Schwinn bike vs Trek, which one is best?

With hundreds upon hundreds of different bike brands to choose from, it’s easy to be caught in the middle unable to settle on just one bike. Two bikes, Schwinn bike vs Trek have for years dominated the market. But what makes them unique?
I have always loved bikes. Growing up, I couldn’t think of anything else to do with my time. When other kids were saving money for toys and ice cream, I saved my little money for a bike. For me, it’s more of a passion than a simple hobby.
You’d think now that I am all grown up, my enthusiasm for bikes has faded away. Nope! If anything it’s burning brighter than ever. In Kindergarten I had a bike. Soon after in grade school, I experimented on a couple of other different bikes.
In high school it was less about what my bike looked like but more of what the bike could do to keep me comfortable and happy. Each stage has brought with it new lessons.
Having tested a wide array of bikes out in the market, I have gathered crucial information along the way. See, now I know that there’s so much more to a bike than meets the eye.
To give you some insight into bikes, today I will tell you about two bikes, the Schwinn bike, and the Trek Bike. What’s the difference between the two? What do you need to know when trying to choose a bike? Which one is best Schwinn bike vs Trek?
For the answers to these questions, read on to find out;

Size and weight
Bigger, Lighter
Smaller, Heavier
24 speed
7 speed
Limited Durability
Very durable

Schwinn bike vs Trek in-depth comparison
Size of the bikes
If you have a lot of storage space then the Schwinn bike will do for you. Compared to the Trek bike, this bike is significantly bigger in size. Schwinn bikes are ideal if you’re riding in muddy areas, across puddles, and on rough marram roads. Thanks to their large size you won’t get stuck.
The Trek bike is alternatively designed to stand much closer to the ground. This makes it ideal for riding on Asphalt or paved paths where the ground is relatively flat.
Both bikes have different options when it comes to gears. But, if you want a bike that gives you up to 24 gears to select from, you want to choose the Schwinn bike. This way you can engage different gears when racing, riding up a rocky mountain or down a slope.
The Trek Bike offers you only 7 gear options. This makes it ideal for that rider who is looking for a simple, unsophisticated bike.
Both bikes have good suspension systems. Only difference is the Schwinn bikes suspensions are strategically located at points of pressure.
The trek bike has a very simple suspension system with fewer shock absorbers which makes it an easy to operate bike.
If you want a bike that can accommodate different size wheels, you should go for the Schwinn Bike. It comes with larger wheel sizes which can fit wheels with different thicknesses and diameters.
The trek bike comes in the standard wheel sizes. This limits it to a particular size of wheels.
Schwinn bikes are made using lighter material and accessories. They are very light in weight. When you want to lift your Schwinn bike or ferry it to another remote location, it becomes quite easy to do it.
Trek bikes are much heavier owing to the material they are made of. They are difficult to lift or transport and are more suited for someone who wants to cycle for fitness purposes. One who’s looking for some fun while simultaneously aspiring to tone muscles and lose weight.
It all narrows down to preference which one of these two bikes is comfortable for you. But if you look at the features, the Trek bike wins. It may be much heavier and harder to operate but it is impressively stable and built to reduce strain on your shoulders and your back when riding.
The Schwinn bike, unfortunately, is not very stable, its light material limits its durability, and easily gives in to external agents of wear and tear.
Schwinn bike vs Trek Reviews Pros and Cons.
Schwinn bike Review
At first, I used to think that all bikes are made the same. But now I know that there are bikes meant for specific purposes like mountain bikes, or road racing bikes. Then there are bikes designed to handle different uses better known as hybrid bikes.
So, what’s amazing about the Schwinn bike? Well, this is a brand I have known since I was very little. It is incredibly affordable and easy to ride. Whether you are a little kid, a man or a woman there’s a Schwinn bike made specifically just for you.
Do you want to keep fit? You want leisure? Adventure? Whatever your needs or uses are, you can trust the Schwinn bike to fit right in. This is a bike that conforms to your needs, not the other way round. It may be larger in size which may prompt you to find a larger than normal place to keep it.

  • Lightweight
  • Variety of gears-24 Speed
  • Versatile


  • Its larger size may be too bulky for someone with limited storage space.


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Trek bike review
If you are looking for a simple bike that can take you anywhere and tough out different weather conditions and terrain, then the Trek bike is your best bet. It is perfect for commuting whether you are going to work, doing deliveries, or taking your routine ride down the block.
With this bike, you don’t have to keep thinking which is which, when it comes to gears. It is a very simple bike with straight forward controls. It is designed to support your physique placing less strain on your shoulders and back even after riding for hours.
We all agree that riding should be an enjoyable activity and everything about the Trek bike has proven just that.

  • 7-speed gears
  • Made of high quality, stable, and made of durable material
  • Easy to ride and operate


  • This Bike is significantly much smaller than other bikes in the same category. When riding in muddy roads it can easily get stuck.


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Final verdict
The first thing I consider in my search for a good bike is its quality and how durable it is. Something that all cyclists out there know is that once a bike starts to break down, it is like going down an endless slippery slope. Each small issue is followed by another small issue. A frustrating venture that I have very little patience for. This explains why the Trek bike is my best choice in this Schwinn bike vs Trek review. It may be smaller, but in terms of quality and durability, it remains unparalleled.