NordicTrack S10i vs S22i – Which is the better option?

These are both upright bikes for the same brand and same line of collection. They were designed in response to the hip and attractive models of bikes in the market. Which between the two is the best option?

Having been in the fitness business for over 6 years today, I have had the pleasure of testing out tons of bikes from brands around the world. NordicTrack has stayed consistent in their production of high-performance upright bikes that are known to withstand heavy use.

Both the S10i and the S22i have the same incline and decline range, free 3-pound dumbbells and a full color HD touchscreen monitor. Is there anything else in their build or structure that can help you chose one over the other?

What are the differences between the NordicTrack S10i and S22i?

NordicTrack S10i
NordicTrack S22i
Movable and control resistance
Toe-cage design- sports shoes
Toe-cage design- sports shoes
32 pounds
32 pounds
Magnetic with 22 levels
Magnetic with 24 levels
Weight Supported
350 lbs
350 lbs
Training App
10-inch HD
22-inch HD with inbuilt fan


NordicTrack S10i vs S22i – How they Compare


Both bikes were built of stainless-steel material that has been corrosion proofed. The frame is sturdy and very stable and they have equal carrying capacity in weight. Pedals on each bike are toe-caged and can be flipped and used as road bike pedals as well.

The seats and handlebars are also made in road bike style making for a comfortable seating and flexible arm movements on the bike. The bars and seats are vertically and horizontally adjustable creating a perfect customizable option that can accommodate varying human proportions.

Flywheels of both bikes are inertia enhanced meaning that they respond to your exerted energy or pressure. This provides just the right amount of magnetic resistance in training which improves the effectiveness of your workout.

Both bikes are identical in terms of the design and structure of construction. Even surface coverage dimensions are matching.

Riding experience

S10i has a 10-inch high definition touchscreen on its frame which can flip to 180-degree angle providing the user an opportunity to cross-train while off the bike. There are thousands of programs from the iFit Coach app to choose from.

Varied training and workout routines like Yoga, Pilates, cardio and strength training is available on the NordicTrack portfolio. With a full year’s subscription, you have full access of this training whether online or offline.

S22i has a 22-inch screen instead but matches the functionality of the S10i because the flip screen and the multiple cross-training available is constant. They also both feature a cooling fan and some digital audio speakers on the side of the monitor.

Magnetic resistance is effective in noise reduction meaning you can exercise on your bike at home with no cause for disturbance. You have options between live streaming classes online to keep up with cycling classes with guided trainers or taking solo trips across the world using Google Maps.

Another great option is to choose from the pre-installed workout videos that go along famous biking trails across the world virtually bringing the experience of the scenic outdoors to your screen. Using NordicTrack bikes without the subscription after the first year expires is possible but it is not beneficial.

To reap the full benefits of the S10i and S22i, users must register their profile, keep track of progress and keep engaging in the online, offline and cross-training programs available on it.


A Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor is paired up with your S22i bike but with the S10i, the monitor is corded to the bike which is inconveniencing and gives inaccurate information.

With both bikes provided users a pair of 3-pound dumbbells and adding a water bottle holder to the frame of the bike, this makes both of them quite attractive for cross-trainers who like to do more than just cycle as a form of exercise routine.

While both bikes have the same output in terms of performance, the presentation of the S22i on a 22-inch touch screen is more attractive and engaging compared to the S10i.

NordicTrack S10i vs S22i – A Comparison Overview

NordicTrack S10i – Overview

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This bike is built of commercial grade steel that is also corrosion resistant which makes it durable. It is one of the oldest S-line models from the NordicTrack bike brand. One of its best features is its 20% incline capabilities which add to the challenge in training making the equipment effective.

The saddle is adjustable, ergonomically designed and placed to match road racer type seats but if you don’t like the provided option, you have the option to switch it up for another. Pedals are standard road bike types and it is fitted with front transport wheels.

S10i has inertia-enhanced flywheel with a silent magnetic resistance with 22 levels of resistance that are digitally adjustable. The bike has a 330-pound carrying capacity and provides a stable base with its large adjustable leveling feet.

The bike comes with 3-pound dumbbells for cross training exercises which are possible and available on the 10.1-inch flip screen built-in to the equipment. Digitally amplified speakers and a cooling fan are also features associated with the NordicTrack S10i model.


  • Incline ratio great at this bike’s price range
  • Has a touch screen for automatic adjustment


  • Small screen
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Oder than the S22i


NordicTrack S22i – Overview

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The pedals on this bike require no special cycling shoe because they have toe cages. This bike’s steel frame is classic and holds securely a 30-pound heavy flywheel with magnetic resistance which is ideal for a steady and silent cycling experience at home.

The handle bars on the S22i are not only anti-grip but also have a coating that is sweat resistant. They also have control panels on either handle, one for adjusting the resistance and the other for the incline and decline alternatives.

Because programs are preloaded, the bike automatically adjusts to whichever program you are on currently and is able to take you on scenic drives virtually anywhere in the world. It has a 22-inch touch screenthat can flip 180 degreesto allow you to cross-train off the bike.


  • Supports 350 pounds
  • Toe cage with reversible flat pedal
  • Doesn’t need special cycling shoes
  • Swap out pedals on the bike optional
  • 3-pound weights provided
  • Heart rate monitor provided
  • Digital resistance is on handlebars with 24 levels
  • S22i has a knob that can stop the flywheel


  • Bike frame a little heavy
  • No Bluetooth Sync


Verdict: So, which between NordicTrack S10i and S22i is the best option?

The best option of the two NordicTrack bikes is the S22i. not only is it the newer more advanced model in the S-line series, it also has a few more benefits like the Bluetooth connected hear rate monitor and the larger 22-inch display screen which improves interaction and engagement with the iFit Coach programs.

However, the S10i can do everything the S22i can do and it is available at a cheaper price range than the S22i. if the Bluetooth monitor or the larger display are not part of your dealbreakers in the selection of an upright bike, then you can be confident in your purchase of the S10i.