Pinarello vs Cervelo – A Battle of the Two Bikes

When caught up in a storm, a stiff bike can withstand effects of theharsh weather. It can and will get you to the nearest safe haven. So, which bike between the Pinarello and the Cervelo is the one to rely on?

Last year I had the unfortunate luck of finding myself in the middle of a storm while I was riding my bike. 

Thankfully I was not a great distance from my destination and my bike was stiff enough to stand its ground as I pedaled through the chaos. 

When I finally got home, I watched the evening news reporting on the hellish storm and I saw a man on the street trying to brave the storm on his bike, as I had done, but the wind managed to push him and his bike against a departmental store wall. 

Thankfully he wasn’t hurt and he chose to abandon his bike and seek refuge inside the store but his story helped me realize that bike stiffness is significant.

So, how solid is your bike? Can it get you through a storm? 

What is the difference between Pinarello and Cervelo?

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Pinarello vs Cervelo – How they compare 


Pinarello’s frame reduces drag by at least 5 percent. This is more than what design does for Cerveloby keeping the bike’s aesthetic clean. 

The handlebar is a Talon Ultra type with 20 percent of the exposed area at the front. This handlebar assists in clean aesthetics and reduces cable drag by at least 85%. Especially when used with the direct-mount brakes for increased confidence and stopping power.

The Cervelo bike features a short head tube that is 35 percent and a fork that is 17 percent stiffer than their other designs.This allows you to get lower and put more weight over the front end without messing up the stem angles. 

The average frame would have a low headtube measuring 145mm with a 72.5-degree angle and 73.5 degrees in Seatpost.


Cervelo cranksets give you the 11-25 11-speed cassette which makes for a super-fast ride. This is a great choice for easier shifting better than Pinarello bikes using the 11-30.

Opposed to using the Shimano Dura-Ace parts, Cervelo is loyal to Rotor cranks and they use aluminum cranks that provide the stiffness the bikes require. 

The 52/36 chainrings work perfectly with their bikes and they are reliable regardless of the surface you are riding them on.

To improve bike stiffness, Pinarellochainstays and forks have been designed in the hydraulic disc versions.Improvements are such like direct-mount brakes for the rim version that have contributed to the superior braking system.

The bike’s fork may be a bit wide for most people’s preference because it cuts short on the comfort. This is taken care of by the wider tires that may also be prone to puncture pinching. The tires are up to 28mm for the bike clearance offered by Pinarello Dogma F12.

Riding Experience 

The Pinarello gives great performance at every turn which pales in comparison toCervelo.Itoffers descents that are stable and quiet thanks to the strong design.

Pinarellobikes display only the best performance in cornering with impressive grip and speed gain on the road. As a racing champion, they placea great emphasis on stiffness.

Cervelo’s ride feeling is edgy and nimble giving you the impression that it could always go faster. The narrow wheel design is suitable for both weekend and weekday rides. This is because it is robust and can withstand just about anything you throw at it.

Pinarello vs Cervelo – A Comparison Overview 

Pinarello Review

Pinarello is an Italian company that started in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello and famous for its quality road bikes. however, it does offer other models such as a mountain, track, cyclocross, and city bikes.

Their flagship race bike is the Dogma which has been ridden to victory at the Grand Tour championships. It is built into an asymmetrical geometry that guarantees stiffness and flat tubes it is made up of giving great aerodynamic characteristics.

Other models in this pro-level are the Gan and Bolide. Away from professional cycling, regular bikers can enjoy the Noer and Razha built for comfort in long-distance rides.

The mountain bike version of Pinarello bikes is the Dogma XM and for cross country races, you can pick the Dogma XC. They both feature similar geometry to the flagship roadie with slight adjustments made to the design to fit the specific riding uses.

Other Pinarello models are such as Grevil+ for the aerodynamic sticklers, Crossista+ for cyclocross, and the Mercurio for hybrid lovers who like to zoom through the city traffic.


  • Classic lugged frame
  • Awesome power transfer
  • Disc brakes and 28mm tires


  • Road vibration felt through Seatpost and saddle

Cervelo Review 

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This brand of bicycles has been around since 1996. They were created in Canada and showcased to the public in Toronto during a Bike Show.

They have a reputation for being the most sought-after bikes in cycling, especially where racing is concerned.

Founders of Cervelo; Phil White, and Gerard Vroomen, focused on time trial bikes and triathlon bikes which are still leading the pack in-frame development.

The brand features a range of bikes in the R-series road bikes, S-series aero bikes, and P-series for all triathlon and professional cycling.

This range refers to the triathlon excellent bikes that feature a more upright geometry with dropped downtubes that hide behind the front wheels and shield the seat stays.

By using a bottom bracket shell built with oversized tubing and 11mm extended to the left, the bikes are made to be stiffer and lighter.

These are bikes built to conquer all terrains and they have more clearance to fit larger tires and take up the Squoval Max shape to deliver the right amount of stiffness at lower weights.


  • Great front-end handling
  • Quality Di2 components
  • Fast handlebar


  • Average wheels
  • Uncomfortable handlebar

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Pinarello goes fast and can keep you in the lead but only if you are willing to brave the harsh riding experience it subjects you to.

Cervelo’s handlebar gives good handling and aerodynamic advantage, but it lacks grip and proves to be less than comfortable for large-handed riders. The bike’s carbon handlebars lack bar tape and this poses a risk of slipping even in cool weather.

Verdict: So, which is better – Pinarello or Cervelo?

Cervelo is better than Pinarello. When the handlebar issues are fixed, the Cervelo bike handles immaculately and with remarkable stability. You can count on it to get you through a storm.


Is Cervelo good for off-road riding?

Yes, it is. Even as this is a road bike, it performs marvelously in ridges because of its SRAM Red system.

Why is the front axle of the Pinarello bike set below the curvy fork crown?

This reduces the wheel’s turbulence by increasing the channeling of air.