Rallye bikes review-Creating unforgettable memories for your child

If you are searching for a good bike for your young one, consider the Rallye brand. The company makes comfortable bikes for kids to help them stand across the frame and reach the handlebar without straining. Our Rallye bikes reviews will give you more details.
I wish I could go back to childhood. Being a kid is so much fun since children spend most of their time riding bikes without any stressors to worry about. I cannot reverse time, but I can make my child a happy kid by getting him a good bike. My first attempt to buy my child a bike was disappointing and confusing due to numerous brands. My child did not talk to me for a few days, and I spent that time to research on kids’ bikes. I compared brands and finally chose a Rallye pro mode bike due to its quality, price, and ease of use.
Rallye pro mode bike
Is your child an aggressive rider? Get him this solidly built bike for him to start training from a tender age. It is a durable bike that is suitable for on and off-road adventures. The bike is also reliable and fun to play with. It features standard components that handle different functions to increase its performance. Since it is light-weight, your child can easily stand on and pedal it without straining.
The frame of this bike is made from durable steel which is designed to last for long. It is free from corrosion meaning that the child can ride the bike at different weather conditions. The material also ensures that the bike does not need a lot of maintenance.
Rallye pro mode bike features coaster brakes that increase its performance. You can let your child ride the bike without necessarily supervising him since the brakes provide smooth stops. They reduce the risk of your child injuring himself. Backpedal brakes do not need a lot of maintenance. Though these brakes may be challenging for a child learning how to pedal, he will soon adapt to them.
It also has a smooth handlebar to help him secure a firm grip. The handlebar is comfortable and helps your child maintain the right position during cycling. The handlebars also boost the balancing of the child on the bike.
Your child will love this bike as a present thanks to its design. It features a mix of vibrant colors like red, white and black in different parts of the bike. The design makes it stand out among conventional types. The manufacturer also includes the company’s logo as part of branding.
Rallye pro mode bike has wheels that are 18 inches. They are not too tall for a young one. The wheels are also light such that the child will not strain while trying to pedal. They also provide a strong grip on different surfaces.
The seat is not too high meaning any 5-6 year old can comfortably ride Rallye pro mode bike. It is also padded to boost comfort so that your child enjoys riding it for long. The bike has a suitable inseam range for beginner riders.
This means that you can get this bike for a child who has never pedaled another type. The in-seam range is set according to the height of the seat to increase comfort for the child. Make sure you consider this factor when choosing the right size of bike for your child. The right size ensures that your child can extend his legs properly with every pedal stroke.

  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Features durable components


  • The coaster brakes can be challenging for a beginner
  • It lacks a kickstand


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Get a consistent and reliable bike for your child. Rallye pro mode is a lightweight model that is easy to maintain. It is also pocket-friendly and ideal for beginners. Your child can learn how to pedal well from this model. He can smoothly navigate it on different surfaces and control it without using a lot of force. No kid can resist the appealing colors of this bike. You can get more information about it from Rallye bike review.