Nautilus U626 vs U628 – Which is the worthier buy?

Upright bikes have dominated the cycling industry and everyone now wants on in their house for better convenience. Since these bikes are no cheap buy, we gather information about each to figure out which one is a worthier buy.

As a cross country racer, I appreciate a good training on a daily basis to keep my fitness up and my body strong. So, I recently inquired about the Nautilus brand because I had seen pictures of it in a fitness magazine and thought it looked cool.

While there are many variations within its collection, I was drawn to the two that came close to what I was looking for. I needed a bike that’s fully functional with the right bells and whistles but within a reasonable budget.

Maybe my opinionated review could help you decide on your own choice.

What are the key differences between Nautilus U626 and U628?

Nautilus U626
Nautilus U628
Perimeter weighted
Resistance levels
25 levels
32 levels
Seat and Handlebars
Ergonomic and Adjustable
Dual Track Backlit LCD
Dual Track Backlit LCD
29 programs
29 programs

Nautilus U626 vs U628 – How they compare


Assembly of the Nautilus U626 bike is possibly done by one man because the main base unit come already preassembled. To help you out, a manual with instructions comes with the bike.

Attaching the stabilizers located in the front and rear of the bike might require some light lifting and screwing in of about four bolts to keep the bike sturdier.

The same characteristics apply to the Nautilus U628 bike assembly. The only issue I faced was with putting up the seat.

One obvious thing the two have in common is that both bikes are built on one-piece stainless-steel frame. The dimensions vary slightly with Nautilus U626 measuring 50x27x64-inches and the Nautilus measures 50x28x65-inches.

Their weight also differs in build and in capacity handled. The Nautilus U626 is 59-pounds heavy while the U628 is 70-pounds. Regardless, both bikes can support up to 325 pounds in weight.

They both feature transport wheels for easier mobility of the bike when it needs to be moved around.

These two bikes feature a similar build with only a 10-pound difference between them. However, U628 parts are better placed ergonomically.


Flywheel and the belt drive system of the U626 are both perimeter weighted which is a design used to create smooth pedaling motion regardless of the chosen level of resistance. The vital parts of both bikes are well covered and enclosed to protect them from too much exposure.

U628 has a 32-pound weighted flywheel and while running on magnetic resistance, this should create the best riding experience out of the two models under review.

Features on the two bikes are quite similar. Both of them offer 29 preset programs to keep the user engaged and well challenged in training. They allow for gradual increasing to the resistance levels to help you gauge your best workout.

The resistance generated by the belt is made to challenge you as you push on the pedals and this will be noticeably stronger when the pedal circles up. This strong resistance creates a quiet and discreet workout.

Pedals on Nautilus bike have diagonally angled straps that are designed so to minimize the possibility of pinching. On the Nautilus U628, pedals feature a 3-piece chrome crank that enriches a rider’s experience. To add to that, the pedals are oversized and have adjustable straps.

No maintenance is needed for the belt-drive systems of both Nautilus U628 and Nautilus U626.


Nautilus U626bike is Bluetooth ready and it features two screen displays one on an upper level and the other on a lower level. This is convenient for when one is using the top part of the console to place a magazine or book they can still view the lower display while still training.

LCD monitors are featured in both bikes and they can display equal and similar type of information to you. Your training metrics, your heart rate and the training timer are all going to be visible while you train.

You may use a USB port to transfer data from the two bike’s console to an external device. In heart rate tracking, the option of contact tracking via built-in sensors or telemetric tracking via a chest strap is possible for both.

The training programs offered in both feature 12 preset options, 9 heart rate exercises and 2 are fitness tests for classified trainees. Even in user profiles, these two bikes offer the same number, that is four.

Benefits trickling down to the built-in speakers and fan with three-speed modes are all the same for both these bike models. The padded seats and backrests too have been vented for both bikes.

Nautilus U626 and U628 allow you to pair with other tracking apps and smart devices and further enrich your experience with a connection to RideSocial app.

Nautilus U626 vs U628 – A Comparison Overview

Nautilus U626 – Overview

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This bike features a backlit LCD display and 29 different workout programs. 12 of these programs have been profiled, 9 are there to test out your heart rate and 2 fitness tests; one for beginners and another for expert trainers.

The LCD monitor displays 13 different metrics on your training and it tilts for optimum viewing. A reading rack is built into the frame to help you keep in touch with other subjects of interest while you work out.

A USB drive can be connected to the bike to transfer your metrics to another device. Speakers are integrated and are compatible with iPods, smartphones or MP3 players.

The pedals have toe straps which secures your footing as you pedal away at the 25 levels of resistance available.

Using Bluetooth connectivity, you have access to multiple tracking apps online and the connection to RideSocial is automatic.


  • 25 levels of resistance
  • 29 workout program s
  • Weighted flywheel
  • Compatible with Ride Social
  • USB port for data transfer
  • Backlit LCD


  • Tablet holder if occupied blocks the LCD

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Nautilus U628 – Overview

Nautilus U626 vs U628

Featuring a backlit LCD display and 29 different workout programs. The LCD monitor displaysdifferent metrics on your training and it tilts for optimum viewing.

To keep you engaged with your other hobbies such as reading or watching a documentary, there is an accessory tray.

Data is transferable via USB drive to an external device. Speakers are integrated and are compatible with iPods, smartphones or MP3 players. Using Polar heart straps or the in-built contact sensors, you can monitor your heart rate conveniently.

A fan provides great cooling effect to your heated body as you train and to add to your comfort, the seat and backrest of the bike are also vented. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair up with other devices and find other compatible fitness tracking apps.

The pedals have diagonal toe straps which secures your footing and eradicates pinching as you pedal away at the 32 levels of resistance available.


  • 32 levels of resistance
  • 29 workout programs
  • Weighted flywheel
  • Compatible with Ride Social
  • USB port for data transfer
  • Backlit LCD


  • Tablet holder if occupied blocks the LCD

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Verdict: So, which is better, Nautilus U626 or U628?

Nautilus U628is the worthier buy according to me. This is because the U626 features and benefits are all included and some extra benefits such as the heavier flywheel, the 3-crank system and their ergonomically positioned seat and handlebars.