Schwinn IC4 Vs Bowflex C6 – Which Bike is Better?

Home work-outs are the new best thing and building your personal gym is not only daunting in technicalities but in price tags as well. These two perfectly designed bikes are very popular among home users and if you are curious to find out which one is better, read on.

Hi, I’m Daniel and I have bike collecting as a hobby. I love to take apart high grade bicycles to seek out the different properties designed for its maximum comfort and efficiency. While the price of one could put a damper on your home gym dreams, these two might help restore your faith.

IC4 and C6 are quite identical in design and features because they are made by the same manufacturer but there are some differences that may set one apart from the other. Let’s find them out.

What are the key differences between Schwinn IC4 &Bowflex C6?

Schwinn IC4
Bowflex C6
100 levels magnetic
100 levels magnetic
Padded and adjustable
LCD display
Backlit LCD display
Dual-sided toe caged
Dual Link with toe cages
2- way Adjustable
2- way Adjustable

Schwinn IC4 Vs Bowflex C6 – How they differ

Quality Build

These bikes are both made of heavy-duty high-quality stainless-steel metal which makes them stand out. this assures you of a long-term use with no concerns for breakdown.

Regardless of the type of training you are interested in, whether high or low impact, whether for short or long sessions, they are capable of supporting you to reach your fitness goals.

Adjustable Parts

Being able to quickly and conveniently adjust parts of the bike to fit your specific body proportions and body type is a key factor to consider when buying these stationary bikes.

The seats and handlebars of both have adjustments in either up or down direction and the resistance levels are also adjustable manually.

Live and Interactive Classes

Having access to multiple training options online helps you do more and gain your results faster andthe C6 gives you access to multiple live streaming options and classes. The IC4 lacks in workout programs but through Bluetooth pairing on your phone or tablet, you can pair your bike with other apps such as Peloton or Zwift to gain access to available workout programs.

They also allow for mobile phone integration between mobile apps and the bikes’ software. It is obvious that the company recognizes and appreciates your need to make use of your bike as often as possible and the importance of creating a fun experience to keep you motivated.

There is no limit to the number of apps you can integrate and the integration is made out to be as seamless as possible.

While the Bowflex C6 bring the world to you in terms of live streaming, the IC4 is able to connect via Bluetooth to pair with other training apps to provide you workout programs.

Bluetooth Connection

Technology has transformed out workouts as well with these kinds of connections that have been made possible to enrich your experience with options and information. Bluetooth connection on both bikes allows you to hook your Bluetooth enabled heart rate arm bandto your bike and for it to work seamlessly.

Detailed feedback is generated and displayed on the LCD monitor which you can use to learn how much stress is exerted on the body and how better to customize your training program.

This same connectivity is what allows the IC4 to access training apps.

Resistance Settings

Both the IC4 and the C6 have 100 levels of magnetic resistance that you can chose from. These levels are achieved by manual adjustment using the controls provided.

Getting a bike with a wide range of resistance is great for all levels of enthusiastic players because they can challenge themselves based on their strength, health and fitness goals.

The handlebars come in handy in that they are adjustable which adds to the ease of access to the resistance adjustment knobs.

One both bikes you are guaranteed support whether you are doing intense workouts or the more moderate kind.

Schwinn IC4 Vs Bowflex C6 – A Comparison Overview

Schwinn IC4 – Overview

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The bike is made of high-quality stainless steel which is ideal for a sturdy and stable frame. The seats are created in race-style fashion meaning they are comfortably padded and adjustable. Handlebars are also movable and changeable in either up or down direction.

With magnetic resistance in the 40-pound flywheel, IC4 ensures your training is quiet and discreet while using the bike. A backlit LCD monitor is provided as well to display your statistics in training, calories burned and your heart rate as well.

The bike’s frame holds dual-link pedals with toe cages that keep your footing secure, accessory tray for your phone or other gadget placement and can hold up to 330 pounds. Unfortunately, there are no speakers or cooling fan in-built so you’ll have to do with your earphones and place the bike somewhere with a constant breeze.

Bluetooth connection works perfectly with a number of fitness apps that enable you to access workout programs as none have been pre-programmed into the IC4. What’s more is that a Bluetooth-enabled arm band is included to keep tabs on your heart rate.

Schwinn IC4 also has provided the user with 3-pound dumbbells to encourage a harder workout that targets more muscle groups.


  • 40-pound magnetic flywheel
  • Upper Body workouts with 3-pound dumbbells
  • 100 resistance levels
  • Customizable SPD pedals with toe cages and clips
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable handlebars and seats
  • LCD monitor
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Dual water bottle holders


  • No pre-programmed workouts
  • LCD only for display and cannot stream live workouts
  • No cooling fan

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Bowflex C6 – Overview

Made of heavy-duty stainless-steel metal and the seats are padded, adjustable in up and down directions and they are made into the road bike fashion. Handlebars are multi-grip and also adjustable vertically or horizontally to accommodate people of varying heights.

Pedals on the C6 are dual-sided meaning you have the option to use the side with toe cages or flip the pedal to use the clip-in mechanism with your special cycling shoes. A magnetic flywheel weighing 40 pounds is fitted in the bike and runs smoothly and quietly.

Programs on the bike are available in multiple streaming options and if that’s not exciting enough, you can use the Bluetooth feature to pair your bike with other available workout programs such as those in Peloton or Zwift apps.

To monitor your heart rate, Bowflex C6 has a Bluetooth enhanced arm band that you can use to track and report back the results to your bike’s LCD display. The frame of the bike can hold up t 330 pounds but it lacks an accessory tray, speakers and cooling fan.


  • 40-pound magnetic flywheel
  • Ability to live stream classes
  • Bluetooth armband monitor
  • Multi-grip handlebars and adjustable padded seats
  • 3-pound dumbbells provided
  • Dual water bottle holder
  • Compatible with independent training apps


  • Monthly subscription costs for streaming options

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Verdict: So, which between Schwinn IC4 orBowflex C6 is the better option?

As we have established, these bikes are pretty much the same and they provide similar features and benefits.

However, the Bowflex C6 has a little advantage over the Schwinn IC4 in that it can offer live streaming classes. Although this comes at an added monthly cost, if you prefer live-streaming to pre-programmed workouts, you will appreciate the Bowflex C6 more.

If the lack of live streaming options is not a deal breaker for you, then the Schwinn IC4 will give you great service.