Peloton Bike Vs Watt Bike Atom -Which One Meets Your Needs?

Peloton and Wattbike are known to be manufacturers of high end indoor bikes. Fans of the two brands are willing to pay a small fortune to get their hands on one. What is it about them that people love so much? Here is a Peloton bike vs Wattbike Atom comparison to answer this question.

I am the kind of guy who gets a wonderfully intense workout on the treadmill or spin bike at the gym. Even though I have access to the same equipment at home, I hardly ever work out at home. It’s the social part I miss.

In this Peloton bike vs Wattbike Atom comparison we look at the primary needs each manufacturer was looking to meet, what we liked about each of them and what we didn’t like.

What Are The Differences Between Peloton Bike And Wattbike Atom?

Wattbike Atom
Comes with monitor ( can keep track of metrics)
Doesn’t come with a monitor (no way to keep track of metrics)
Seat and handlebar Adjustment
No tools needed( convenient)
Must have Allen key                      (unchangeable without tool)
Has no markings ( have to estimate every time)
Has markings to guide ( no estimation required)
Resistance adjustments
Using a knob
Using buttons on handlebar

Peloton Bike Vs Watt Bike Atom -How Do They Compare?


Peloton’s bike comes with a larger than average 21.5inch high definition, touchscreen monitor. This is what is used to display user workout figures like distance, speed, cadence, RPMS, heart rate and calories burned.

It has a 5 mega pixel camera which faces the rider and is intended for video chats with classmates during live sessions. Also included are high fidelity stereo speakers which you can use to listen to music or during sessions.

If you don’t want to disturb other peoplein the room, there is a headphone jack which is used to connect headphones so you can block out the world around you. Users however recommend wireless earphones so there is no wire in the way asyou cycle.

It should be mentioned that the screen issweat resistant so you don’t have to worry about sweat dripping on it.

The Wattbike Atom doesn’t come with a monitor. You have to source one for yourself and link it to the bike. You can link the bike to a laptop, a tablet or a phone.

 Seat and Handlebar Adjustment

Both bikes make an effort to fit all riders. It is clear that it is something the manufacturers have put a lot of thought into. Both bikes have seats and handlebars which can be adjusted upwards and downwards.

In the Wattbike, you can adjust both seat and handlebars back and forth but the Peloton bike does not allow handlebar back and forth movement. Other differences are in a few conveniences or inconveniences in the process.

In the Peloton bike, you can adjust both seat and handlebars by simply loosening the grips of each, finding a comfortable poison and then tightening it back in place. No tools are required.

In the Wattbike Atom, you can adjust the seat and handlebars up and down using a lever. Just like in the Peloton, loosen the lever, find a suitable level and tighten it.

To make back and forth adjustments on the seat or handlebars on the Wattbike Atom, you need an Allen key. You use the Allen key to unscrew the seat or handlebar loose, position it as you want and then use the tool to screw it tightly in place.

If you have your Allen key handy, this is a fairly quick process. It is almost as fast as if the bike had a lever for it. The drawback is if you don’t have an Allen key, it is misplaced or lost. You are stuck with the current seat and handlebar position until you get your hands on one.


This is related to seat and handlebar adjustments. In the Peloton bike, when making adjustments there is no way knowing when you reach the height or width level you had when you last used the bike.

If for instance there are 3 members of a household all using the bike at different times. Every time one person is using it they adjust the seat and handlebars to their preference. When a second user wants to use it they have to re-adjust it and estimate the levels they had set for themselves the last time.

The Wattbike Atom has markings on the seat post for seat heights and markings on the base on which the seat rests for back and forth seat positions. The same goes for the handlebars.

Markings take the guess work or estimations out of adjustments especially when several people are suing the same bike regularly. You can make a mental note of your personal preferences for seat height and handlebar levels.  When you need to use the bike, quickly and easily set it up for yourself and be sure that it is exactly how you like it.

Resistance Adjustments

Resistance refers to how hard or easy it is to pedal. Indoor bikes are designed with adjustable resistance in order to efficiently mimic an outdoor bike experience. It also allows the user to increasethe number of calories burned by increasing resistance.

In a Peloton bike, resistance is adjusted using a knob which is positioned on the frame. You can easily reach it and turn it.  In the Wattbike Atom resistance is adjusted using buttons or the monitor. When you are using a 3rd party app like Zwift and in a cycling session, the bike automatically adjusts resistance to match the session.

Peloton Vs Watt Bike Atom – A Comparison Overview

Peloton Bike Overview

Peloton Vs Watt Bike Atom

The Peloton bike is a high-end indoor bike. It has a sturdy steel frame and features a belt in its drive system. This combined with a magnetic resistance system makes it a very quiet bike. Some users have said it is so quiet they can work out in the same room with a sleeping baby and cause no disturbance whatsoever.

It uses a highly variable knob to adjust resistance. It is sensitive enough for you to increase or decrease by 1 percentage point at a time.

This bike’s pedals are Look Delta compatible. They have clips which fit into specialized cycling shoes which are preferred because they give your foot a more secure grip on the pedal. This eliminates the possibility of your foot slipping off the pedal and reduces chances of injuries.

What is undoubtedly peloton’s strongest selling point is spin classes. The company offers different types of spin classes led by professional instructors. You can use the monitor to access live streamed workout sessions run from their studio in New York.

In a live class you get to see a leaderboard which displays the best performing participants in the session categorized according to their age bracket, gender and location.

You can see your ranks change as you pedal. Needless to say it never fails to unleash the competitive spirit in participants. There is an extra cost to live workouts. Peloton charges a monthly subscription fee.

Apart from live work outs, you can also access replays of live classes which are scheduled out so you can join any in real time, with the leader boards automatically re-set to match the participants of the day.

If you would rather not have the pressure of live workouts, there is a library of replays of hundreds of thousands of classes which you can start any time with nothing live and no interactivity. The same library has about 100 scenic rides with videos which let you ride virtually along coastlines, through the countryside and through busy city streets.


  • Access to live and past classes
  • Large monitor
  • Powder coated frame for sweat resistance
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity
  • Easy seat and handlebar adjustment
  • Look Delta compatibility


  • Must have cycling shoes
  • Cost
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Monthly subscription for live streamed workouts
  • Handlebar cannot be adjusted vertically

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 Watt Bike Atom Overview

Peloton Vs Watt Bike Atom

The Atom is the 3rdWattbike from the UK based company after the Wattbike and Wattbike Pro. It weighs about 99 pounds (45kgs) and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.(136 kg).

With just about everything from home appliances and devices going smart, this is a smart bike at its best. Despite the fact that it doesn’t come with a monitor, it cannot be used without one.

The first thing you have to do is connect the bike to your laptop, tablet or phone via Bluetooth. After that you have to link it to the Wattbike app and/or any third party app like Zwift. You can use it with the Wattbike app only if that is all you have access to.

It has a magnetic resistance system which is electronically controlled so you have to plug the bike in at a power outlet whenever you need to use the bike. There are 22 gears to choose from.

Gears essentially alter the resistance of the magnetic unit to make it harder or easier to pedal, so you feel like you are shifting up or down. Gear shifting is done by pressing one of two plus and minus buttons on the handlebar.

This bike is popular among cycling enthusiasts and professional cyclists because of its ability to almost exactly mimic outdoor riding. Popularity is also due to the statistics the Wattbike app is capable of giving.

On top of the standard measures, it also gives figures to guide users on pedaling technique which is a very important aspect for professionals. It also gives figures for left and right foot balance.

If you have a heart rate monitor you can transmit your heart rate data through the bike and onto the iPad or tablet via Bluetooth. It is ANT+ compatible.

One complaint that users have expressed comes from the manufacturers attempt to give the bike a very steady feel. Some users have said it feels uncomfortably rigid, describing it as the feel of riding a brick wall. Although wobble is not a positive in indoor bikes, some riders say they like just a little bit of it for a more outdoor realistic experience.


  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy
  • 22 gears
  • Electronically controlled magnetic resistance system
  • Multiple connectivity
  • Highly adjustable.
  • 2 water bottle holders


  • Doesn’t come with a monitor
  • Very rigid
  • Slight lag on gear changes

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The Peloton and the Atom Wattbike are both high end bikes. It is clear that both bikes have their diehard fans because they are both designed with specific audiences in mind. It must be said the both meet and exceed their target market’s expectations.

Verdict: so which is better? Peloton bike or Wattbike Atom?

If you enjoy cycling, are looking for a way to stay motivated to keep at you daily work outs without having to go to the gym, the Peloton was made for you.

You can achieve just as much as you would achieve at the gym when there is an instructor and other participants on the other end to encourage you along. On top of that there are more scenic pressure-free virtual rides to choose from when you are looking for a more relaxed ride.

There is an extra monthly subscription cost to be able to access live workouts. If you would ordinarily be paying a gym membership and driving to the gym every other day, the extra cost may make sense for you.


The Peloton bike seat is terribly uncomfortable. Will my butt stop hurting?

Yes, just about all new users go through this. It takes about 5 to 7 half hour rides to get used to it. If it is unbearable, add on a saddle cushion.

What maintenance does the Wattbike Atom require?

It’s designed to require very little. First, always wipe sweat off its surfaces after use and perhaps use an antibacterial spray once a week.

Always remember to re-set the zero state on the monitor so the calibration is always accurate.