Schwinn 230 Vs Schwinn 270 – Which Recumbent is Superior?

Cycling on a recumbent bike is an experience unlike any other but how can you tell one from the other when they all look the same? This review will cover two of the best recumbent bikes from Schwinn to try and determine which of the two is superior to the other.

I came across recumbent bikes about three years ago after I had suffered a horrible knee injury while playing football. To be honest, prior to that day, I hadn’t ever seen the use for one and I had thought it ridiculous to consider it a mode of training.

Needless to say, my experience completely changed my perspective on them and now I have a great respect for them. I got so invested in them that I went into research to buy myself one of the best in the market to add to my home gym.

So, the Schwinn 230 and 270 are two similar looking recumbent bikes and it would be hard to pick one over the other without understanding their intricate differences. Let’s jump in.

What are the key differences between the Schwinn 230 and Schwinn 270?

Schwinn 230
Schwinn 270
20 levels
20 levels
Adjustable with straps
Adjustable with straps
Not back-lit
Back-lit in Blue
Seats and Backrest
Plastic and vented
Padded and vented
USB port
USB port


Schwinn 230 Vs Schwinn 270 – How do they compare?

Build Quality

This bike features a single-piece frame that is large and made of heavy-duty material and has two levers integrated into it. This bike’s large mid frame provides the needed stability to hold up and support a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Foot pedals on the 230 are adjustable in fitting by use of straps to help keep your foot securely on the pedal. These pedals are connected to a one-piece crank and the bike weighs a hefty 81 pounds when fully assembled.

The Schwinn 270 is not much different in build from the 230 because their dimensions are identical. However, this bike weighs a cool 101 pounds when assembled making it much heavier than 230 though they support the same 300-pound maximum weight.

Quite similar to the 230, the 270 features the single frame with two levers built in and supported by a large mid-frame. However, the foot pedals of this bike are connected to a three-piece crank.

What I love about these Schwinn models is the addition of a walk-through frame that helps you get off the bike much easier.

Schwinn 270 has an advantage over the 230 because of its three-piece crank which varies the bike’s resistance and lasts longer than a one-piece crank. However, if you train in moderate intensity, the 230 should serve you well.


Recumbent bikes are all about comfort. The seats on the 230 are made of plastic and are vented to keep you cool and they are adjustable using a simple lever to push the seat closer or further away from the pedals.

Schwinn 270 sacrifices a bit on the vents and adds some cushioning to increase comfort to the adjustable seats. On the left side of both bikes is the bottle holder for easy reach while still training.

The two bikes both have LCD screens that show up to 13 different statistics on your health, vitals and performance training records. Schwinn 230’s screen is not backlit which makes it hard to view in low light conditions. One the other hand, the 270’s screen is backlit and bright but this presents a problem in extreme light conditions because you cannot adjust the brightness.

Both consoles have an in-built fan and a USB port that can charge your device while playing music through the acoustic chamber speakers.

While the Schwinn 230 provides the best ventilation in training, the 270 give you the soft padded cushioning which my help you work out for longer.


A high-speed fly wheel with 20 resistance levels is featured for both bikes. The performance is quiet and provides a great experience in cycling. Ten resistance quick keys can help you manually adjust between light and heavy resistance.

Pulse sensors are built into the two bikes’ handlebars which helps provide an estimate of your heart rate in training. However, if you prefer to use a heart rate strap, only the 270 is compatible with a wireless strap.

Schwinn 230 provides you with 22 workout programs. With this you get nine resistance automation programs, eight heart rate programs, two fitness tests, a quick start option and two customizable programs.

For the 270, there are 29 programs that include, nine heart rate control programs, a recovery program, a quick start option, two fitness tests and four customizable programs.

Finally, you can upload your statistics to the Schwinn Connect website through the provided USB port on both the 230 and 270. This helps you keep track of your progress and also allows you to share results with others.

For those who like a hard challenge and multiple options while taking charge of their workout routine, the Schwinn 270 is the ideal choice for you. If you don’t care much about the extra programs or heavy workouts, the 230 will do just fine.

Schwinn 230 Vs Schwinn 270 – A Comparison Overview

Schwinn 230 – Overview

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Featuring a single frame build with two levers and a huge mid-frame for stability and support, the bike holds a console with 22 workout programs in it. The seats are properly vented to provide and extra cooling effect to the in-built fan provided.

Pedals on the bike are built to fit any size foot using the adjustable straps to secure your footing. While the LCD screen is ideal for displaying vital information, it is not backlit which presents a viewing problem if in dim light.

USB port supports connections to your phone for data sharing online and also for music playing.


  • Seat and backseat are vented for extra comfort
  • Variety in 22 training programs
  • Moderately easy set-up


  • Limited to 2 user profiles
  • Incompatible with wireless heart chest strap
  • Screen not backlit

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Schwinn 270 – Overview

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Features a single frame build with two levers and a huge mid-frame for stability and support.Pedals are connected to a three-piece crank which is more durable.

The bike holds a console with 29 workout programs in it, a cooling fan and a backlit LCD monitor that displays thirteen different statistics. Through the USB port, you can share these statistics to the Schwinn website or to your friends and family.

Seats are padded with some ventilation and you may use a wireless heart strap to monitor your rate. This bike allows you to share the full experience with four other people in terms of profile set up.

While the console is backlit, the brightness is not adjustable which may prove a bit disturbing to some.


  • 29 training programs in an integrated console
  • Up to four user profiles- great for families
  • Compatible with wireless heart rate strap


  • Screen brightness is not adjustable
  • Needs USB connection to upload training data

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Verdict: So, between Schwinn 230 and 270, which recumbent bike is superior?

In terms of superiority, I’d have to go with the Schwinn 270largely because as a heavy fitness guy, I love the extra programs that it provides because they add to my motivation to train harder. The padded seats are a huge factor as well for comfort in long training sessions.

However, we cannot rule out the Schwinn 230 as it is perfect for anyone who is either new to recumbent cycling, old or injured. Moreover, with its overall weight at 81 pounds, it is easy to set up and move around if need be.