Proform Tour De France vs Peloton – Which Is the Holistic Alternative?

The wide array of indoor exercise bikes available in the market makes for an exciting selection. With every brand offering its unique programs and features, one may be lost for choice. For ProForm Tour de France vs Peloton, which would make the more holistic indoor bike?

Since I began exercising in my teenage years, I grew a love for it that I cannot fathom. I simply cannot go a day without the slightest attempt at some pushups if nothing else.

Over the years, I have discovered my training style to be one that is varied and complementary. So, I don’t stick to a single workout routine because I like to mix things up daily.

If you are like me, you won’t just want an indoor bike that can cycle and do nothing else. You would want to get a full experience with varied workouts and multiple ways in which you can use the bike because it is a huge investment.

Let’s find out if either of these two brands can match up to the expectations.

What is the difference between the Proform Tour de France and Peloton?

Proform Tour de France
Commercial-Gauge Solid Steel
Welded Steel frame
26 Digital resistance
Neodymium rare earth magnet
10-inch Smart HD Touchscreen
21.5-inch Full HD touchscreen
EKG Bluetooth
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Proform Tour De France vs Peloton – How do they compare?


The Peloton bike has a huge 21.5-inch console while ProForm features a 10-inch screen that are in full color and enabled with a touchscreen for easy accessibility and operation. 

The Peloton console streams live classes with an instructor who is motivational and connected with various classes around the world all on one platform.

The Tour de France is interactive and you can use the touchscreen to follow through with different races that have been previously done on Tour de France for scenic biking experience.

Another advantage of the ProForm is the swivel design it offers users which allows you to do other workouts of the bike while still following the program.

The choice between the two bikes’ console lies in your preferences. If you prefer to have a motivational voice in your ear while working out to keep you going, then the Peloton bike is ideal for you.

For those who love simulations of different scenic routes that give you an experience of cycling outdoors, the Tour de France will give you a good training experience.

Added features

Peloton bike lacks an incline feature which is a bit disappointing for those who like some variety in their routines. Tour de France comes with the feature already installed and functional following the program mode you are on. 

With this feature, you will be able to adjust your bike’s position so it mimics the uphill climb or the upward pedaling motion.

Though it is not such a big deal, the proforma Tour de France offers its users 3-pound dumbbells to encourage some off the bike resistance training.

While not offered on the Peloton, the dumbbell holders are designed into the bike’s frame for when you buy your pair.

Tracking and Monitoring 

ProForm Tour de France is fitted with the iFit monitoring system that tracks your workouts and also provides you with nutritional details. It matches with Peloton’s feedback which is done in metrics such as cadence, resistance, and wattage.

The ProForm training app works with multiple training programs when connected to a mobile device.

It displays wattage per kilogram which estimates your efforts helping you to keep track of your training goals. On Peloton, this wattage is calculated based on an algorithm that factors in resistance and cadence.

Peloton uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to a heart rate monitor and wireless headphones when you want to listen to music.

Another awesome feature available with the Peloton membership subscription is the leader board which displays other trainee performance metrics on your screen so that you can gauge your progress against others who are on or have taken the same session.

Adjustable Parts 

On both bikes, you will get the option to adjust the handlebars and the seat. With ProForm Tour de France, adjustments are possible in four directions but on Peloton, the options are fore or aft for the handlebars and up or down for the saddle. 

This makes both bikes quite accommodating to users of varied proportions.

Pedals on the ProForm Tour de France are toe-caged which helps to keep your foot secure all through your training which is especially useful for hard or heavy pedaling.

The magnetic resistance offered by peloton bikes is also adjustable by the use of a knob that is positioned in between the handlebars for easy access.

ProForm Tour De France vs Peloton – A Comparison Overview 

ProForm Tour De France Review 

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It is built to match a road bike on the Tour de France routes and allows you to use the 26 electronic gears to ride through virtual hills and valleys. ProForm mimics the resistance you would experience outdoors.

It comes with preset workouts that are built into the console with 24 training programs that provide users with various challenges that enrich their training and help them achieve their workout goals.

The bike is also enabled with the iFit tracking system that keeps track of the progress, displays it on screen, and connects to Google Maps and personal training workouts.

The saddle on ProForm is adjustable both vertically and horizontally to achieve the most comfortable fit that matches users’ proportions.

Pedals are toe-caged and strapped for extra comfort and safety in use.


  • Easy to use
  • Water bottle holder
  • Dumbbell provided


  • Heart rate monitor sold separately

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Peloton Review 

Built with strong material and adjustable parts to accommodate users of varied proportions in weight and height. It is safe enough to be used by kids.

Resistance is incremental which tests and challenges the riders limit and helps them work up a sweat. Uses clip-in pedals that require special cycling shoes with cleats so you can use the bike safely plus the handlebars are grippy to avoid slipping and accidents.

The Peloton features a sweat-proof 22-inch touchscreen console that is interactive and also displays your training metrics such as your speed, cadence, and distance cycled.

The software presents riders with a leaderboard with scores and is customizable to list details of interest to individuals. This board automatically updates itself and allows you to invite and follow friends and family who might be taking the same classes.

By purchasing the Peloton membership, you get full access to both cycling and non-cycling classes like yoga, Pilates, and many more.


  • Interactive and intuitive user interface
  • 22-inch Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Customizable saddle


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Limited to use with SPD shoes

Verdict: So, which is better – Proform Tour De France or Peloton?

TheProForm Tour de France is the better option compared to Peloton because it offers users similar advantages to the Peloton with added features such as the dumbbells and the swivel screen making for good use when off-bike training.


Does the ProForm Tour de France offer tablet casting?

No, it does not. The 10-inch screen is what you use to interface and access the workout programs available.

Are the pedals on Peloton replaceable?

Yes, they are. If you consider the clip-on pedals a bit too much for you, you may opt to swap them with a favorable option.