Schwinn AD6 vs Assault Bike – Which Upright Bike is Better?

In almost every gym, you are sure to find a Schwinn or Assault fitness equipment and more often than not, you will find both in multiple models. They are two of the most popular fitness brands globally but which between the two makes the best upright bikes?

My name is Mason and I’ve been a fitness coach for more than a decade now. As an owner and operator of my own training space, I have the pleasure of interacting with many fitness ideals and new market entrants.

I have long stocked Schwinn and Assault bikes in my gym and I can bet on their durability and training challenge. Even with slight differences in their performance, the two bikes give quality full-body workouts. Let’s check them out.

What are the differences between Schwinn AD6 and Assault Bike

Schwinn AD6
Assault Bike
Air resistance, Infinite
Air resistance, Infinite
Heart Rate Monitor
Weight capacity
300 pounds
350 pounds
Standard outdoor flat
Standard outdoor flat
Padded, 2-way adjustable
Leather, 6-way adjustable

Schwinn AD6 vs Assault Bike: How they compare


Both the AD6 and Assault bike are built of steel metal and finished with a classic powder finish making both of them quite attractive in appearance. With both bikes you are assured of getting great cardio, strength training and body toning workouts fit for all levels of experienced trainees.

Based on leg and arm power, both bikes seamlessly and simultaneously match the rider in unlimited and infinite air resistance. Schwinn’s flywheel measures 27 inches and the Assault bike’s wheel is 25 inches.

Pedals provided on both bikes are standard, textured and flat outdoor bike type. If you would like to pause pedaling but still work out, the bikes have been fitted with foot rests where the rider can place her feet while continuing to move the handlebars targeting the back, neck, shoulders and arm muscles.

The seats on the Assault bike are way more adjustable than on the AD6. However, Assault bike’s leather seat is said to be uncomfortable for most and a little wobbly. You might need to get a replacement for optimum comfort.

To move the bikes around when not in use or for any other reason, tiny transport wheels have been fitted in the bike’s frame.

While both bikes are powder finished, the main difference in their design is that the Assault bike is an all-metal and the AD6 is mostly metal with some plastic. This makes the Assault bike more hardy, stable and durable compared to Schwinn.


Assault bike has more training options in terms of pre-set workout programs. Schwinn AD6 fails to compare as it lacks in workout options but has a console that displays metrics as you work out.

As a bike that is known for HIIT workouts, any rider, whether beginner or pro will enjoy taking the challenges provided and will find the instructions easy to follow. The only issue is with the LCD monitor which is not backlit presenting a problem reading in dim lighting.

The monitor, for both bikes, does provide information about your progress in terms of distance, time, calories burned and it also has a wireless receiver that pairs well with a wireless heart rate monitor. Both kids and adults can use these bikes because they have adjustable parts which allows for bike customization.

To get a full body workout or to take a break from the cycling, you could mix up your training with arm workouts by resting your feet on pegs fitted on the side of each bike type. To monitor your heart rate accurately as you train, you need to buy a wireless compatible heart rate strap to pair with the Assault bike.

An essential difference between the two bikes is in their function. The AD6 bike needs no electricity and the LCD screen is powered by AA batteries while the Assault bike needs to be electronically charged in watts to do everything it does.

That must be the reason why the AD6 screen is not backlit and why it misses a cooling fan as an added feature. Regardless of these shortcomings, the Schwinn AD6 bike’s performance in noise production is low and it is more comfortable to train on compared to the Assault bike.

A major difference between these bikes is that the Assault bike has pre-programmed workouts that keep you engaged. The AD6 bike only has a display screen for metrics but in terms of programs, you need to improvise or pair with compatible apps.

Schwinn AD6 vs Assault Bike: A Comparison Overview

Schwinn AD6 Overview

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Schwinn AD6 has no access to pre-programmed workouts. However, the screen can display statistics based on your interval workouts, riding with a goal or target like time, calories or distance or training for heart rate monitoring.

This is the only Schwinn Airdyne bike with a powder coating finish and it gives riders maximum customizing options such as moving the seat upward, forward, backward and downwards. This bike uniquely has a set of movable handlebars which introduces arms, back and shoulders to the overall workout.

There are footrests built into the design to allow for you to focus on upper body workouts and take a break from cycling. Pedals on the AD6 have textured surfaces and straps are adjustable to secure any size foot.

Resistance is infinite on the AD6 bike and the equipment matches your energy with every revolution or handle bar movement. The harder you push the bike, the more challenging the workout gets. This makes it a great trainer for all level of trainees.

To get a reading of your heart rate, buy a compatible wireless chest strap to pair with the bike. It takes up limited space in the house and it requires no power cords to work because the console uses two AA batteries.


  • 2-way adjustable seat
  • Movable multi-grip arms
  • Infinite air resistance
  • Wireless heart rate receiver
  • Low maintenance


  • Low-tech monitor
  • Uncomfortable seat

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Assault Bike Overview

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This air resistant bike is like you’ve never seen before. It can either be a beginner friendly bike or an expert professional training companion. It all depends with who is riding it and the amount of pressure they are exerting on the bike.

The 25†wheel has 6 fan blades and with movable handlebars and pedals, the bike’s flywheel resistance will respond to match the trainee’s effort. To maximize your engagement, the bike has a display screen connecting you to seven pre-programmed workouts.

If you exhaust these programs or they don’t excite you that much, you have the option to customize your own programs. The screen will also display your health and fitness information such as heart rate, time spent, rpm’s, watts spent, distance and others.

The Assault bike is receptive to wireless heart rate strap monitors which you need to buy separately. The bike is ideal for all ages because the training is low impact having minimal to no effect on joints and muscles.


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Upper and lower body workout
  • Smooth and quiet performance


  • Saddle loose on some units
  • Not compact in size or foldable

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Verdict: So, which between Schwinn AD6 and Assault Bike is the Better Upright Bike?

When it comes down to a bike with the best performance, design and functionality, the Assault bike beats the Schwinn AD6 by a big margin.

However, this is not to strike out the AD6 because other than its lack of pre-set training programs, it still functions very effectively and has challenging resistance for all level of trainees.