Schwinn IC3 vs. Peloton -Which ranks higher?

A good cardio workout can give you better sleep, boost your mood levels and help you burn the calories. Schwinn IC3 and Peloton are two quality cardio machines you should consider.

Hi there. Have you found yourself slipping on your fitness journey but you do not want to let go of all the fitness gains you have made this year? Or are you like me and you are just tired of not doing something about your fitness? Wherever you fall on that spectrum, Schwinn and Peloton are quite literally what you need for your fitness journey.

While owning a Peloton is quite the rage among riders, the Schwinn IC3 is still a formidable rival as you are about to see.

What are the key differences between Schwinn IC3 and Peloton?

Schwinn IC3
Dimensions (mm)
48.70 x 21.22 x 49.84 inches
60 x 24 x 48 inches
Maximum user weight
Drive System
31lb flywheel
55lb flywheel with chain drive
Infinite levels
Oversized water bottle holder, media rack
22†1080p HD touchscreen, 2 water bottles

Schwinn IC3 vs. Peloton- How do they differ?


With the Peloton, its resistance guarantees a challenging yet smooth and noiseless workout. You also get a durable bike that is bound to last you quite a while because the parts do not rub against each other unnecessarily. Peloton bikes are also fitted with 24 levels of resistance that you can easily flick through depending on the kind of workout you want. Its 30lbs flywheel also delivers on a stable ride even when you are hitting the pedal hard.

Schwinn IC3, on the flipside has the more traditional resistance. While you are not likely to feel the difference immediately, you will in the long haul. Schwinn IC3 for example needs to have the felt pad replaced every so often.This bike is also fitted with a 40lbs flywheel and infinite levels of resistance.

Here the Schwinn IC3 wins out becauseit offers infinite levels of resistance which is all you need for a wider performance variety.


Both Schwinn IC3 and Peloton have the general structural design synonymous with indoor cycling machines. For instance, they both come with a 22-inch screen that can help you monitor your progress as you go on your fitness workouts. They are also both easily adjustable (handlebars and seat) to be a good fit with right about anyone in your home.

They do have their subtle differences though. Peloton for example, has a rather sleek finish with smooth, well-defined contours. It weighs 135lbs and has the dimensions of 59 L x 53 H x 23 W. While it is not exactly compact sized, it is still easy to use and move around. With Schwinn IC3, you also get a modern design with its modifications. It weighs 101lbs and has the weight capacity of 300lbs which is rather impressive given that it is quite smaller than the Peloton with the dimensions of 48.7 x 21.2 x 49.8 inches.

Peloton has a more modern and sleek design that is bound to blend in with your decor compared to Schwinn IC3.


With Schwinn IC3 you get a wireless LCD console that is nothing short of impressive. While Peloton is also fitted with a display monitor, Schwinn IC3 wins out here simply because of how accurate the stats are. The Telemetry enabled monitor tracks your heart rate, distance done, speed you are going at as well as the calories burned. You also get a solid deal with the Schwinn Trainer app that can set and track your fitness goals.

Peloton does not shy away from the accessories you get with it. For example, the Peloton app gives you access to live classes as well as thousands of already aired classes those that have already aired. Both of these bikes also come with water bottle holders to keep you hydrated throughout.

The Peloton app easily sets Peloton apart from all other indoor bikes. With it, you get to be part of a rider’s community as well as get the best tool for your fitness journey.

Schwinn IC3 vs. Peloton – A Comparison Overview

Schwinn IC3- Overview

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Schwinn is a highly reputable fitness equipment company that has many quality bikes stacked under its belt. The Schwinn IC3, for instance is no less. It is a high-quality bike that is not as expensive compared to similarly designed bikes. It has a heavy -duty steel frame that can handle many intense workouts for years to come.

As for its resistance, you can scale up to a more challenging workout whenever you want. The felt pad on Schwinn bikes gives a heavier drag on the flywheel with the more you cycle. They also have a control knob that you can easily tweak the resistance as you ride. It does make quite a bit of noise as the parts make contact to create the drag.

Schwinn also has its own workout program going. If you are out to get the best out of both worlds, you can pay for the Peloton app and use with your bike. Another winning feature is that you get all these features of the Schwinn IC3 at a fraction of the cost of the Peloton. The only imperfection of this bike is that it does not come with a cooling fan. You can get really sweaty when you are on a pumped workout session.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Strong construction built to last


  • Does not come with preset workouts

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Peloton- Overview

While it is quite pricey, Peloton is one of the best high-end bikes that is jammed with all the premium quality features. For instance, the Peloton app and the entire community might just be what you need to push you towards your fitness goals. Once you pay the monthly subscription fee, you can access thousands of workouts and even join the live classes streamed to your home from the NYC studio.

Its frame is made of heavy -duty steel and can handle many intense workouts. Additionally, you get a solid package with Peloton. You can get a payment plan to help you pay up for the bike as you still exercise. To add, Peloton also gives you a smooth, low-noise ride. The wide resistance range gives you a whole load of workout intensities to choose from. Depending on your mood, you can go for anaerobic or aerobic workouts with this bike. The only deal breaker with the Peloton is that it is one of the most expensive bikes in the market.


  • The peloton app has a real sense of community
  • Heavy duty and durable


  • Expensive

Conclusion: So, which is better- Schwinn IC3 or Peloton?

When you put them side to side, it can be really hard to choose between the Schwinn IC3 and Peloton as they both have their quality features. Pelotons for instance, are really high-end bikes that do not compromise on their specs. However, when it comes down to it, Schwinn IC3 is the clear winner. It comes at an affordable cost with all the high-end features to match.


Do you get the workout programs with the bikes?

No. With both Schwinn IC3 and Peloton, you have to pay for the app that comes loaded with all the workout routines you can follow through.

Can you use the Peloton bike without paying the monthly subscription fees?

Yes. You only lose access to the live fitness stats as you work out.