Nordictrack vs. Sole Elliptical – Which one is better for your home workouts?

To get your fitness going even at the comfort of your home, Nordictrack and Sole Elliptical are quality options. They are calorie burners and boost your overall health.

You are not alone if you are wondering which between the Nordictrack and Sole Elliptical trainer is better for you. Both of them are well respected brands that are highly awarded and reviewed by many users. They also make a range of equipment from starters to commercial grade to be used by amateurs and professional athletes as well.

To help you pick between the two, I have done a review of both. After all, having both machines in your home might not make financial sense. You need to know which between the two is best suited for your needs and skills.

What are the key differences between Nordictrack and Sole Elliptical?

Sole Elliptical
67.1â€x 25â€x69.1â€
82â€x 32.5â€x 71â€
Product weight
22 levels of silent magnetic resistance
20 levels
Drive system
20lbs flywheel
25lbs flywheel
Durable steel
Durable steel

Nordictrack vs. Sole Elliptical – How do they differ?


First, the consoles on Nordictrack and Sole Elliptical look similar.  They are back-lit, have dual color and are easy to read. They also display your fitness stats like the calories you have lost as you work out.

The differences are that with Nordictrack, you get a wider console that is also a touch screen web browser. This bike also comes with tablet holders that you can use to follow through with our favorite series as you work out. On the Sole, youget lumbar controls on the moving arm bars so that you do not have to interrupt your upper body workout. Only few Nordictrack models have this feature.

Both bikes are effective and comfortable with their consoles and media shelves. You also get 18â€-20†stride with both. This works for many riders.


With the Nordictrack, you get the front drive, rear drive and center drive. Most users argue that the center drive makes you more comfortable as you stand more upright on pedals and there is also less leaning on the rails. On the Nordictrack, the pedals are also closer to the ground that it just feels safer. Other Nordictrack equipment come in a wide array of features as this fitness company offers you more options in terms of design.

As for Sole Elliptical, it has a front-drive design. This means that the drive system is in front of the pedals rather than the usual design that has the system on the rear. This makes it more stable. It also has uniquely designed pedals that have a 2 degree angle. This reduces strain on the hips and also ensures a comfortable workout.

The Sole Elliptical shines out with its quirky design that delivers on a challenging yet low-impact workout.


Sole has introduced Bluetooth workouts where you can track your workouts and sync them to your device using the sole app. Nordictrack on the flipside has an online tracking software called iFit. It can track your workouts, download new workout programs and offer a scenic ride through Google maps where you watch real trails from all around the world. The sole app is free but to fully maximize iFit there is an optional monthly subscription.

Both these bikes are jammed with high-tech features to deliver on pumped workouts.

Nordictrack vs. Sole Elliptical – A Comparison Overview

Nordictrack- Overview

ts. Nordictrack vs. Sole Elliptical

Nordictrack elliptical trainers are usually categorized depending on the position of the drive. You can get either rear-drive, center-drive or front-drive systems.The rear-drive version saves more on space during storage or set up. With this drive, you also get a 10% power-adjustable incline, 18-pound flywheel and 22-24 levels of digital resistance. These machines also come with 24-30 pre-loaded workouts. Those with the center-drive are generally the smallest and feel the safest. Those with front-drive have 20†power-adjustable strides and resistance levels ranging from 25 to 32.

Across the board, all Nordictrack elliptical trainers are compatible with iFit which is an online app that allows you to track your workouts and interact with online trainers. Using the app, you can also have a workout on trails that mimics those in real life. The handlebars can move, you can have several workout routines. Also, there are a variety of resistance levels making for effective workouts. To add, the handlebars are also easily adjustable depending on the workout routine you want.

Finally, Nordictrack does not lag behind in its tech features. The consoles are impressive with their tablet holders you also get built in speakers and workout fans to make your workouts interesting and comfortable.


  • Has several stride choices
  • Impressive consoles
  • iFit app for tracking workouts
  • Moving handlebars to give you a wider variety of workouts


  • Does not come with a heart rate monitor included

Sole Elliptical – Overview

While the Sole Company has a really great name in the market, you still get reasonably priced products. For their elliptical trainers, they have the front-drive design. This makes the elliptical harder to store as it cannot be folded when you want to store it away.

Secondly, this trainer has magnetic transmission which is smooth and quiet.They have limited number of programs but recently made an upgrade allowing for Bluetooth connectivity. You can now track your workouts, add on the workouts for diversity and also connect to music which will play through the in- built speakers.

Some of the elliptical trainers having moving hand bars which ensures total body workout by including the upperbody. For the lowerbody, there are 30 settings in half percent increments for inclination. The ergonomic pedals which have a 2 degree slope ensures you get a comfortable yet challenging workout whenever you are up for it. It is designed in a way to target the toning of the muscles through both the handlebars and inclined pedals. It is also built for cardio exercises.

Sole Elliptical has a few drawbacks though. First, it offers a limited variety of workouts you can choose from. Also, the 20†stride you get with it might not be ideal for really short people.


  • Has wireless tracking of workouts
  • Offers entertainment
  • Adjustable strides
  • Strong durable frame


  • Offers a limited number of workouts

Conclusion- So which between Nordictrack and Sole Elliptical is the best?

While choosing the best indoor equipment largely depends on your needs, you are sure to get a lot of value for your money with the Nordictrack. You get entertainment as well as online tracking features with it.


If I do not renew my iFit subscription, can I still access workouts?

Yes but you will only have access to a limited number of programs. The subscription is only required if you want to have a coach controlled interactive training.

Can the sole elliptical fold when being stored?

No. This is mainly because it has the front-drive design that has the flywheel at the front. It ends up taking much space when storing it.

How can I have scenic rides on my elliptical?

If you are connected to the iFit app then you can connect to Google maps that will take you through terrains from real life in any location you choose. The ride will feel as though you are riding out in the real world, from the hills to the straight roads.