Pure Fix Review: When Your First-time is Such a Big Deal

If you have been away from a bike for a while and now want to get back to riding, you have to get a Pure Fix single-speed bike. It is a simple urban bike that comes with many convenient features as you will learn from this Pure Fixe review.
I remember my childhood days of riding mountain bikes with my friends in our neighborhood. My folks could not afford a bike for me, so I learned how to ride using my friends’ cycles. When I got a new job and moved to a new city, I found myself wanting to relive those childhood memories. I could afford my own bike now and that being a milestone for me, I had to get something special. I was looking for something simple, lightweight, and durable. When I went online, there were many options but I found myself hovering around a Pure Fix Single-speed fixie. Several bike reviews later, I decided to give the bike a chance.
Pure Fix Fixed Gear Bike
Pure Fix single-speed fixie is ideal for newbie riders or anyone wanting to get back into riding. It is possible to switch to a freewheel drivetrain which is perfect for a learner. The fixed gear option is great for warming up those leg muscles if you have not ridden for years. The bike’s frame is strong and durable with ample room for wheelies and barspins. The tires have the right thickness which gives more control of the bike.
Lightweight and Durable Frame
A bike that is lightweight moves faster and is easy to handle. Pure Fix ensured this bike weighs only 25 pounds. This makes the bike light enough to cruise through cities maneuvering alleys like a pro. Your bike being featherweight also makes it is to carry up the stairs into your apartment.
If you are looking for an urban bike that comes in different sizes, Pure Fix is an ideal choice. The Pure Fix single-speed Fixie comes in 7 different sizes. The tiniest is a 43cm (XXS) which suits riders measuring between 4 feet 11 inches and 5 feet 3 inches. For riders measuring between 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 8 inches, you can opt for the 47cm or the 50cm bike. Medium height riders (5 feet 7 inches- 5 feet 11 inches) will find the 54cm bike more comfortable. For tall riders (5 feet 10 inches- 6 feet 6 inches) you can opt between the 58cm, 61cm, and 64cm bike.
Flexible Drivetrain
Enjoy the freedom of switching between fixed gear and freewheel on this bike. Changing to fixed gear gives you more control of your bike, allows you to feel the road better, and brush up on your pedal strokes. Switching back to free-wheel allows you to concentrate more on cruising as the bike does all the work for you.
Tough Tires
Thick tires are better for absorbing shock and protect the inner tube from damage. This bike from Pure Fix features 700 x 28c tires which have excellent performance under pressure. With most shock absorbed, there is better control and contact between bike and road.
Sturdy Frame
Pure Fix fixed-gear bike boasts of a strong frame made from high-tensile steel. The frame has excellent performance under pressure especially when doing bar spins. You also have enough space to pedal without the worry of horizontal toe overlaps.
Comfortable Saddle
Pure Fix single-speed bike has a stylish and comfortable saddle. The saddle has a drome-design which not only looks cool but ensures you are comfortable as you ride.
Pure Fix warranty protects the bike against frame and components damage. The bike company offers a lifetime warranty on the bike’s frame and a year’s warranty on bike components. This warranty covers you so you can push the bike’s limits as much as you want.
This bike comes in five different colors. They include Juliet matte black, Foxtrot grey-white, Hypo black, Mike matte white-black, and Oscar chrome. This gives variety for the whole family.

  • Strong steel frame
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Low-quality pedals
  • Free-wheel click issues


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Pure Fix bike is easy to assemble even for the newbie with zero knowledge about bikes. This bike is ideal for refreshing your riding memory and also exercising. Switch to a free-wheel drivetrain when you want to cruise and explore attractions in your city.
This bike is perfect and comes in sizes for both short and tall people. You can compare this pure fix review with other bike models from the same company. For glowy colors on your bike, consider a Pure Fix Glow-in-the-dark bike. For premium assembly, check out the Pure Fix Premium Single Speed bike.