Nordictrack S15i vs. Peloton – Which is the best exercise bike for you?

To keep your fitness gains in check, you should consider going for an indoor exercise bike. They are so easy, interesting and efficient to use at home. You do not even have to go to the gym anymore.

Hi there. Have you found yourself frustrated trying to compare the Nordictrack S15i and Peloton? They are both sleek and modern indoor cycling bikes. Between them, you get a whole load workout programs as well as other fancy tech features. With all their glowing specs, it can be hard to choose between them. Worry not though I am here to help you with that. I have been in the fitness industry for 7 years now so I do know quite a bit about these indoor bikes. I can help you find which exercise bike is best for you.

What are the key differences between NordicTrack S15i and Peloton?

NordicTrack S15i
55 x 21.9 x 56.9 inches
60 x 24 x 48 inches
Silent magnetic resistance, 24 digital levels
Magnetic, up to 100 levels
Maximum user weight
Rider height range
22†HD touchscreen, 16,000+ on-demand workout programs
21.5†HD touch screen andDouble watt speakers

NordicTrack S15i vs. Peloton- How do they differ?


Nordictrack S15i and Peloton have almost the same kind of performance you can expect from a high end bike.First, with both you can track your fitness stats as you work out to see how well you are doing. They also both have HD touchscreens that are easy to use as you ride. They have a difference in size though. Nordictrack S15i’s console is 14†while Peloton is 21.5â€.

Nordictrack S15i’s design stands out because of its incline and decline settings. You can change between the 20% incline and 10% decline settings by pushing a button on your handlebar or the touchscreen. For a whole body workout this bike also comes complete with 3-pound hand weights.

You get much more for your money with the Nordictrack. The extra products do come in handy for a better performance.

Workout Programs

Nordictrack S15i has a digital console that gives you access to thousands of cycling class workouts. It does this through the iFit Coach app that comes pre-installed with the bike for you. The only downer is that these classes are not live but you can choose from many pre-recorded classes.

For peloton, its workout programs are its biggest selling points. You get access to a whole load of recorded classes as well as online, streaming classes. With this bike in your home, you can be led through your workout with your favorite instructor airing live from the NYC studio. You also get up to 14 daily live rides streamed from the NYC studio. Whenever you are up for it, you can also choose from thousands of pre-recorded classes.

While Nordictrack S15i has its own fitness app, Peloton easily wins out here with its app that is the rage among many riders across the world. 


With Nordictrack S15i, you get a water bottle holder as well as 3lb dumbbells that are ideal for an upper body workout as well. These accessories come for free with the bike. Nordictrack S15i is also sold together with a bike mat to protect your floors from friction wear.

For Peloton, it also has a water bottle holder. However, it does not come with free dumbbells or a bike mat. With Peloton, you also have to separately get a heart rate monitor to track your fitness stats.

Nordictrack S15i wins out here with its year-long free towel as well as extras that come in handy like the two dumbbells.

NordicTrack S15i vs. Peloton – A Comparison Overview

NordicTrack S15i- Overview

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While the NordicTrack S15i is a newer addition to the market than Peloton, it is nothing short of legendary. First, it comes with a large touchscreen display that lets you stream daily fitness classes that you can take part in at the comfort of your home. This console is interactive and multi-color to have you glued throughout.

The 1-year iFit membership you get with this bike also gives you access to 16000+ on-demand workouts. It also works with Google Maps to give you a realistic ride through different terrains around the world. For example, you can go on sections of the Tour de France and watch the scenery as you ride by.

The performance you get is also impressive. It has 20% incline and 10% decline settings that you can choose by pushing a button on the touchscreen or handlebar. They also give you 3-pound hand weights with the bike so that you get an upper body workout as well.


  • Fits a wide range of people (4’9â€-6’6â€)
  • Comes with a 10-year warrant on the frame, 2-year on parts and 1-year on labor
  • Gives you access to 16,000+ workouts
  • Sold together with free 2 3lb hand weights


  • Does not come with preset workout programs

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Peloton – Overview


Peloton is one of the premier quality bikes that brought the whole live streaming classes experience to your home. While it is quite expensive and you need to pay up $39 as a monthly subscription fee, the Peloton bike is a buy you will not regret.

First, it comes with a 21.5†HD touchscreen that lets you follow through on the Peloton classes that are the rage all over the world. If you want to meet-up with your friends for a ride together, you can choose from the thousands of on-demand workouts that are available with this bike.

You also get to see your fitness stats live as you work out. When you go on a live class, there is a leaderboard that can be competitive as you watch yourself go up the ranks.

Peloton bikes are also a favorite among riders because they are quite lightweight and still have a good maximum weight capacity of 305lbs. Peloton bikes are also a great fit for a wide range of users with the height range of 4’11â€-6’5â€.

Its only imperfection is that it is quite pricey. You also do not get a long trial offer like with iFit.


  • Cheaper than paying up for single fitness classes every day
  • Easy to control and track your ride
  • Energetic and interactive live sessions


  • Does not come with dumbbells

Conclusion: So, which is better- NordicTrack S15i or Peloton?

When you start comparing Nordictrack S15i and Peloton, you can see their slight differences in design and their workout programs. The Peloton bike is also quite more expensive and easily wins out with its app that is the rage among so many riders around the world. However, if you are on a budget and you are still looking for a quality buy, Nordictrack S15i is the one for you. It comes with hand weights and a free 1-year membership.


Do you have to pay for the workouts?

Yes because you access them through the apps. With Nordictrack S15i, you get a free 1-year iFit membership but after that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $39. The Peloton app also costs the same but you only get a one month free trial.

Are you a tech-lover?

Peloton has a larger, 1080p HD touchscreen that delivers on a better picture quality for your live and on-demand classes.