Schwinn IC2 vs Sunny Health – Which bike brings more value?

The world today is filled with great variety in residential indoor cycling bikes. It’s no wonder that a large population is curious to learn about them. To figure out the difference in the Schwinn and Sunny Health Bikes, read on.

I was never much a fan of indoor cycling and for the longest time, I felt like it was too limiting in experience. Well, that all changed a few years back when I got involved in a racing accident up in the Colorado Mountains.

My knee was done in so bad that I was on bed rest for nearly 4 months before I could move around without assistance. As you can imagine, I was pretty pumped up to get back into riding but my doctor would hear none of it.

That’s how I ended up reviewing these two so I could pick one.

What are the key differences between Schwinn IC2 and Sunny Health?

Schwinn IC2
Sunny Health
Heart Rate Monitor
LCD Display
Weight capacity
250 pounds
250 pounds
Standard outdoor flat
Fully adjustable
Padded, 4-way adjustable

Schwinn IC2 vs Sunny Health Bikes – How they differ


These bikes are both made of steel and aluminum parts with powder finishes to make attractive glossy appearance. The IC2 is fitted with rear stabilizers to maintain the stability of the bike.

While with Schwinn IC2 you get an LCD screen that tracks your performance and displays it on the small screen one metric after the other. The Sunny Health bike lacks this feature and it instead provides for a screen holder encouraging you to get your own LCD monitor and pair it with the bike.

Both bikes can hold 250 pounds in weight and their pedals are flat and textured. Schwinn IC2 has been built with single-sided pedals with toe-cages for training with regular gym shoes. These pedals are adjustable and have a natural road bike inspired Q-factor.

Handle bars are adjustable up and down while handlebars are both up and down or back and forth to accommodate heights as tall as 6’5â€. Bottle holders are built into the frame of both bikes but only the Schwinn IC2 bike has capacity to carry weights.

Assembling the bikes is fairly easy and can be done by one person with the help of a manual. To move the equipment around or help with storage, the bikes both have transport wheels.

Schwinn IC2 has a built-in LCD console while the Sunny Health bike gives you a device holder and through wireless connection, you could pair your phone.


While they don’t scream out luxury, these two bikes make for great cardio exercises. Both running on magnetic resistance, these bikes will tire you out.

IC2 has a flywheel measuring 31-pounds which is barely as heavy as the Sunny Health bike featuring a 44-pound flywheel. Cyclists understand that the heavier a flywheel is, the smoother and quieter the ride gets.

On the IC2 bike, resistance is dictated by a wool felt pad with adjustable tension. These adjustments are done by turning the knob to a fine tuning to where your required resistance is. As the system is a chain -driven type, pad replacements and regular greasing applies.

I have to say that the difference in noise is very significant because Sunny Health bikes are operated on a belt-drive system which automatically adjusts its tautness and produces an expected sound. As belt driven bikes are said to be less durable, the belts used here are resilient.

The harder you push on the pedals, whether seated or better while standing, the tauter the self-regulating belt gets. It then pushes back with equal intensity drawing the magnetic current around the wheel which effectively slows it down.

If you are looking for an exhausting and out of breath cardio workout, look no further than these two because they are guaranteed to knock your socks off and record the results. Working out in the house is not distracting for either of these two but most especially the Sunny Health bike.

IC2 bikes have a smooth but somewhat loud experience while Sunny Health bikes have a quiet operation with their heavy flywheels measuring 44-pounds.

Schwinn IC2 vs Sunny Health Bikes – A Comparison Overview

Schwinn IC2 – Overview

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The bike is made of high-quality stainless steel which is ideal for a sturdy and stable frame. The seats are created in race-style fashion meaning they are comfortably padded and adjustable in four ways. Handlebars are also movable and adjustable in either up or down direction.

With magnetic resistance in the 31-pound flywheel, IC2 ensures your training is quiet and discreet while using the bike. This resistance is infinite meaning it increases every time you turn the knob and is great for even the most intense workouts.

An LCD monitor is provided as well to display your basic statistics in training like your calorie burn, RPM, speed or distance.

The bike’s frame holds dual-link pedals with toe cages that keep your footing secure, accessory tray for your phone or other gadget placement and can hold up to 250 pounds. It is built ergonomically to resemble an outdoor bike with cranks positioned with good Q-factor.


  • 31-pound magnetic flywheel
  • Toe caged pedals
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable handlebars
  • Four-way adjustable seat
  • LCD monitor
  • Dual water bottle holders


  • No pre-programmed workouts
  • LCD only for display and cannot stream live workouts
  • No cooling fan

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Sunny Health Bikes – Overview

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A belt drive system operates this magnetic resistant 44-pound flywheel. With the belt-drive, you are assured of a reliable pedal motion with some mild to intense workouts. With the movable parts being made of aluminum, it makes this bike that much more lightweight and high-grade.

The seat provided is four-way adjustable and the handlebars are quite flexible too. Finding the right setting adjustments for varied body types and shapes should be a breeze because there are so many options available for customization.

Sunny Health SF-B1805 is perfect for HIIT and going as hard as you would in a spinning class. For the tech savvy team who like to keep a track on their progress, the Sunny Health bike fails to provide a monitor just as their pedals are not SPD compatible.

For this reason, I would think the Sunny Health bike would not be a good fit for pro cyclists. However, if you can overlook their SPD incompatibility or their lack of a screen, then this is the best bike for everyone.

The frame of the bike has a heavy-duty hardy crank and it can support up to 250 in weight. To move the equipment from room to room, it is fitted with transport wheels.


  • Adjustable parts
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Great for all trainees
  • Magnetic belt-driven resistance
  • Transport wheels
  • 44-pound flywheel
  • Tablet and water bottle holder


  • Not SPD compatible
  • No computer or LCD monitor

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Verdict: So, which is better, Schwinn IC2 or Sunny Health?

Schwinn IC2was my final selection because I appreciate the small LCD screen, the toe-caged pedals, adjustable parts and the 31-pound flywheel which is light enough for low impact exercises but also a bit challenging for my pro expert muscles to get some kick out of it.