Retrospecs Review: Beating Traffic in a Two-Wheeled Beauty

If you want to enjoy your daily commutes in style, then you have to get yourself a bike. In this Retrospecs review, we explore the winning points of the Mantra Fixie and how they can help you beat traffic.
Commuting to work daily has always been a hassle for me. Like many other humans with a 9 to 5, I have to sit through hours of traffic and feel drained by the time I reach work. I never look forward to home time either because I have to beat the same traffic again. Only this time it moves even slower because the people driving are as tired as I am. I finally had to put my foot down and get me a new commute to work. I thought of a moped but that would cost me extra to refuel it daily. I fixie was a better alternative and I am lucky I bumped into a Retrospec Mantra.
Retrospec Mantra Commuter Fixie
A bicycle may not be what you have in mind when looking for a faster commute to, fro, or within the city. Bicycles are not as prestigious as cars plus the fear of getting hit by a car discourages you further. A Retrospec Mantra is a different kind of cycle altogether. You will still feel prestigious while riding it and your safety can be easily insured while on the bike.
First, we have to talk about the sleek look of the Mantra Fixie. It comes in bright colors on the saddle, handlebars and tire rims. The frame itself has a laid back color that compliments the brighter accents.
This bike is available in eight different colors. It comes in red-black, coral, cream, graphite, and turquoise-white. The other colors are white, crimson, and dark green. The Restrospec Mantra has a streamlined body which makes it easy to wiggle through traffic and get to your destination on time.
Durable Frame
Retrospecs bike has a unique ‘UrbanComfort’ frame. This signature frame is strong enough to hold your weight and provide a smooth ride to work. The frame is also well-spaced to give room for your arms to fully stretch while riding. If you are not working, then you will enjoy doing wheelies or bar spins with 100% clearance. You also do not have to worry about toe overlaps while riding.
Fixed Gear Drivetrain
Being a fixed gear bike gives the Restrospec Mantra many advantages. You do not have to constantly shift gears which leaves you to focus on the peddling and steering of the bike. The absence of free-wheel ratchet provides for a quieter ride to your destination. A fixed gear also needs a little work to ride and steer which in itself is a form of exercise.
A fixed gear bike weighs less hence moves faster. There are no levels or cables wounding all over your bicycle and adding unnecessary weight. You can feel the bicycle pick up speed with every pedaling motion you make. Fixie bikes are also known to grip the road better to prevent loss of control while riding fast.
Safety Accessories
Safety accessories on the Fixie Mantra ensure you are feeling safe while riding on the road. The bike comes with standard FGFS reflectors that glow brightly in dim environments. The pedals also have reflective components fixed on them. This makes you more visible on the road and reduces the chances of getting run over.
Grippy Handles
The handlebar has threaded handles to improve your grip while steering the bicycle. You always have control of your bike even when steering with wet hands.
High-Quality Tires
Restrospec Mantra boasts of Kenda Kwest tires that have round threading which makes them grip better on road. The tires also have large grooves to disperse water and maintain tenacity.
Inbuilt Lamp
An inbuilt lamp makes it possible to ride in foggy weather. The lamp also makes it possible for oncoming cars to see you.

  • Stylish design
  • Strong and durable frame
  • High tenacity tires
  • Comes with safety accessories


  • Low-quality pedals
  • Flimsy chain adjuster


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Restrospec Mantra fixie is the best daily commuter bike within the city. It has quality threaded tires that have a firm grip even on wet roads. The bike’s handles have threads to improve grip and steering ability. A streamlined fixed-gear body ensures you never sit through horrendous traffic again.
This Restrospec bike comes with all the features you need for your daily commutes. As part of our Retrospecs review, we recommend investing in bike accessories like a boost your safety while on the road. Invest in a helmet made of high-density material that absorbs the shock from impacts. You may also consider a top tier helmet that includes a reflector light to make you more visible on the road.