Peloton vs Air Bike – An in-depth Summary Guide

Taking into consideration the best magnetic resistance bike against the best air resistance bike, Peloton and Airdyne Pro are featured. Which of the two is more superior?

Hi, my name is Roger. A client asked me to draw up a review detailing the differences between air and magnetic powered bikes. I picked the best of each and pit them against each other.

Since its inception, many brands have tried to do things the Peloton way in terms of building and constructing interactive indoor cycle bikes. While many fail to come close to match Pelotons premier quality build, some take on a different design and carve out a name for themselves.

Airdyne Pro is the kind featuring air resistance which is infinite and automatically responds to your energy or force. Peloton has a magnetic resistance that is meant to be quiet and smooth.

What are the key differences between Peloton and Air Bike?

Peloton Bike
Air Bike
ANT+ compatible
297 lbs
350 lbs
Pedal type
SPD compatible
Flat textured
Cushioned, adjustable 8-ways
Padded, adjustable 4-ways

Peloton vs Air Bike – And How they differ


The most significant difference between the two in terms of build is obvious withAir Bike featuring its wheel with 26 fan blades while the Peloton bike has a magnetic flywheel.

Both bikes are steel metal built though Air Bike’s material is thicker in width and density which makes it a heavy-weight bearing bike. Whatever level of training you are into, these two bikes will give you great cardio, toning workouts and strength training exercises.

Pedals installed on the Air bikes are the same kind you would find on an outdoor bike which are flat and ribbed for traction while on Peloton they are SPD compatible to be used with cleats.

Peloton bike seats are very much adjustable both vertically and horizontally as compared to the Air Bike. Tiny transport wheels have been built into the bikes frame to help quickly wheel the bikes out of the general line of sight.

If you are tired of cycling and you need to try a new technique, the Air bike offers you movable handlebars that you can hold on to and with your feet safely placed on either side of the bike’s front frame where foot rests have been built in.

The obvious separation in construction is evident becauseAir Bike features a 26-blade air resistance while the Peloton bike has 32-pound magnetic flywheel resistance.


There is big difference in the bikes’ functionality. The Air bike needs no electricity and the LCD screen is powered by AA batteries but the same could not apply to a Peloton Bike.

Peloton bike has a large 22-inch console that is also touch screen and has high resolution in picture clarity and quality.

Both these bikes are great for intense interval training, you will not encounter any problems in set up  andyou will have fun trying the different challenges provided.

Airdynecomes with nine varied exercise workouts and to select one could be made possible either by automation or by manual manipulation.

Peloton bikes connect to the Peloton Fitness App where the user gets access to on-demand live training cycling sessions, virtual racing in competition with others across the world and a tracking of all performance metrics.

The monitor on both bikes provides information regarding your progress by capturing distance, time and calories burned. Airdyneis fitted with a Bluetooth receiver that works in coordination with the cord-free monitor but you would need to plug a compatible type into the Peloton bike to see a reading.

You will benefit from a holistic upper and lower body workout when you relax from the pedaling motion to train your arms, back and shoulder muscles. To do this effectively while still on the bike, put each of your foot on the foot rests placed on each side of the bikes’ frames.

Peloton bike creates less noise in operation compared to the Air Bike which produces a gushing or whooshing sound as the fan blades turn rapidly.

In terms of mechanisms, Peloton bike is sturdy and equally effective but lacks the tech savviness of the Airdyne Pro which provides more comfort in training andhas more variety in features and benefits.

Peloton vs Air Bike –  Comparison Overview

Peloton – Overview

A sleek steel frame harbors a 32-pound flywheel which operates on magnetic resistance providing up to 100 levels of resistance to choose from.

With such a wide range of resistance levels, the adjustments may not feel very incremental while you are on the bike. You may manually change these settings by use of a knob or use the digital control buttons on the Peloton 21.5-inch console.

Comfortable cushioning is made possible in the stacked design positioning of the bike’s handlebars which are suprisingly a little too thin for my liking.

The pedals provided by Peloton band are only SPD compatible and this may cut off a lot of users from joining the brand because extra costs will be incurred on top of the high costs associated with running a subscription service.

A more secure footing using the cleats technology will keep my foot on the bike worry free as I focus on increasing my energy and training the hardest I can.


  • Handlebars Ergonomic
  • Light-weight
  • Good seat
  • Inspiring App with on-demand classes
  • Bluetooth sync possible


  • Incline and decline unavailable
  • Buy SPD shoes or new Pedal sets
  • Requires compatible heart rate monitor

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Airdyne Pro – Overview

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Features full movable handlebars which create great technique in motion that now engages more muscles in your back, shoulders and arms.

Use the LCD screen on this bike to chose from 9 varied training exercises.These programs have considered the HIIT enthusiasts as well as those who train with a specific target in mind. It could be a measure of anything from time, distance, calories, cadence and heart rate.

Infinite resistance is what you will get with the Airdyne Pro bike and this indicates that the bike will match and give back to you the resistance that matches the force you use in movement. This gradually increases the tension of the bike based on how intense your training is.

Knobs on each side of the bike’s frame are featured to provide your feet with some resting ground while you choose to concentrate on developing your arms and upper body.

This bike will take up less space than you might have considered and the added advantage is that it doesn’t need electricity to run but uses AA batteries.

Seta adjustments on this bike model are possible both horizontally and vertically.


  • Adjustable 2-way seat
  • Multi-grip Movable arms
  • Air resistance Infinite
  • Cordlessmonitor


  • Poor monitor
  • Standard seat

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Verdict: So, which is better, Peloton or Air Bike?

Air Bike might have the lower grade monitor and seat quality but these are both replaceable parts of the bike. The more important parts such as heart rate monitors, pedal type, infinite resistance and thefunction of incline or decline are missing in the Peloton Bike.

These extra features and benefits add to the riding experience making the Airdyne Air Bike a more superior alternative to Peloton.