Rowing Machine vs Treadmill for Weight Loss – An in-depth Summary

From the recent past, weight loss and its attainment has been the focus of millions of individuals and groups round the world. Which between the rowing machine and treadmill is most effective for weight loss?

I remember how round and heavy I felt when my son was born. Nothing I put on looked good on me because I was embarrassed about my weight.

Luckily, I had a very supportive friend around who put a smile on my face and helped me get on my fitness journey. Through their influence, I signed up for gym membership at my nearest fitness center and the rest is history.

Since then I’ve lost about 100 pounds and I couldn’t be happier. If you’re struggling with weight loss and you are not sure which equipment is best for you, keep reading to find out.

Which Training Concern Does the Rowing Machine Or Treadmill Rule?

Training Concern
Which Technique Rules?
Stronger Leg Muscles
VO2 Intake
Building Abs
Cardio Workout
Strength Training
Calories Burned
Least risk and danger
Best for terminal Illness

Rowing vs running – Calories Burned

The number of calories you burn per session will help you gauge how much you have lost and the limit to keep within in terms of diet.

A moderate rowing speed with some average resistance should see you burn about 210 and 311 calories for every 30 minutes you train.

Running on the treadmill could get you to lose between 240 and 330 calories per 30-minute session on a 5mph speed workout.

Because both techniques burn relatively the same number of calories, there are variations in technique or form that you could try to make the workout more difficult, challenging and overall effective in weight loss.

For example, the rowing technique requires the user to apply a straight back with an engaged and hard core and a sort of leaning back and your pelvis angled forward. Your legs should do all the work as you posh through each rowing motion.

Keep incrementally adjusting the level of resistance as you get stronger to maximize the effects of the training. Be mindful of your capabilities and don’t push yourself too hard. The results are not instant but totally worth it in a few months’ time.

On treadmills, weight loss can be encouraged by an adjustment on the resistance levels and introducing incline or decline angles to the treadmill’s ramp. These angle adjustments provide new frontiers to conquer in a simulated version of running outdoors.

Speaking of which, the general outdoors have great benefits to the spirit, mind and body. If it is possible to take either of these activities at an outside location, go for it. The good feeling hormones will send good vibrational messages to your brain which will help you manifest your dream body faster.

Rowing vs Running for Muscle Toning

Muscle toning happens when the fat in your body is converted and broken down to energy and muscle.

As you tone you jump up and down the treadmill, your entire body reverberates and while it does that, visceral fat is shaken out of its place again and again.

This is what your body runs on when you are doing physical activity and it could explain why you sweat more profusely the heavier you are. This explains exactly why its true that the more you weigh the more calories you will burn because even more energy is expended in moving your mass.

The rowing machine incorporates a rowing motion that works the joints, muscles and the core. Your legs are the most engaged in rowing training and a lot of leg and thigh muscles are touched and flexed.

Pulling on an equally if not stronger resistance, the rowing machine will get you working on all your body joints and muscles. A few of the muscles targeted while training are hamstrings, quads, quadriceps, shin, chest, your arms’ biceps and your core strength.

Running is good for cardio and VO2 Max development. The high impact jumps and strides up and down along the running deck heighten your temperatures and have you huffing and puffing like big bad wolf.

The high impact of running on the treadmill even with a well special cushioned running deck is that there is great effects on our bones and physical body. Weight is lost when running even more than while rowing.

However, after a while of achieving that ideal weight bracket, take time off from the treadmill and try another device like the rowing machine or a bike or even swimming.

Believe it or not, some people are addicted to working out and if not careful, they may end up being unhealthier than someone who’s never stepped into a fitness center before.

Muscle toning is best done by a rower which will train you as hard as a treadmill and get you burning as many calories. The rower helps focus on developing strength and physical form by working against heavy resistance.

Maybe you are struggling with excess fat around your belly. This rowing machine will get to the bottom of that with daily guided workouts.

Rowing vs Running for Arms

Rowing machine is great for arm workouts because it has arm handles on itbut for treadmills, no arms are engaged in training.

Arm handles are somewhat worse than saddlebags because they show up at the most unexpected time. Often popping up in someone’s comment or after catching yourself in the mirror of the car rushing past, these babies may prevent you from a social life.

Similar to the stubborn belly fat we know too well, there is no form of targeted or spot training that can work the arms only until they are lean and toned. For this reason, a combination of both techniques is highly advised.

Aside from the already known rowing motion that most people like me struggle with and others excel at, the rowing machine can further engage your arms by changing your hand placement on the handlebars and pulling toward an elevated angle.

Another technique is to pull on the handlebars and bring them to your waist while maintaining a flat and straight back, stiff core and strong neck muscles. Stretching out your shoulders, fore arms, biceps and joints will create a satisfactory burn in your arms.

Running will loosen up the fat loosely lying around your organs and under your skin. It will even burn some because of your heightened temperatures and increased rapid breathing. However, muscle wasting is the end result of too much treadmill running.

Verdict: So, which is better for weight loss, Rowing or Treadmill?

Wherever your fat is located on your body, overall, the rowing machine is the best weight loss trainer you can have in your home or in any other fitness center.

More than helping shed off high numbers of calories with every session, the rowing machine will help sculpt and tone these muscles as it breaks down the visceral fat.

After a few months of putting in consistent and committed effort into the fitness journey, the rowing machine will build more muscle as opposed to the muscle wasting effect that running the treadmill has on the physical body.