Rockshox Sektor vs Recon – The better fork

The best time to replace your fork is when it starts showing signs of aging and you have a hard time keeping it in place. Which between Sektor and Recon is RockShox’s better fork?

Your bike’s suspension or fork should be a source of strength and direction. If at any time you notice a change from smooth rolling to a roadside mechanic, there is something off balance and you need to replace it.

It happened to me during a mountain bike tournament when I lost control of my suspension and had been bounced through some rocky terrain which resulted in a broken Recon fork.

A much older patron took interest in my bike’s situation and proved to be very resourceful in getting affordable and effective solutions to get it fixed.

He hinted at getting a Sektor for replacement. I wanted to know more so I dug it out and here is the bulk of it.

What is the difference between Rockshox Sektor and Recon?

Wheel Size
27.5” and 29”
26”, 27.5” and 29”
Travel Options
100 – 150mm
100 – 160mm
Solo Air
Motion Control RL
Motion Control RL
Forged, Pocketed aluminum
Hollow forge aluminum
Brake Mounts
Post Mount
Post Mount
Stanchion Diameter

Rockshox Sektor vs Recon – How do they compare?


The Sektor fork is stiff and yet light in weight while Recon guarantees plush riding with its longer travel range.

Sektor uses inherited technology to create a great fork. It gives you the same measurements on the upper and lower castings.

The trademark O-ring guide sticker in Orangey-red color is part of the assembly as is the 15mm Maxle screw-through. What the fork’s build lacks are the coat of black on the stanchions and the sag markings.

Sektor will give you a planted riding experience while efficiently tracking and braking.

Recon will wow you in terms of the comfortable ride feel it can afford you. This is owing to the type of spring system built into the fork.

It is enabled with a rebound setting but instead of a red knob, the only solution is using an Allen wrench. This wrench is very tricky to use because it has no positive response to confirm made adjustments.

The sensitivity of the initial stroke and the Floodgate are both not adjustable with the Recon fork. This is a good thing because you do not run the risk of ruining your fork’s setup.

Air Spring 

While the DebonAir spring system on Sektor feels light and springy, the Recon’s DebonAir spring is more built for stiffness.  

The air spring on both Sektor and Recon is covered with a metal cap creating a sleek feel to your fork and the Poploc lever, a RockShox trademark, works to turn off the shock when going over steep climbs or when engaged in sprints. 

Though in stroke, the DebonAir solo air spring in both forks will ramp up significantly deeper, it does not hamper the deliverance of the full travel length. Active air chambers via a single valve in the fork. It is easy to use for everyone especially newbies but it is ha

There are modifications you can do to your fork if the Tokens are not available to you. These mods can help create a balance between sensitivity and support in your fork.


On the Sektor fork, you have total control over the front wheel with three adjustable positions, and the better option Recon offers a lockout function to put the fork on or off. 

Sektor Motion Control Damper system will give you three alternative positions from being fully locked to fully open.

You get the advantage of firm cornering and braking even at high speeds and when the fork’s mode is set to wide open.

The only downside to this is that the rebound setting is prone to be overwhelmed in tough situations and the damping may be noisy at times.

First-service spares and shock pumps add to the fork’s convenience in control and stability which makes it a great option for charging through rugged trails.

The sensitivity of the initial stroke and the Floodgate are both not adjustable with the Recon fork. This is a good thing because you do not run the risk of ruining your fork’s setup.

Compression dampening on the Recon is notably more tangible and accurate. Pumped air shocks work just as expected and they maintain the pressure you set them to up to a few weeks later.

Rockshox Sektor vs Recon – A Comparison Overview 

Rockshox Sektor Review 

RockShox Sektor Gold RL Dual Position 150mm Coil Fork, Black, 26-Inch
  • Reliable and predictable coil spring
  • Weight: 2082 g, based on 265mm 1-1/8" steerer, Maxlelite 15
  • Motion Control will chew up climbs with incredible efficiency while the lockout blow off valve and threshold control immediately absorb any bumps
  • Forged, hollow 6061 T-6 aluminum crown
  • Includes shock pump

This fork is stiff and lightweight. It is great at tracking and braking and it provides riders with a grounded feeling. Sektor forks come in travel adjustable and coil spring versions as well.

It is fitted with a Motion Control DNA damper offering platforms in fully open, partly open, and locked positions. These options create a firmer fork that manages to maneuver through corners while braking hard and fast.

With this fork, you will find it easy to push through the front tire yet maintaining ample and comfortable control over the mode of operation even if it is wide open.

Though it works on all wheel sizes, it is most reliable on the 26-inch wheels.


  • Firm and Stiff fork
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple platform positions
  • Plush ride


  • Noisy damping
  • Heavy

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RockShox Recon Review 

RockShox, RECON RL A2, Suspension Fork, 29'', Solo Air, 100mm, 1-1/8'', QR, Rake: 51mm, Black
  • Motion Control damping featuring low speed compression adjustment to lockout
  • New Fast Black finish for steel upper tubes
  • New compression knob and air cap
  • New cable-remote spool compatible with TwistLoc and OneLoc remotes
  • Updated graphic package to complement the entire RockShox lineup

You will find this fork mostly on complete bikes and it seriously elevates the ride quality of mid-priced bikes as far as suspension goes.

It is incarnated with a longer travel range but because it is built with strong and steerable components, it makes for a very durable fork among the RockShox family.

Though in stroke, the solo air spring will ramp up significantly deeper, it does not hamper the deliverance of the full travel length.

The sensitivity of the initial stroke and the Floodgate are both not adjustable with the Recon fork but this does is a good thing because you do not run the risk of ruining your fork’s setup.


  • Plush rides
  • Reliable dampening
  • Consistent control
  • Accurate


  • Limited adjustments

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RockShox Sektor works perfectly in 26” wheels and offers great tracking and braking capacity. It is also quite versatile with up to 3 different levels or modes of adjustment possible.

The Recon fork is reliable and unshakeable in its positioning and function. It is easy to set up and install plus it provides you with good responses in riding.

Verdict: So, which is better – RockShox Sektor or Recon?

RockShox Sektor seems to have a leg up over the Recon model. This is especially true because Sektor offers users 3 modes of adjustment in the Motion Damper which is not the same case in the Recon fork.


How effective is the lockout function in the Recon fork?

With an influence on the rigidity or flexibility of the bike’s front wheel, the lockout function is the desired feature. By twisting a knob on the fork’s frame, you can immediately make your bike stiff and rigid enough to conquer hill climbs.

Are adjustments easy to do on the Sektor fork?

Yes. Sektor forks do not offer many adjustment options which makes them easy to use and realign while still on trial with no threat of messing up your setup.