Precor AMT 100i vs 835 – Which version is better?

AMT stands for Adaptive Motion Trainer and this unique device is a hybrid of sorts that allows you to walk, jog and climb to achieve your fitness goals. Of the two models featured here by Precor, which is the better version?

When my mom turned 60 last year, her doctor advised her to build up her strength and overall fitness to boost her health. Being an ardent fitness enthusiast myself, I jumped on the opportunity to find her the best training equipment.

As an older individual with some aches and pains in her joints, I knew I had to find a unit that provided strength training but it had to be low impact to ease the pressure on her muscles and joints.

After shopping around town and online I came across the Precor AMT machine and I knew I had found it. However, I couldn’t decide between the 100i and the 835 models so I took the time to research on their differences.

This is what I know so far about them.

What are the key differences between Precor AMT 100i and 835?

AMT 100i
AMT 835
20 levels Magnetic
20 levels Magnetic
Stride length
Training Programs
4 pre-set
6 pre-set
Heart Rate Monitor
Buy wireless heart rate strap
On handlebars
LED Display

Precor AMT 100i vs 835: How they compare


The steel metal used in their construction is powder-coated twice to make it extra resistant to rust or corrosion.

All the ellipticals in the AMT category provide automatically adjustable speed and motion based on the effort of your stride. This quick adaptability eliminates any need for manual adjustments and you can perform uninterrupted workouts.

They also feature a stride dial that indicates the muscles worked and this information changes with each stride adjustment.

These AMT models offer contralateral movements that allow your arm and leg movements to be in sync which creates great harmony and balance as you train. This dual action inspires a full-body workout for people of all sizes and of different training capacities.

The two models feature foot pedals with toe caps which keep you foot secure on the equipment and this greatly increases the effectiveness of your work out.

Both these AMT models have stride dial and contralateral movements that guarantee a full body workout.

Stride length

Designed to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, the AMT 100i has an adaptive stride length that ranges from zero to 27 inches. On the 835, this range extends further and covers ranges between zero to 36 inches.

Stride height allows for easier transition from off to on the training platform and is present in the AMT 835. It is adjustable from 6.8 to 10 inches for this elliptical but the 100i fails to meet this standard.

In terms of the console, both the 100i and 835 are designed with a 15-inch LCD touchscreen. On it, you will find the control buttons, dome keys and a number pad. The screen will display metrics based on your training regarding your calorie burn, distance strides, resistance level, heart rate and others.

To track your heart rate, the two models have a sensor installed on the handlebars and they can read and monitor very accurately. However, how long you can work out is limited to 240 minutes on the 100i model but on the 835 model, there is no limit.

AMT 835 is lighter in weight than the 100i but it takes up a larger surface area in terms of storage because it has a wider base.

AMT 835 has a longer stride length and allows for height adjustment of the stride which is not possible with the AMT 100i.

Precor AMT 100i vs 835: A Comparison Overview

Precor AMT 100i Overview

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Calorie torching has to be this equipment’s unique selling point because it does it so well but yet you don’t feel it happening because it is a low-impact training equipment.

The adaptive motion that is the main function of the AMT 100i, allows you to exercise on a range of different strides. Long strides give you the feeling of running on sand while short strides have you jogging like on a treadmill.

With this automatically adjusted rhythm that matches your energy, you can be sure to never get bored while exercising on it. It is built to accommodate all shapes and sizes so it makes for a great pick for active families.

Featuring movable arms, this cross trainer will have you working out your lower and upper body simultaneously which adds to the benefits you reap as you achieve your fitness goals.

Ideally, AMT’s were built with versatility and comfort in mind which is why they are perfect for anyone ailing from any joint, muscle, back or neck pains. It provides a smooth motion that flows effortlessly which takes away any excess pressure on the aching parts.


  • Commercial grade cross trainer
  • Contralateral arm and leg movement
  • Stride length between 0 to 27 Inch
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Wireless compatibility to heart rate monitors


  • Only 4 workout programs available
  • Heavy needs help in assembly

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Precor AMT 835 Overview

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This elliptical cross trainer features an LED screen and six pre-set training programs that measure your performance in terms of interval, distance, variety, speed, time and calories burned. AMT 835 is built-in with OpenStride Technology that allows you to climb up or down from zero to 36 inches in strides.

A few controls can adjust this ellipticals’ stride height and length. Precor fit in some levers that make it even easier to adjust these measurements while you train.

AMT 835 provides 20 levels of resistance and has three sets of handlebars fitted which are the fixed, stationary and movable handlebars. This variety gives you autonomy to choose which workouts you will do between upper and lower body training.

This unit provides you a cross training option on which you can perform demanding routines such as HIIT training. As hailed by many, this is the best option for anyone who needs to lose weight, stay in shape and not get injuries in joints or muscles.

Lengthening your stride or narrowing it down gives you a varied experience and the unit matches this movement in resistance perfectly every time. AMT 835 offers users three training programs that provide greater variety to their training.

The manual option allows you to control and customize your preferred workout exercises. On this mode you control the incline height and the resistance rate. Interval training makes you work out harder and improves cardiovascular capacities.

Heart rate program is the last option which allows you to set your maximum heart rate and the equipment will send out a warning to tell you if you surpass this limit. This is especially great if you have some prescribed orders from the doctor.

This model also comes with a water bottle holder, phone holder and transport wheels for easier mobility and storage.


  • Adjustable stride height from 6.5 to 10-inch
  • 20 magnetic resistance levels
  • Stride length adjustable from 0 to 36 inches
  • 3-in-1 machine
  • Child safety enable
  • LED display
  • Ideal for all ages and sizes


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Only six training programs available
  • Console doesn’t save training metrics
  • Cannot perform steep hill climbs

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Verdict: So, which is better, Precor AMT 100i or 835?

Precor AMT 835 is undoubtedly the better option between the two AMT models and this is because it offers more benefits in stride length, height and workout customizable options.