouts, and fitness tests for you to achieve your desired weight. It updates the Atom’s firmware and checks on settings.There are other third-party apps that can connect to the Wattbike Atom including the Trainer Road app and Sufferfest app. The indoor bike has a power cord to plug into the main switch.

Assembly and maintenance

The indoor bike from Watt bike comes 90% assembled which is good for any first time user. The watt bike atom has the seat and handlebars already attached to the saddle position and reaches being easy to adjust. Some of the parts that you will have to fix on the bike are the aero bars, tablet stand, power cable, and pedals. The pedals and handlebars are replaceable if you are not comfortable with those provided.

There is a detailed manual that will guide you through and Allen wrenches to adjust things on the bike. Watt bike also has good customer service so you can call if you have problems with assembling it. The watt bike atom is one of the easiest bikes to assemble and takes less than an hour then it is ready to use.

Additional Features

The Wattbike Atom comes with two bottle holders at the rear to keep you hydrated through the workouts. Bluetooth connectivity feature that allows you to connect to third-party apps.

Who is the Watt bike Atom Exercise Bike best suited for?

The Watt bike Atom is suitable for a variety of users. Everyone from the elderly, teenagers, athletes, and those who work from home can use the bike. It is the best for those riders looking to train hard and more effectively at home with the least noise.

Anyone looking for an outdoor road experience but does not want to leave the house since the indoor bike has road feel technology. This indoor bike is good for gyms and residential areas. With a maximum weight capacity of 297lbs, it can be used by heavier riders. If you are in the market for an efficient indoor bike to help you achieve your fitness goals this is a good choice.

Are there any alternatives to the Watt bike Atom Exercise Bike?

Yes, there are other quality exercise bikes for weight loss. They include the Watt bike Pro trainer and the Neo Bike Smart that offer exceptional training experiences at the comfort of your home. These two alternatives come with a higher weight capacity making them more suitable for heavier users.

Features of Alternative Indoor Bikes

Wattbike Pro and Trainer
Neo Bike Smart Exercise Bike
55 kg
50 kg
130 x 66 x 125 cm
138 x 74.93 x 117.1 cm
Weight capacity
Air, Magnetic

Verdict: Should you get the Watt bike Atom Exercise Bike.

The watt bike Atom exercise bike is a quality high-performing machine for all your fitness goals. It’s designed to withstand brutal workout sessions with its durable frame. The Atom bike comes with an adjustable seat and aero bars for a road bike experience.

With one log in to the Wattbike app, you can access all your workout data to keep track of your progress. It is compatible with a number of third-party apps including Zwift.The watt bike atom comes with transport wheels so that repositioning it will be easy for you. If you are looking for a good indoor bike to shed a few calories, then this is the best pick for you.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Which apps are compatible with the Atom Watt bike?

This bike is able to sync with many third-party apps including the Wattbike app, Zwift, Trainer Road, and Suffer fest.

  1. What is the user weight capacity of the Wattbike?

The user weight of the indoor bike is 300lbs making it suitable for a variety of people to enjoy including heavy and tall users.

  1. Is the bike noisy as you work out?

No, the watt bike atom comes with magnetic resistance that makes it very quiet as you work out, better than any other smart trainers.