Nishiki Pueblo Bike Reviews

I’ve always considered myself a child of earth; my love for the outdoors, and everything in nature is my most grounding feature, and I feel more at home when out in and with nature.

Yes, I’m one of those people who will take up any chance and make any excuse to spend time outdoors. I appreciate everything in nature, the critters, and the crawlies notwithstanding, which means that camping, tailgating, and born fires by the sea or in the forest make me feel one with the universe.

I am outdoorsy, and most importantly, a dendrophile – trees and forests calm me, and at my happiest and the calmest outdoors.

So, when my dad gifted me a bike for my 2nd birthday, I knew, and he knew that I could never be an indoor tamed child. I might not remember the details, but listening to my parents recount the way my eyes lit up, and how fast I learned to ride the bike despite the falls is something that tells me that I was made for this life.

Over the years, my love for bikes grew, and with each new bicycle brought home, I adopted it learning everything about the bikes, and by the age of 8, I was helping my dad fix and manipulate bikes.

And living out on a huge farm with a forest with nice trails nearby, nothing came close to my love of biking – well, maybe my dog, Sandy! And as you can already tell, I am an adrenaline junky – I am guilty of performing some of the stunts that you would consider extremely dangerous to impress my friends.

With the stunts and the extremes came bent wheels and broken frames, which meant learning early on how to repair repairable damage, and with the help of my dad, sourcing for some of the best parts to replace the broken parts in case of irreparable damage.

Of course, my parents couldn’t oversee my love for the outdoors lasting through my teenage years through to adulthood, but I have always lived my best life outdoors, riding the bike.

Your idea of relaxation might be going for a run or catching up on a TV show marathon, but my ideal relaxation mode is riding the bicycle.

I have collected numerous bikes over the years, and on most days, I ditch the car for my beloved bike, perhaps because I love the freedom it gives, but over the years, I’ve recognized that my good health and mood are a result of my love for cycling.

So, if you ever needed a reason to nudge you towards bike riding, you might appreciate the improved lung function, cardiovascular function, healthier and stronger bones, better sleep, and an overall improved immune function. Bike riding is also a powerful mood-booster!

Now, I have cycled over 10 brands of bicycles, all regarded as the best bike brands on the market, but I somehow keep coming back to the Nishiki Pueblo bikes, especially when out on the forest trails.

This brand is hardy, sturdy, versatile, and quite powerful; you feel that you have a reliable riding partner every time. And the most interesting bit is that my partner loves the Nishiki brand too. Hopefully, our little one will too.

So, what, in my opinion, makes Nishiki one of the superior brands of bikes?

About Nishiki Pueblo Bikes

Nishiki is one of the leading bicycle companies that has been on the market for decades. This brand has bicycles/ bikes designed and manufactured in Kobe, Japan, by a company called Kawamura.

With the first Nishiki bikes marketed by the American Eagle and the first range of products launched in 195, the company has since produced numerous models of bicycles, all sold under the Nishiki brand.

It’s worth noting that the growth of this brand was catapulted when Nishiki joined the West Coast Cycle from where it advanced its aggressive marketing efforts to markets in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, while expanding its reach in the US market.

Thanks to its rich history, the increase in the brand’s marketing products, and its consistent production of some of the best bicycle brands, Nishiki remains one of the renowned brands of bicycles. The performance, durability, and the high-quality design and function of the Nishiki bikes are the reasons for the popularity of the brand.

Today, the wide range of Nishiki bikes are accessible worldwide from leading markets such as Amazon and eBay, along with other online shops and physical stores. And for you to choose some of the best Nishiki bikes, you’ll need to check the features and the specifications of the bike to determine the bike that best suits your needs.

In this review of the best Nishiki Pueblo bikes, I’ll take you through some of the features that make the best of Nishiki Pueblo bikes.

Comparison Table

Bike Name
Best for
Wheel size
Frame sizes
Mountain bike for women
High-tensile heat-treated steel
13”, 15”, 17”
32H Aluminum
Alloy Linear Pull
Mountain bike for men
High-tensile heat-treated steel
14”, 16”, 18”, 20”
32H Aluminum
Alloy Linear Pull
Best Nishiki Road Bike
Butted/ heat-treated Aluminum
17”, 20”, 22”
Weinmann 28H aluminum
Road Caliper


Nishiki Pueblo Bikes Reviews

There is a lot that goes into a bike, and some of the features and components may or may not be what you need to enjoy the service of the best bikes.

Nishiki sports some of the best features and components that result in some of the best bikes for mountaineering, cycling uphill, or pleasurable riding around the neighborhood. Below, we look at some of the general features of Nishiki Bikes.

Construction Material

Nishiki Pueblo bicycles are made with a high-quality Hi-Ten Steel frame that boasts a high tensile strength, as the name of the material suggests. This steel material for the frame is made to defy strenuous use and tough outdoor conditions, including bumpy roads, thanks to the heat-treatment of the steel.

The steel frame also sports a mountain geometry design, which will balance it the distance between the bike’s saddle and the handlebar, allowing you to enjoy one of the most comfortable riding experiences on different ground conditions.

You will also be happy to know that the stand-over height of the Nishiki bikes is ideal for kids around 10 years, and the other sizes are ideal for teens and adults.

Frame’s Design

The Nishiki bike has a step-thru frame design, which makes it an ideal option for boys and shorter individuals.

It also has an oversized down tube space out for the tire and the pedal, allowing for easy wheelies and bar spins. Nishiki bikes also feature a kickstand bracket


This bike also features a 7-speed drivetrain, which is accompanied by some of the best-qualify shifters for the engagement of the cogs.

The shifters in the Nishiki bikes is the set of Shimano Revo shifters, which further enhance the function and the performance of the bike, making is powerful and efficient as some of the other top-rated brands.

Thanks to all the features of the Nishiki Pueblo bikes, this bad boy explores the mountain trails, as well as the rocky paths with ease. The 40mm travel and then heat-treated, hi-ten steel frame enhances the durability of the bike, which means that this bike will hold up well in any kind of adventure.

You might also like how this bike allows for easy slowing down thanks to the linear alloy pull brakes, and even the 21variable-speed design, all there to ensure that you have the most fun riding the bike.

The brake levers are made of aluminum, seat post and handlebar made of steel, and pedals made of resin. These materials ensure the durability of the bike, while also enhancing riding comfort. The rims are also made of aluminum, and the grips are perfectly designed to handle the mountain and rocky forest trails.

The only big downside that comes from the use of the Nishiki bikes has to do with the poor quality of some of the components. Other than that, you will enjoy using this bike because of its durable and tough frame, its adjustable saddle and handlebar, as well as the Shimano Revo twist shifters.

Nishiki Pueblo Bikes Reviews

Nishiki Women’s Pueblo 26” Mountain Bike – Best Mountain Bike for Women

Mountain Bike

As mentioned above, my partner is as much an adrenaline junkie as I am, which is why her love for the Nishiki Women’s Pueblo 26” Mountain Bike didn’t come as a surprise to me. While she has other bike models that she takes out from time to time, this 26” is her go-to option on the days that we handle the mountain trails and the forests.

Before we look at some of the features of this mountain bike, it’s worth noting that this bike is ideal for use by pros and beginners, and on different trails. The catch, however, is that you shouldn’t push this bike too much, especially on extremely rugged trails.

That said, here are some of the features of this Nishiki Women’s Pueblo 26” Mountain Bike.

An affordable bike designed to handle bump terrains on your next riding trip, this bike would be a great investment for you. With riding gear, a sanitizer, mask, and drinking water, this bike will give you the mental and physical break you terribly need.

With its 60mm travel fork, the front suspension, and the Shimano drivetrain, this bike promises to do uphill climbs and even riding along the coast a very smooth experience to clear your mind, sweat out, and feel good. And once you hit the trail or even the neighborhood pavements for a week, you’ll be hooked,

Its heat-treated hi-tensile steel frame and the oversized down tube are durable, and they allow for the delivery of the most solid rides in different outdoor settings. This 26-inch bike also comes complete with durable and reliable linear pull-brakes that allow for quick, safe, easy, and the smoothest stop.

Overall, Nishiki bikes come in various sizes ranging from XS (ideal for ladies between 4’11” and 5’3” or inseam lengths of between 25 and 27 inches, and a frame size of between 13 and 15 inches) to XL (for ladies who are at least 6’4” or taller with an inseam length over 35 inches for bike frames over 23 inches).

The frame sizes of the Nishiki 26” mountain bike for ladies come in three sizes – 13”, 15”, and 17”, the wheel size is 26 inches, and the average weight of the bike is 35.27lbs.

The bike’s headset is made of a steel quill, the cranks are made of steel, and chainrings (42T, 34T, or 24T). There is no bottom bracket, though.

The front and the rear Derailleurs are Shimano Tourney TZ20 and Shimano Tourney TX35, respectively.

Its cog set sports the 7-speed Shimano cog set with options including 28T, 24T, 22T, 20T, 18T, 16T, and 14T. And like the other Nishiki bikes, the shifter used in the bike is the Shimano Revo Twist Shift.

The rims are made of 32H aluminum, and it has 26×2.1 tires, along with Schrader valves. The handlebar, stem, and seat post are all made of steel, which is the reason for the bike’s durability and sturdiness. The design and the choice of materials used for this bike mean that the bike is heavier than the bikes made of aluminum, which also means that this bike is an ideal fit for individuals whose weight is on the heavier side.

This bike also quite comfortable, all thanks to the cushiony seats and its speed controls, which are easy to work with. The cushioning could be better, though, especially if you don’t want your butt hurting for days.

Before buying this bike, keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a kickstand, and you have to buy it separately. The other consideration is that the size of the bottle holder is off, and it doesn’t fit the standard-size bottles, meaning that you might have to settle for the single-use bottles.

And as mentioned above, most of the components and parts of the Nishiki bikes are of poor quality.

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Nishiki Men’s Pueblo 26” Mountain Bike– Best Men’s Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Like the Nishiki bike for women, this Nishiki Pueblo bike for men is made of a high-tensile, heat-treated steel frame, and it has a 60mm travel fork, features which give this bike its maximum durability, as well as the shock absorption properties.

With the aluminum rims and the 26inch wheels, this bike will be able to tackle the roughest terrains, and with the Shimano drivetrain, this bike promises to easily conquer challenging downhill slopes and big ascents. The frame sizes for this mountain bike range from 14” to 22”, with size variations including 16”, 18”, and 20” in between.

All the other features of this men’s bike are similar to the specification features in the women’s bike, from the 32H aluminum rims, and the steel handlebar, seat post, hub, and stem, as well as the alloy linear-pull brakes for safe and easy stops, and the lightweight aluminum brake levers.

The bike is also affordable, and it’s an ideal option for beginners too. However, for value for your money, I’d recommend replacing the handlebar grips and the seat to make your bike more comfortable, especially on long rides.

The brakes are, otherwise, sturdy with quiet operation, you can switch the gears smoothly, and the bolts/ nuts come fitted tightly. The sturdy construction of this bike also makes this bike a good option for guys on the heavier side, especially if you are looking for a solution to help you lose weight. The shifter and the traction speeds are great, and the bike handles jumps and trails, alright!

But like the women’s bike, the men’s bike lacks a kickstand, and you might want to replace the saddle with a more comfortable one and a kickstand.

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Nishiki Men’s Maricopa Road Bike – Best Nishiki Road Bike

If you are looking for the best road bike, this Maricopa road bike for men might be a great option for you. Though pricier than the Nishiki mountain bikes, this road bike that comes in white, red, and grey, with three frame sizes – 44cm, 50cm, and 55cm, would be an excellent option for you.

This bike is an ideal option for anyone training for the triathlons or anyone looking for a comfortable bike for office and home commutes. It’s designed to handle different roads, and you can take it for a spin whenever.

This Maricopa bike is made of sturdy but the lightweight aluminum frame, as well as a very compact road geometry that will ensure the best high-speed rides. It weighs a mere 23.76lbs.

It’s also fitted with high-quality Shimano components and reliable 700c tires, which give this bike its smooth rolling even on rough pavements, delivering the best-level performance.

The other features that enhance the performance of this Nishiki Maricopa road bike include its sturdy frame made of butted/ heat-treated 6061 aluminum, which enhances the reliability and the efficiency of this road bike.

It has aluminum blades for the fork, a thread-less headset, FSA cranks, as well as Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs.

It also has a Shimano 8-speed cog set for top performance, along with a Shimano Claris shifter, and KMC chains.

The front and rear hubs are made with aluminum constructed with a quick-release function. The rims are Weinmann 28H aluminum, it has 14g spokes, aluminum road pedals, an aluminum handlebar, Shimano brake levers, and the tires are Kenda 700x26c. The stem and the seat post are also made of aluminum, the seat is for road use, and it has a rail scale, and the grips are made of foam with cork.

All these features ensure the optimum design of this Nishiki Maricopa Road bike, and since I’ve ridden this bike to work countless times, I can promise you that this bike could be the best health and fitness investment you make.

It’s affordable, ideal for beginners too, it’s lightweight, and it comes with great features that make this a comfortable road bike – the gears change quickly and very smoothly, and the levers are easy to work around. It might also be a great fit for you if you are planning to enter the triathlon this year. It also looks great, and it will save you a lot of time.

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Nishiki Bike Specs

Nishiki Bikes share many common features, with the bigger differences seen in the type of bike – say, mountain and road bikes. Take the construction material, for example, while the Nishiki mountain bikes for men, women, and boys are made of high-tensile strength, heat-treated steel, the road bikes are made of butted aluminum (6061). Also, most (if not all) of the components of the road bikes are made of aluminum while the mountain bikes’ parts and components are made largely of steel.

The specs for the Nishiki Mountain Bike are as follows:

Front and Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney TZ20 and Shimano Tourney TX35, respectively

Frame: Heat-treated and high-tensile strength steel, with mountain geometry

Headset – steel quill

Cranks – steel crank arm

Hubs/ Handlebar/ Stem/ Seat Post – Steel

Pedals – Resin

Grips – Mountain

Rims – 32H aluminum

Brakes – Alloy, linear-pull

Brake levers – Aluminum

Seat – Sports saddle


Nishiki bikes are a good investment; they are affordable and feel great for use in different environments. Depending on your size, age, and how you wish to use the bike, there is essentially a Nishiki bike for everyone. Of course, it has some imperfections, but with upgrades to the components, you will have a pretty nice bike.


Are Old Nishiki Bikes Good?

Generally, the old Nishiki bikes are great, especially if you are looking for a bike with a retro/ vintage feel. You’ll need to service, repair, and replace some parts, but once it’s fixed, the bike will still run well.

Don’t forget to give it a good scrub, then add lube, and get new tires. Once fixed/ serviced, the bike would be good for commutes or fun riding around the neighborhood.

For the best of these old school bikes, know that the bikes’ levers are different from what we have on the market today, and we’d recommend choosing the bike with a quick-release alloy wheel, and the modern 3-piece crank system with Chromoly forks and steel frames.

Is Nishiki A Good Bike?

Yes. Nishiki makes great bikes, which are ideal for individuals who are only starting out or looking for a bike one can comfortably grow with.

A Nishiki bike sports a very durable and rock-solid frame, as well as a sturdy drivetrain, it looks great, and it sports nice factory-set specs. You’d only need to upgrade your brakes, the grips, and the seat.

The Nishiki Pueblo bikes are equally good, and they boast excellent performance and the smoothest of rides on light trails and mountains.

With construction using heat-treated steel frames and a high-performance 60mm travel fork, the bike offers great shock absorption and maximum durability.

Where Can I Get Nishiki Pueblo Upgrades?

Nishiki Pueblo holds up quite well, but there are many cases where an upgrade is important, especially of the bike is pushed around a lot. The rugged feel and the geometry of the bike allow for use on mountain trails.

The bikes are maneuverable, simple to use, but might need upgrades for the pedals, the stem, brakes, wheels, bearings, and the seat. All these and any other upgrades can be bought from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, eBay, or Shimano.