Peloton Encore vs. On Demand – Which is the best fit for your fitness workouts?

Are you looking to make new fitness buddies? Do you want to follow through on recorded classes? Here are two of the latest fitness class options that are both designed by Peloton.

Hi there.First, good on you for going with a peloton bike because you are in for a good time. They come jammed with all the premium quality features that make sweating and riding hard really fun. For example, you can choose between re-aired live classes and pre-recorded ones each with a leaderboard to help you keep track of your progress.

Because you can easily get confused with all these fancy features, I have done this review to help you find out whether to go for peloton encore or on demand.

What are the key differences between Peloton EncoreandOn Demand?

Peloton Encore
On Demand
Aired at a specific time
You can choose whichever you want when you want
Progress Tracker
Live leaderboard tracks your progress with other riders
No live leaderboard
Does not come with the options to play your own music or videos
You can ride along to your favorite playlist

Peloton Encore vs. On Demand – How do they differ?

Riding Experience

Peloton encore and on demand both deliver a different feel to the kind of workout experience you are out for. First, for the peloton encore it is a lot like being in the fitness studio only that you can follow through the exercises at the comfort of your own home. You get a real-time experience with your fellow riders. The peloton app also uses metrics to measure your performance with other riders. You get to see yourself on the live leaderboard with peloton encore.

For on-demand you get to experience pre-recorded classes so it might not feel like working out in the fitness studio. It is more like following through at your own pace with another group. On-demand is also different because you cannot get to participate in the live leaderboard. However, it is not all gloom with on-demand because it has its benefits. For instance, if you have a favorite instructor you can watch all of his/her past classes whenever you want.

With both peloton encore and on-demand you also do not get to pause or rewind the classes as you want. So, if your dog suddenly comes to disturb you or you drop your towel, you will have to catch up with the class later.

Peloton Encore easily shines out for its interactive and energetic vibe. You can even compete with your friends on the live leaderboard.


With Peloton encore, you can get to join an already aired workout class that still has a live leaderboard. This simply means that you can still ride and compete with your friends even if you are in different time zones. For Peloton on demand, you do not get to access the live leaderboard or compete with your friends.

To add, Peloton has specifically designed both encore and on demand to be user-friendly for all. To access the workouts, all you need to do is log on to the app through the large console Peloton bikes are fitted with. You can easily burn the calories at the comfort of your home.

While accessing the peloton encore and on demand is not exactly cheap, they are still better options than going to a fitness studio for classes.

Peloton Encore vs. On Demand – A Comparison Overview

Peloton Encore – Overview

Peloton encore is basically going on a live spinning class on your peloton bike although the classes have already been run. This is why the peloton community is so famous for its tight knit groups. Once you log in through the app, you can join a live class with a leaderboard that has listed everyone in your workout session. You get to see their screen names, age, gender and location they are at. Right from your home, you can get to have an energetic workout as if you were in the NYC studio.

With peloton encore, you are also assured of more motivation to pedal harder. While the ever changing ranking can be frustrating for some, it can also be an exciting way to push you harder. The peloton bike uses metrics to track your progress alongside other peloton riders.

If you are not one to fuss over other people’s performance, you can hide the metrics from view and focus on following through with the live trainer. To add, after 100 live rides you get to win a free peloton century shirt. While you do have to pay for its shipping, this shirt is a good memento for your fitness journey. With encore, you can even get a shout-out from the instructors.


  • Gives you the energetic, pumped workout experience
  • Easy to form a close community of fellow riders
  • Comes with a free peloton century shirt after 100 rides


  • Currently not safe to lead large live classes in the studio

On Demand – Overview

Simply put, peloton on demand is the thousands of pre-recorded classes that are loaded on the app. Whenever you are up for a workout you can check if there is a live class or choose your favorite class with your favorite instructor. This is one of the best features of on demand because you get to tailor your workouts according to your preferences.

Once you have picked your class, you get to see the names of everyone who has ever taken that class. This is quite different from encore that has a live leaderboard. You are bound to be more motivated with encore as the harder you pedal you can get to see your rank changing.

Another downer with on demand is that you do not get to experience the energetic mood that comes with a live class with your instructor shouting and motivating you to ride harder.


  • Up to thousands of workout options to choose from
  • You can ride with your friends who are in different time zones
  • Gives you access to all past classes of your favorite instructor


  • You cannot pause/rewind class

Conclusion: So, which is better – Peloton Encore or On Demand?

Nowadays, more people are spending their lives indoors. You can shop online, work online and even join your gym class online thanks to peloton encore and on demand. Depending on your mood, you can easily cue up an already recorded class or go live.

When it comes down to picking between the two, I would highly recommend the peloton encore. You get to have a one-on-one experience with instructor and even interact with your fellow fitness enthusiasts. You can even get cheered on by your instructor whenever it just gets too hard to push through with your workout. Who wouldn’t want that?


  1. Do you pay for peloton encore and on demand?

Yes. To access both peloton encore and on demand, you need to pay for the peloton app.

  1. How do you access these classes?

The peloton bike comes with a sleek touchscreen that is sweat-proof and sturdy enough to do the job. With it, you can access the peloton app as well as the live and pre-recorded classes.