Nordic Track Vs Peloton – Which One Serves You Best?

Nordic Track and Peloton are two high-end indoor bikes. They look quite similar and come with a pretty hefty price tag. In this Nordic Track vs peloton comparison we find out which of the two would be a better investment. What is it that makes one stand out more than the other?

Hi, my name is Annalisa. I recently ventured into professional cycling. I have decided to get myself an elite level indoor bike since I shall be training on a daily basis. Nordic Track and Peloton are the two highly reputed names in the industry. I am trying to figure out which one will be best for me.

Here is a Nordic Track vs Peloton comparison to help you make an informed decision. We put the Peloton bike and the Nordic Track S22i side by side since this is the Nordic Track model which is most similar to the Peloton in terms of features.

What Are The Differences Between Nordic Track And Peloton? 

Nordic Track S22i
55 X 21.9 X 56.9 inches
48 X 24 X 60 inches
Weight Capacity
350 lbs.
300 lbs.
Power incline and decline
Has (-10% to 20%)
Doesn’t have
Can swivel
Cant swivel
Resistance adjustment
Digital ( can be controlled by instructor)
Sessions available
Live and recorded

Nordic Track vs Peloton – How Do They Compare?

Resistance and Incline

Both of these bikes have a magnetic resistance system in which strong magnets are moved either towards or away from the flywheel to make the workout easier or more challenging.

The difference is in how resistance is adjusted. In the Nordic Track, there are 24 resistance levels which are controlled digitally. You make adjustments by pressing buttons on the handlebars or the screen.

On the Peloton bike, resistance is adjusted using a physical knob which is on the frame of the bike. This knob is connected to the magnet mechanically. In the Nordic Track this connection is not physical but digital.

Power Incline and Decline

It is worth noting that the Nordic Track is the only bike with incline and decline ability. This moves the bike physically to simulate cycling up or down a steep trail to give you the same feel you would have on a road bike. It has incline and decline settings ranging from -10% to 20%.

The Nordic Track proves to be a better option because resistance adjustments are done digitally. Power incline and decline capability sets it apart.


NordicTrack included another feature which makes you feel like the instructor is in the room with you. As you proceed with the classes, your instructor can (andwill) remotely adjust your bike’s resistance and incline settings to match his instructions.

This is a great feature for beginners as well as pros. It ensures no one is slacking during the workout and helps to keep you focused on the session because you don’t need to focus on changing settings.

It does help to know that you can override the instructor’s settings at any time, though it is best to sweat it out to the end. This way you can reach your fitness goals and enjoy that feeling of achievement at the end of the session.

Peloton’s adjustments are all manual so you adjustment resistance yourself as per the trainer’s instructions.

Nordic Track’s iFit gives it an edge by letting the instructor make resistance and incline adjustments for you as you go through a session.

Screen Rotation

These are both elite option indoor bikes. One of the perks you get with both memberships is that they also offer guidance in other areas besides cycling, such as kickboxing, yoga and meditation. With this comes the need for floor exercises which require you to view the screen while on the floor.

The Nordic Track screen can be turned to face either right or the left, assuming you are exercising beside the bike. It can also swivel so it faces downward so that you can continue to see it clearly even when you are sitting on the floor.

The Peloton screen cannot be turned to face downward. This makes it difficult to continue to view the screen when doing floor exercises.

Nordic Track’s screen makes it possible to easily and conveniently switch from cycling to yoga by simply turning the screen downward to face you on the floor.

Nordic Track vs Peloton Overview

Nordic Track Overview

 NordicTrack S22i

The Nordic Track S22i has a compact steel frame making is strong and sturdy. It features the manufacturer’s SMR trademarked Silent Magnetic Resistance. Its friction-free resistance system makes it almost inaudible.

The seat is adjustable both horizontally and vertically so you can always find a perfect fit. If you prefer to swap the seat for another you can. It is interchangeable with standard road bike seats which give you a more outdoor feel.

Heart rate monitoring can be done using contact pulse sensors or using wireless heart rate monitors via Bluetooth. With iFit you can chart your pulse rate and use these measures to track your heart health.

Like all other companies which offer virtual workouts, Nordic Track has gained popularity thanks to its virtual workout sessions. With good Wi-Fi connection, the bike uses Nordic Track’s iFit program to house its numerous workout videos.

Although there are no live sessions, you have access to a vast number of recorded live-like workout programs with new ones being uploaded every day. You can choose from a variety of trainers depending on your fitness goals or just your mood.

IFit uses Google Maps to create virtual rides in different parts of the world. You can take a ride through the Chilean deserts then along the shores of Argentine lakes, all from the comfort of your living room.

iFit is multi-user friendly so you can use a single subscription for yourself and three other users. You can create profiles for family members and they track their statistics from every workout.

Transport wheels make moving the bike from one place to another quite easy. All you need to do is tilt the bike slightly and roll it into a preferred position.


  • Highly interactive – instructors can control your resistance and incline
  • Power incline and decline ability
  • Large variety of personal trainers
  • Google Maps riding trails
  • Monitor can tilt and rotate 360 degrees
  • AutoBreeze adjustable fan
  • Program ( iFit) is multi-user friendly ( 4 profiles per membership)
  • 2 weights ( come with the bike)
  • Universal pedal design


  • No live workout sessions
  • Small selection of trainers
  • Hard to find spare parts

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Peloton Overview

Peloton bike overview

The Peloton is a sleek and sturdy bike which assures you there will be no wobbling no matter how heavy you are or how vigorous your workout gets. With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, it is unlikely you will be too heavy for it.

It hasadjustable handlebars which are also ‘grippy’ so you can maintain a tight grip even when the sweat starts flowing.  The large 22-inch touchscreen is sweat proof so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

The seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to ensure you can always find the perfect fit. It comes with powerful speakers which can fill a room as well as a headphone jack if don’t want to the music disturbing other people in the room.

Despitebeing a high quality bike, Peloton’s biggest selling point is its live classes and instructors. Peloton offers live workout sessions of varying lengths and intensity levels. Each session is recorded in the company’s studio (located in the heart of New York City) with one of about 15 professional instructors. All the poised, extremely engaging instructors are renowned names in the industry, all with a fan base of their own.

The most popular instructor Robin Arzon, who is also the company’s vice president of fitness and programming led a record-setting session with 23,000 live riders in April 2020.  You can log on to any one of 14 live sessions every day.

If live sessions are not your cup of tea, you can choose from more than 4,000 recoded on-demand classes from past live sessions.


  • Live and recorded workout sessions
  • Engaging, professional instructors
  • Thousands of workout sessions in library
  • Powerful in-built speakers and headphone jack
  • Has a rack to hold dumbbells


  • Screen doesn’t swivel
  • No power incline and decline
  • Restrictive pedal design

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Both Nordic Track and Peloton are premium products. Both offer live or studio-like training sessions with professional instructors and have a wide variety of workouts in their library. Both have a large 22-inch touchscreen display which gives users an immersive experience through high definition displays and superior built-in speakers.

Verdict: So which is better Nordic Track or Peloton?

When it comes to following, it is true that Peloton boasts of a cultish following of users who swear by it. Even then, we can conclude that the Nordic Track S22i is a better product because it offers digital resistance adjustments, a higher level of interactivity with instructors and power incline and decline ability.

Let’snot forget the Google Maps trails which allow you to explore any part of the world virtually as well as multi-user subscriptions.


Can I use my Nordic track bike without a subscription?

You can use the bike without an iFit subscription but there are no on-board programs.  You will not be able to experience much of what makes the bike so great.

Do Peloton bikes have brakes?

Yes. The orange knob on the frame, the one you use to adjust resistance levels doubles up as a brake. Press it down to make the flywheel stop instantly.