NordicTrack vs Life Fitness Treadmill – An In-depth Summary Guide

Looking at pro athletes, you can tell that their bodies are quite lean and that their muscles are quite powerful. These are the advantages of running on the treadmill that make it popular. In assessing these two brands, we hope to determine what’s different about each.

NordicTrack is quite well renowned a little bit more than Life Fitness but they do produce the same type of quality commercial and residential ready gym equipment. This is why my business partner and I could not agree on which one was better.

You see, we have long wanted to fit in an office gym to keep us active and help reduce some work stress. So, because we couldn’t come to a conclusive solution, we took it upon ourselves to do some market research on the two brands.

After some time, we both met up to tally our individual findings to make our finally decision. Here are the summarized details that we both found out about these two powerful treadmills.

What are the differences between NordicTrack vs Life Fitness Treadmill?

NordicTrack C990
Life Fitness F1 Smart
Running Decks
60â€L x 20†W
55â€L x 20†W
3.0 CHP
2.5 CHP
Top Speed
12 mph
10 mph
Blue LCD
Max Weight Capacity
300 lbs

NordicTrack vs Life Fitness Treadmill – How do they compare?


Both these brands do a great job creating a sturdy and strong equipment frame and providing the same size and type of foldable running decks that are both cushioned and durable.

Matrix features a FlexSelect running deck that gives you better stability and softens the impact on your muscles and joints. Life Fitness has a FlexDeck patented cushioning that reduces body shock by up to 30% helping to minimize injuries.

The NordicTrack is capable of supporting 25 pounds more in weight compared to the Life Fitness treadmills. C990 features a 7†display screen while Life Fitness has a Go Console.

NordicTrack have in-built speakers and a wireless compatibility to connect to popular fitness app, social networks and entertainment channels.

Life Fitness provides no speakers on their consoles as compared to NordicTrack but both brands have wireless compatibility and well cushioned running decks.


These two treadmills offer great workout for people with short strides and they can be unfolded to reveal more running space. The speeds capable on NordicTrack are as high as 12mph and those on Life fitness are at 10 mph.

The motors running the Matrix treadmill are stronger than Life Fitness motors featuring 3.0 CHP power compared to 2.5 CHP. Not much difference in numbers but the experience will be more challenging on the Matrix.

They both give powerful and quiet running training sessions that are great for use in any public or private space. Uphill runs can be simulated on both equipment with 0-12% levels to choose from.

To monitor your heart rate, Life Fitness have included a wireless chest strap to their treadmill. For NordicTrack, on the other hand, they have heart rate sensors on the treadmills grip or handlebars but the equipment is also compatible with wireless heart rate monitors.

Using their iFit app which is included in all their models, NordicTrack tracks and reports your training statistics in terms of calories burned, distance ran among other metrics.

There are standard workout programs built into both treadmill brands. NordicTrack features and supports fitness programs that offer you training around the world’s most scenic routes and paths.

Life Fitness has a list of 12 pre-installed treadmill workout programs to choose from and there is the option to download and customize your own programs.

Choose the NordicTrack if you love to virtually ride through scenic routes and the Life Fitness if you prefer to customize your workout program.

NordicTrack vs Life Fitness Treadmill – A Comparison Overview

NordicTrack Treadmill – Overview

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Made of stainless steel for a hardy and durable designed equipment. Fitted with a large 7†console for information display. Heart rate monitoring is provided for with the Bluetooth compatible heart rate strap monitor.

This treadmill features a reflex cushioning 2-ply belt system that provides great shock absorbing benefits making it easy for aching knees or joints to manage a good workout with minimal impact. IFit also in-built a fan to keep the runner cool all through training and we can’t tell you how much you will appreciate this feature.

On this treadmill you can run as fast as 12mph and you have a possible incline of up to 12% to choose from but no decline is available.

The motor features a 3.0CHP and it has a quiet operation. It is a foldable unit which makes it very easy to store away.

There are 32 programs available and the scenic virtual routes that have been built-in to this treadmill will have you working out in exciting new places with their unique challenges daily.

There are inbuilt speakers with phone compatibility for a better experience. You will run on a Flex select cushioning that can be turned off and on and it protects your knees and joints.

You will be pleased to know that thousands of iFit Coach programs are available to the user even without a renewed subscription.


  • Automatic speed and incline adjustments
  • iFit Coach programs available with annual subscription
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Greater incline range
  • Increased variety of training options
  • Cross training programs available


  • Heart rate monitor not included
  • Expensive equipment

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Life Fitness Treadmill – Overview

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This is one-of-a-kind treadmill offering foldable properties in its sturdy and sleek quality design. The foldable qualities enable for easier storage in even the smallest spaces.

It features a Go Console display that is programmable to pair with your favorite training apps.  It also has a wireless heart rate monitoring system and hand sensors that’s built in to its frame.

It allows you to quick start taking you back to your last training session and remembers your favorite training programs. The frame also features two cup or bottle holders and one for device or tablet that doubles up as a reading rack.

The running deck features flex deck cushioning that absorbs up to 30% of body shock. Go Console features 12 preprogrammed and 2 customizable trainings engaging programs and is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ connections.

Because the screen is blue lit, it makes the screen attractive and the displayed metric data even more vivid which is great for users.

You can reach up to 10mph with this treadmill.Motors on the Life Fitness treadmill are at 2.5 horsepower which is still strong and runs quietly in any space. It gives you 15% incline but no decline function.


  • 12% incline
  • Heart rate monitor
  • FlexDeck cushioning
  • Accessory tray and cup holder
  • Energy smart with child lock safety
  • Powerful and smooth-running motor


  • No decline option available

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Verdict: So, which is better, NordicTrack or Life Fitness Treadmill?

NordicTrack Treadmill gives you more variety in training and allows you to do more on your treadmill with Bluetooth connectivity the inclusion of speakers and the more powerful motor as compared to Life Fitness.

However, the Life Fitness brand works great and looks amazing too and because it has an energy saving aspect to it and a safety lock, this had to be the better choice for our office gym. Especially because it missed the speakers.