Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike review

Are you looking for a cycling bike for your home workouts? The Schwinn GTX hybrid bike is the best choice for you to achieve all your fitness goals! 

For a while, I have been trying to lose weight through working out. At first, I tried going to the gym but a lot of times I wouldn’t be motivated enough to get out of bed or stop watching TV. I decided to start home training but found it hard to perform intense cardio workouts. With a large number of bicycles available in the market searching for the best bike for me took time.

I chose to purchase the Schwinn GTX hybrid Bike after testing out a few hybrid bikes. The Schwinn GTX bike is a great choice for riders looking to explore the outdoors. This has a lightweight aluminum frame with a Schwinn suspension fork for versatile riding.  It has 21-speed gears that are easy to understand and operate. If you are looking for a quality affordable road bike for short trips, then this is a good pick for you.

The Schwinn GTX Comfort Bike Review and Breakdown

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Schwinn is a trusted bicycle producer known for manufacturing quality bicycles for their riders. Recently Schwinn has ventured into producing hybrid bikes that can be used for both men and women. Hybrid bikes are designed to be used in smooth and rough terrain. The Schwinn GTX hybrid bike guarantees you style, speed, and comfort.

This bike has an aluminum frame which is lightweight for an enjoyable experience.  This bicycle has 21-speed trigger shifters with a Shimano derailleur on the handlebars. The Schwinn GTX hybrid bike has light 700c wheels fitted with alloy rims for faster rides.

The multi-use tires make it an all-purpose hybrid bicycle fit for different sports and terrains. It is a great commuter bike for short-distance trips around 20-30 miles a day. The bike comes with a 1-year limited lifetime warranty. If you are looking for an affordable exercise bike this is a good choice for you.

What we liked:

  • This bike is multi-purpose so you can use it in different sports
  • It has a front suspension fork for a great riding experience
  • The bike has a 21-24 Shimano speed that make it more efficient.
  • There are durable front rims and versatile tires

What we didn’t like:

  • Some of the bike’s parts come damaged or missed.
  • The pedals on the bike make a distractive clicking noise.

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Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike Specifications

Item weight
Product dimensions
48 x 70 inches
Maximum user weight
Wheel size

Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike Features


The Schwinn GTX hybrid bike is made with a durable 17-inch aluminum frame. The frame is lightweight so you can enjoy smooth rides. The front suspension fork on the frame keeps the bike safe from the effects of riding through rough terrain.

It weighs 38.8lbs and comes in a variety of colors like blue and red. The eye-catching design makes it suitable for both men and women riders. There are multi-use 28 by 1.4-inch tires that allow you to ride effortlessly on different paths outside your home. The hybrid bicycle has an adjustable seat and handlebars for a custom fit.

The design of this bike is stylish and would be great to have in your home. There are large pedals to fit most riders.  The GTX bike is made from long-lasting material for a longer life span. It is safe and designed for an exciting ride.

Seat and handlebars

The GTX hybrid bike comes with a comfortable seat. The padded seat is adjustable to fit you as you ride. It has a quick-release mechanism for height adjustment The front suspension allows the seat to be comfortable enough so you don’t feel bumps and potholes. The GTX saddle angles towards the back which sometimes puts more weight on your arms and hands.

The bike has flat-bar-style handlebars that offer firm grip while riding. The handlebars control the rear and front mechanical disc brakes. The pedals are firm to handle long rides. Unlike other road bikes, the GTX hybrid handlebars cannot be adjusted in height.

Brakes and gear system

The Schwinn GTX hybrid bike has mechanical disc brakes that offer reliable stopping power. You can rely on the brakes during rains and winter rides. The rear disc brake is controlled by the right handlebar while the front disc brake is controlled by the left handlebar.

This bike has different gears to choose from that you can control with a lever. It has a 21-24 speed gear system for increased efficiency. The powerful shifting system enables you to ride through rough terrain. The bike also has 7 speeds for better pedaling power.

There is a steel chain on this bike that requires frequent lubrication for smooth rides. The Shimano rear derailleur moves the chain from one sprocket to another. It is operated using a shift control on the handlebars.

The bike comes with a Schwinn alloy crankset. This increases stiffness making the GTX hybrid more enjoyable to ride. As a result, you can turn the bike in any direction swiftly.  It is easy to master the brakes making this bike good for beginners.


The GTX bicycle comes with 700c wheels combined with high volume tires. The wheels are made of durable material to improve the bike’s performance.  The wheels offer you less rolling resistance and gather more momentum as you ride.

The 700c wheel is good for riding on pavements, gravel surfaces, and commuting.The Schwinn multi-use tires measure 28 by 1.4 inches. The tires are narrow for riding through both soft and rough off-road terrain.

The rims are made of metal alloy for speed and better bike control. With a smooth tread pattern on the tires, you can effortlessly ride on pavements while commuting. This multifunctional feature allows you to use a hybrid bike for different sports and conditions.

Assembly and maintenance

The Schwinn GTX hybrid bike comes 90% fully assembled by the manufacturer. Only a few parts need to be fine-tuned and attached. They include the seat, pedals, and wheels. Assembly of this hybrid bike is easy to do but beginners may have a tough time understanding.

However, this hybrid bike does not come with a toolkit so it is recommended to have the bicycle assembled at a reliable shop. For maintenance, the chain is to be lubricated often to prevent rust. The rest of the bike can be wiped to keep it clean.

This bike is maintained like an ordinary road bike with frequent inspections on bolts. Due to its high end features this bike can last a long time when maintained properly.

Who is the Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike best suited for?

The Schwinn GTX hybrid bicycle is manufactured for both men and women.  It is great for professional riders, beginners, and anyone looking for a comfortable bike to ride around their neighborhood. The cycling bike has a maximum user weight of 250lbs.

As a great commuter bike, it is used by those going to work daily or short distances. The versatility of the bike is preferred by riders who often cycle on rocky and soft terrain. It provides a custom fit for riders between 5’4†– 6’4â€. This bike can be used by tall and short riders. This is a quality road bike to get to the next level of your cycling.

Are there any other alternatives to the Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike?

Yes, the ANCHEER Power Plus Mountain Bike and the VILANO Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Bike are similar bikes to the Schwinn GTX hybrid bike. These road bikes are great for riding outdoors. If you don’t like the Schwinn GTX bike you can choose these other durable alternative bikes.

Features of alternatives to the Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike.

ANCHEER Power Plus Mountain bike
VILANO Diverse 3.0 Hybrid bike
Product weight
Weight capacity

Verdict: Should you buy the Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike.

In conclusion, the Schwinn GTXhybrid bike is an affordable entry-level bicycle for outdoor riding.  This hybrid bicycle is a high performing bike built for comfort. It features a 21-gear system for increased efficiency. It is compact making it flexible and easy to move around.

The front suspension fork provides an enjoyableriding experience. It has mechanical brake discs more powerful than normal brakes. The bike is easy to assemble and maintain. This is the best bike whether you are a beginner or pro rider to help you achieve all your fitness and health goals.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this hybrid bike good for long distances?

Yes, the 700c wheels on the Schwinn GTX bike make it quick and efficient for long-distance rides.

  1. Is the Schwinn GTX hybrid bike suitable for tall people?

Yes, it is the bike was manufactured for users between heights of 5’4†– 6’4â€. This is accommodating for tall and short riders.