Northwoods bike review – Read this before purchasing your next bike

The manufacturers of Northwoods bikes work overtime to meet the needs of every rider. Northwoods Springdale women’s bike is a true reflection of this. It is a powerful, stable and affordable bike. Read the Northwoods bike review to learn more!

Being a single mother can be hard. I have gone through a lot to raise my daughter but am grateful that she is now a lady. My status comes with a lot of responsibilities. Multitasking is a skill that I have perfected due to the many roles I have to take.

When my daughter asked for a bike, I could not turn her down. I, however, wanted a bike that could help both of us. We both share Northwoods Springdale women’s bike in that she uses it to commute to school and I use it for my errands. It saves us time and has made our lives hassle-free.

Northwoods Springdale women’s hybrid bike

Every woman looking for freedom should purchase this bike. It is a pocket-friendly bike that has quality features. It is ideal for women who love leisure rides. You can also use it to commute to work or school.
The bike provides you with numerous benefits thanks to the inclusion of exceptional features. It provides room for women of different body sizes and heights. Ladies love white, and the color and design of this bike appeals to most of them. All the features contribute to its overall performance.



The manufacturers of Northwoods bikes prioritize the comfort of riders. They include comfortable handlebars that help you maintain a proper riding posture. The upright handlebar prevents you from fatigue when riding over long distances. With these handlebars, you don’t have to keep on leaning forward during cycling.


Aluminum frame is also a significant feature of Springdale women’s bike. The material of the frame is light making the bike easy to ride. The frame is also wide to provide room for even heavy riders. Its light-weight frame prevents you from using a lot of energy during cycling. The overall weight of the bike is 20 kilos.

Tires and suspension

The tires of this bike contains alloy rims which prevent the bike from corroding. This means that you can enjoy your bike without worrying about the weather condition. They are also strong and provide a secure grip on the ground to increase stability. Its dual suspension provides you with smooth riding experience.

Breaks and seat clamp

Northwoods Springdale also has a comfortable seat which contains a soft cushion. Unlike other brands, the bike has a release seat clamp which increases flexibility in riding. The producers also equip it with an advanced brake system that enables you to pull over safely and quickly. The two features come in handy when you are going down or climbing a hill. You can make a sudden stop using the linear pull breaks.
It also comes with 21 speeds and Shimano derailleur. These allow you to ride on different terrains without losing your balance. You can easily shit the gears on different surfaces. They help you achieve good adjustability especially when you are riding on a hill.
Fenders and rear rack
At the back of your bike, there is a rear rack which comes in handy when you need to carry a backpack. You can even go grocery shopping with the bike since there is extra room for storage. You can place any luggage on the rack and never have to worry about losing your stuff while on the move. It also has fenders that help you remain dry and clean when riding on muddy or wet surfaces.

  • It is strong and comfortable
  • Has a good braking system
  • Easy assembly


  • The bike can be cumbersome for newbies
  • The tube spares are problematic



Northwoods Springdale hybrid bike for women may not be perfect, but it provides you with control, stability, and comfort. The cushioned seat, smooth gear shifts, and upright handlebars are excellent features for women’s bikes. This is a good bike for your recreation purposes. It is light and easy to handle. Feel free to learn more about it from the Northwoods bike review.