Precor Vs Pro-Form – Which One Suits You Better?

You are looking to buy an indoor bike and have to choose between a Precor and a Pro-Form. Both have all the basic features you are looking for so it’s down to the details to help you make a decision. Here is a Precor vs Pro-Form comparison to help you decide which one would be a better pick for you.

Hi, my name is Brett. I work as a part-time trainer at a residential fitness complex. We have several Precor indoor bikes and only a few Pro-Form bikes. I am often at pains trying to explain to users what the differences between them are and why they may or may not mean much to a user depending on what they are looking for.

Here is a Precor vs Pro-Form comparison to help users understand them better. We place the Precor UBK 635 and Pro-Form Studio Bike Pro side by side and compare key features.

What Are the Differences between Precor and Pro-Form?

43 x 21 x 57 inches
64.7 x 25 x 59.3 inches
Weight capacity
350 lbs.
250 lbs.
Resistance levels
LED console
High definition touchscreen

Precor Vs Pro-Form.  How Do They Compare?

Virtual Experience

Virtual traininghas gained phenomenal popularity over the years because it saves users a trip to the gym and promises an equally effective and immersive workout.

The Pro-Form bike comes with a 1 year membership to iFit rolled into the cost of the bike. This fitness software lets you access spin classes facilitated by world-class instructors (there is a new LiveCast class every day). Sometimes you get off the bike and join the instructor for a more comprehensive cross-training workout.

The exciting part about these classes is that you can see other people riding in the class. This makes it more immersive and interactive than other similar sessions.

You can also take virtual rides along different routes around the globe powered by Google Street Views. Apart from cycling, the software also gives you access to adaptive coaching in other areas such as sleep and nutrition.

The Precor bike doesn’t offer any virtual training sessions.

The Pro-form bike is a better bike in regard to virtual experience because it is the only one with this capability.

Resistance and Interactivity

The Precor bike gives you 25 resistance levels to choose from using an Eddy current system.

In the Pro-Form bike you have 22 magnetic resistance levels which are adjusted digitally using buttons on the screen.

An outstandingfeature is the interactivity in the Pro-Form bike. It has Live Resistance Control which allows the instructor to automatically adjust your resistance during a workout session. Although you can override the instructor’s adjustment, it does challenge you to work harder.

You cannot access live workout sessions using the Precor bike so there is no question of interactivity.

Still in relation to resistance, the Pro-Form gives you a range of resistance with up to 20% incline and up to 20% decline.

Although the Precor bike has more resistance levels than the Pro-Form, the latter is better because of the interactivity with the instructor as well as options for incline and decline.

Riding Experience


Both bikes are relatively comfortable. The Precor seat is well padded, designed with a groove and a wide edge which tapers to a narrow nose for extra comfort. The Pro-Form seat is not as wide as the Precor one. It is also padded but not as much as the Precor one.

Screen swivel

Electronic readouts are displayed in both bikes. In the Precor 635, the console is fixed in one position while the screen in the Pro-Form studio bike can be tilted so that one can view it from any direction. This ability comes in very handy when you want to use the screen for off bike exercises such as yoga which is done on the floor. You can easily tilt the screen downward or to the side and still be able to view it clearly.

Audio port and speakers

If you like to listen to music as you ride, the Pro-Form studio bike will work best for you. It has an auxiliary port which lets you plug in your phone or other source as well as two small speakers built into the console.

In regard to comfort, the Precor is a better bike. Convenience of a high definition, swiveling screen and speakers makes the Pro-Form a better bike.  

Pecor Vs Pro-Form – A Comparison Overview

Precor Overview

The Precor UBK 635 is a professional indoor bike designed for corporate wellness studios, multi-family complexes or therapy studios. It is clear the manufacturer envisioned the product being used by a diverse group of people. This bike can display readouts and in 9 languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese.

A strong steel frame makes sure you are stable even during vigorous workouts and the powder coating prevents corrosion from sweat. Over-molded handlebars give you at least 3 riding positions so you can shift from one to the other to reduce fatigue. There are 12 pre-set workout programs of varying intensities. These save you the trouble of thinking through your workout routine while still inching closer to your fitness goals.

Heart rate monitoring is done easily and conveniently through touch sensors in the handlebars. Users are however cautioned that heart rate readings are likely to be inaccurate especially during high intensity workouts.

The screen is powered but the rest of the bike is self-powered through a 3-phase generator. There is an option to plug it in for power supply when the bike is left unused for a long time or if you need the screen on for more than 30 seconds after a workout.


  • Self-powered with optional power supply
  • Heart rate sensors in handlebars
  • 12 pre-set workout programs
  • Multiple languages available


  • No connectivity
  • Heart rate sensor can be inaccurate

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Pro-Form Overview

The Pro-Form Studio bike Pro packs a significant amount of tech. It makes an attractive choice for tech savvy users looking for an averagely priced but quality bike.

Compatibility with the iFit software is a key selling point but even without it, the system records stats from all your workouts. You can keep track of previous rides, your progress and overall measures such as distance, time, heart rate and even average watts.

A convenient feature in this bike is its universal seat and pedals. The seat stem is universal meaning that if you don’t like the seat, you can easily swap it out for another. The same goes for the pedals. It comes with cage pedals which most people prefer because you can ride in regular running shoes. If you want to enjoy the benefits of SPD clips or any other preferred pedals, it is easy to swap them out.

Indoor cycling generally neglects upper body muscles. For this reason, this bike comes with a set of 3 pound weights which you can use as you ride or after a session. The bike also has weight holders to make sure they are always within reach.


  • 1 year free subscription
  • Swiveling monitor
  • Universal seat and pedals
  • Comes with weights


  • Small screen
  • Subscription expires after first year
  • No heart rate strap or handlebar grips

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The Precor UBK635 bike and Pro-Form Studio bike Pro are both quality indoor bikes which will no doubt serve you well for an intense workout. Both have strong steel frames which keep you stable no matter how fast you pedal. The primary difference is in the incorporation of technology in one bike which then opens users to a wide range of possibilities and gives a significantly different riding experience.

 Verdict: So Which Is Better Precor or Pro-Form?

The Pro-Form Studio bike Pro is on the overall a better bike because it has more technology incorporated into it. iFit software which is free for the first year gives you access to workout sessions with professional instructors and the Live Resistance Control helps to push you to limits you would otherwise not push yourself to.

Universal seat and pedals and a highly adaptable screen further add to its appeal.


What is the maximum pause time on the Precor UBK 635?

You can pause for a maximum of 30 seconds if the bike is not plugged in and 2 minutes when using the optional plug in adapter.

Is it possible to log into iFit on more than one bike at the same time?

Yes, it is. You can log in to iFit on as many bikes as you like.