Expresso vs Peloton – An in-depth comparison guide

Working out on an exercise bike can have you feeling great within a few minutes of cycling. Between the Expresso and Peloton bikes, which one would you consider an ideal choice?

Hello, I’m Cassandra and I’ve been cycling ever since I could walk. However, last year, my life became so busy and I was shocked when December rolled in and I discovered how long it had been since I had been out cycling.

Between my new job and my Master’s degree, I wondered where I could possibly get the time to do any bike riding.

So, I jumped online to assess my options and I found two really cool indoor bikes that promised to keep me fit and give me the outdoor experience I so craved. I summarized their pros and cons to help me decide.

What is the difference between Expressand Peloton?

Bike Model
Clip-in design – cycling shoes
Dual-belt with 30 levels
Magnetic with up to 100 levels
Weight Supported
350 lbs
297 lbs
19-inch HD
22-inch LED

Expresso vs Peloton – How they compare


While on the Expresso bike, you have the option to use regular shoes or SPD special cycling shoes but Peloton gives you no other option but to use the clip-in design to secure your footing.

Expresso has a 19-inch screen that displays vital information and helps the user connect to the virtual reality classes available.

Peloton hasa 22-inch touchscreen for all your viewing needs. And if you would like a change, it gives you the chance to screen cast to a TV or other external device of your choice.

On Expresso, the handlebars are adjustable both vertically and fore or aft. This gives users a wide range of possibilities in accommodating individuals who fall under the 6’4†height.

For Peloton, adjustments are only possible upwards or downwards. There are no fore or aft adjustments possible.

Paddles on both the Expresso and Peloton are built in the road bike design which is considerably comfortable.

If their comfort is not good enough, you may have them swapped out and replace with a more padded option.

The pedals on Expresso bike are dual-sided and you may use either regular gym shoes or special cycling shoes. While with Peloton, you are limited to using only SPD shoes with cleats for clipping in.


Expresso bike uses the dual-belt mechanism to generate resistance while Peloton relies on the automatic magnetic resistance.

Expresso has over 30 gears you can adjust to which will help vary the challenge during workouts.When training on the virtual reality modes, you can steer through selected courses.

The resistance varies with the terrain of the chosen route. If you chose to work on the TV or manual work out modes, your resistance will be fixed and you won’t have to steer.

Peloton uses magnetic currents generated by a flywheel and belt drive system as the source of resistance.

Electromagnetic resistance presents a benefit in that it provides you with a close to real experience in cycling and it doesn’t require constant maintenance.

When training, it is up to you whether you prefer to do it manually or automatically. You may adjust your bike’s resistance by hand or allow the training program to automatically adjust resistance following with the training needs.

To manually adjust the resistance on your Peloton, you use the knob provided on the bike’s frame and turn it to your preference. This sounds easy but with over 100 levels and no markings, you are just never sure.

Training Software                                               

While using Expresso bike, it is not mandatory to be listed as a member but with Peloton, to get any access to the training app, you must be signed on to monthly membership.

The Expresso bike has a console with numeric keypad and multimedia controls. It features over 30 virtual reality tours and chases on 4 levels of difficulty.

When connected online, you will have the opportunity to ride alongside other riders on your local network while on multi-player.

If you prefer to compete against your last best, you can do this under Ghost mode.

Over 10 channels of music are available to you to keep you entertained and relaxed. Data monitoring and tracking of your training progress is done and displayed on your screen.

These readouts are; heart rate, calories, distance rpm, time and power.

For you to keep track of your progress and the classes at Peloton, you need to have bought the bike and paid for the monthly membership fee that gives you access to the Peloton training app. 

If this is not the case, you are left with the pre-programmed options which you can access at any time.

Performance metrics such as heart rate, cadence, resistance, and wattage will be displayed on the screen while you workout but will not be available when you go offline.

You will be able to see all that is happening by use of the 22-inch touchscreen that the bike comes with. Here is where you can listen and follow instructions that will be given to you by your chosen instructor.

Expresso vs Peloton– A Comparison Review

Expresso Review

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This bike uses the durable dual-belt resistance allowing for smooth and quiet rides that are supported by about 700 watts.

Coated with rubber, the Expresso bike’s handlebars have good grip and are resistant to sweat. It has a console with numeric keypad and multimedia controls. It features over 30 virtual reality tours and chases on 4 levels of difficulty.

Expresso bike pedalsare dual-sided with supportive straps. So, you have the option to use gym shoes or special cycling alternatives.

With 30 gears to choose from, virtual reality is made fun on the Expresso and you get to enjoy your scenic virtual tours across 40 different countries.


  • 19†LCD touchscreen
  • Durable Dual-belt resistance
  • Dual-sided pedals
  • Over 30virtual reality classes
  • Digital resistance is on handlebars with 30 levels


  • Bike frame a little heavy
  • No Backrest

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Peloton – Overview

This bike features a heavy flywheel on magnetic resistance. Data from training appears on the large 21.5 touchscreen and this can be transferred by cable or Bluetooth to an external device.

Peloton uses magnetic resistance to run and these are adjustable up to 100 levels which may also prove challenging to adjust when on intense training.

Although the handlebars are thin, they provide adequate cushioningand a very dependable grip.Through their training app, you get access to cycling training including virtual reality, HIIT and live classes.

Also available are non-cycling workouts such as yoga, Pilates, warm-ups and many more.


  • Grippy handlebars
  • Lightweight
  • Good Saddle
  • Interactive App


  • Inaccurate knob
  • Manual adjustments

Verdict: So, which is better -Expresso or Peloton?

Peloton exercise bike is better than Expresso. Overall,Pelotonseems to have the upper hand in terms of programs and the bike’s operation. For a user to have the choice between virtual reality, live classes and offline training all in one bike, the deal is too good to pass up.


How do I take care of my indoor bike?

It is simple. By wiping it down every time after a workout session, your bike will be new for longer. You may also carry out a weekly sanitation by spraying some disinfectant on contact surfaces.

What is the difference between magnetic and belt-drive resistance?

Other than the source of resistance, magnetic systems are considered quieter and they don’t require maintenance. The belt drive systems could be noisy and they need regular maintenance because the belt pads are prone to fatigue.