Rocky mountain bikes reviews-The pleasure of riding starts with choosing the right bike

Cycling lets you see the world differently. You can travel anywhere as you enjoy the beauty of nature. Instinct MSL is a rocky mountain bike that can help you develop confidence in riding. Check out our rocky mountain bikes to learn more!
Losing my father was the hardest experience of my life. He was not only the best companion for my mam but also my best friend. He spent a lot of time taking adventures far from home since he loved riding bikes. His demise almost led me to depression as I spent a lot of time wishing he was still with us. I decided to continue with his legacy and did everything he loved. I inherited his Instinct rocky mountain bike and taught myself how to ride it. From that day, I understood why he would never go a day without cycling.
Instinct 930 MSL mountain bike
[amazon box=”B06WP84T17″ template=”horizontal” ] The secret to cycling lies in the stability of your bike. With a stable bike, you reduce worries and concentrate on having fun. That is what Instinct mountain bike offers this and much more. It is an adventure model that delivers versatility. Both ladies and gents can ride this bike since it is a unisex version.
The bike contains useful features that make it suitable for riding under different terrain. Every detail that the manufacturer includes in this model has a specific purpose. You will enjoy the comfort and control that this rocky mountain bike offers.
Carbon fiber frame
Bike brands come with different types of frames which have their merits and limitations. Instinct MSL mountain bike makes use of a carbon fiber frame which offers a good balance when it comes to stiffness and weight.
Most users report that the bike feels solid. The frame also makes it light-weight meaning you don’t spend a lot of energy riding it. It also includes a rear shock that helps you handle any obstacle you get while cycling on different surfaces.
130mm suspension
Instinct rocky mountain bike comes with a unique suspension adjustment system that increases its performance. The suspension allows the bike to absorb vibrations and shock when you approach a bumpy surface. The bump absorption does not interfere with pedaling efficiency.
Geometry system
You can adjust the geometry system of this bike to increase your comfort level during cycling. Feel free to rotate the interlocking chips in different directions. The adjustable geometry system allows the bike to provide room for both light and heavy riders. You can also select a geometry set for different purposes such as climbing or descending. It only takes you a few seconds to make the swap.
Effective drivetrain
Its drivetrain provides you with an effective gearing system to control your bike well as you ride on steep hills. The manufacturers include Shimano hydraulic disc brakes which work efficiently to make you a pro-rider. They offer good stopping power and enhance control especially when you are speeding.
Another reason that makes Instinct rocky mountain bike light is the tires. They have a reasonable weight to make it easy for anyone to ride the bike. The tires provide effective rolling resistance and aggressive tread.
Your purchase comes with a warranty that lasts for five years. This is clear evidence that the manufacturers believe in the brand. Take advantage of this duration to replace any of the defective parts to avoid incurring extra expenses.

  • It is durable and light-weight
  • Works well on different terrain
  • The bike comes pre-assembled


  • Beginners have challenges before learning how to control it
  • Some parts don’t tighten well


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Instinct MSL is a stable and user-friendly bike. It provides an exemplary pedaling behavior when you ride it seating down. It comes with capable features such as adjustable geometry, carbon fiber frame and handlebars that increase its efficiency. Go through rocky mountain reviews to learn more about it.
The company behind this brand also provides other similar models such as rocky mountain Element 950 RSL medium and Oxygen 50 AC road bike. Though they have slight differences, each model performs and suits the needs of different riders. Ensure you pick the right bike according to your body size and level of expertise.