Pacific mountain bike reviews-It is never too late to learn

The comfort, stability and responsive handling of Pacific women’s stratus mountain bike are enough reasons for you to consider it. It is a bike that you can ride on any terrain. Learn more from Pacific mountain bike reviews.
I noticed I was gaining weight when my clothes felt too tight. I would spend hours on the mirror trying on half of my clothes. I felt frustrated when some of my best clothes could not fit as good as they used to. I had to start making amends to reduce. Time was an issue because of my busy schedule. I thought of buying a bike to help me work out. A few of them broke along the way since they were struggling to support my weight. I finally bought Pacific women’s stratus mountain bike, and I am glad I have lost a few kilos.
Pacific women’s stratus mountain bike
When Pacific started manufacturing bikes, they focused on men’s types. This has changed since they now produce bikes that cater to the needs of ladies. This model is a suitable bike for women who are new to riding. You can use it for casual riding or also as your weight loss tool. It gives you both a fun experience and helps you remain physically active. Though Pacific mountain bike is small, it has remarkable features that satisfy a lot of customers.
Steel frame
The manufacturer designs the steel frame in such a way that it can accommodate women with different heights. The frame has an inclined design that allows you to sit straight while riding without straining.
They use steel on its frame due to its ability to withstand different elements.
It is a durable material that ensures that you can use the bike for long without replacing some parts. Though you may consider steel heavier than aluminum, its weight makes this bike stable to prevent it from losing balance while riding. It also makes the bike remain firm on different surfaces to increase safety.
Pacific women mountain bike also has smaller wheels compared to other brands. Small wheels increase the speed of the bike due to enhanced revolutions. You use little effort to propel the tires of the bike forward. They prevent you from experiencing fatigue if you ride for long distances. The size of the wheels also gives your bike a low profile increasing convenience.
15 Speed shifters
Manufacturers also equip this bike with thumb shifters which make the bike easy to use. You can quickly shift the gears when riding on different terrain. The gear shifts also provide the bike with a powerful torque which increases its speed and performance.
Its unique design makes it stand out among the rest. The bike has a slanting bar on the frame to offer enough room for you to ride your bike from a comfortable position. You can adjust the saddle of pacific mountain bike according to your height. The saddle and the handlebars allow you to maintain a proper riding posture to prevent you from pain on your shoulders and back. It keeps you energized during your ride.
Different features enhance your ability to control the bike. The bike features caliper brakes which improve stopping power when you encounter a stressful situation. The brakes put you in control giving you peace of mind when riding on a busy street.
The firm handlebars also offer extra stability and enhance controllability. Its small wheels are also convenient for ladies since you get a smooth riding experience without wasting a lot of energy.

  • Its small size makes it perfect for ladies
  • The steel material makes it stable and firm
  • Allows you to maintain a good riding posture


  • It uses liner brakes instead of disk brakes
  • It lacks a proper shock absorption mechanism


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Pacific stratus mountain bike for women may lack some features, but it is a nice brand for the price. It has a reasonable price and offers sufficient stability. You can start teaching yourself the basic skills from this model. If you are an expert in cycling, check out other models such as Pacific evolutions mountain bike and Pacific Render mountain bike. Go through pacific mountain bike reviews to identify the right features that can fulfill your needs.