Schwinn IC4 vs Echelon– Which Bike is Better?

Training facilities are mostly located in urban regions that are plagued by a lot of traffic. For stay at home moms who do not see the need to go all the distance may never achieve their fitness goals. In creation of a small community recreational center, which bike is the better option?

Hello, I’m Marcia and I am in the process of purchasing the necessary gym equipment to fill my small but ample gym space that I am setting up in our neighborhood. Intending to make it a lot more affordable than most gyms around, I need to find great units that do not cost as much.

Schwinn IC4 and Echelon have very few similarities in design and features because they are made bydifferent manufacturers but there are some similarities that are common with most bikes of these kind. Let’s find them out.

What are the key differences between Schwinn IC4 &Echelon?

Schwinn IC4
Echelon EX5S
29 pounds
100 levels magnetic
Magnetic with 32 levels
Race bike seat adjustable
LCD display
21.5-inch HD
Dual-sided toe caged
Toe-cage design- sports shoes lbs
2- way Adjustable
2-way adjustable

Schwinn IC4 Vs Echelon– How they differ


Schwinn IC4 has a 40-pound flywheel which compared to Echelon’s 29-pound, makes for a smoother and more challenging ride. This resistance is adjustable manually by use of conveniently placed knobs on the bike.

Echelon will give you a riding experience that simulates the experience of riding outside through the virtual channels. With 32 levels of resistance, this is an adequate bike for anyone who is new to cycling or one who doesn’t seek a hard challenge.

Schwinn IC4 has 100 levels of resistance meaning there is no end to how much or far you can push yourself. On this bike, both beginners and experts will get a great workout that fits their varied needs.

Schwinn IC4 lacks pre-programmed workouts in its massive 21.5-inch LCD screen and instead offers a device holder with Bluetooth to help you pair your device and connect to training apps or streaming workouts.

In performance, Schwinn wins because it has a heavier flywheel, greater range of resistance and a screen that displays metrics.


The bikes arebuilt with high-grade stainless steel which is perfect for a strong and indestructible frame. The seats are created in race-style fashion meaning they are comfortably padded and adjustable. Handlebars are also movable and changeable in either up or down direction.

With Echelon, you get access to the Echelon Fit training program on a 21.5-inch console that gives you scenic trips in iconic locations around the world. Unfortunately, the bike is not compatible with any training apps and their programs are quite limited in variety.

However, the cool factor about Echelon is that they include more workouts ranging from Zumba to yoga and the screen can be swiveled 180 degrees to allow you to work out off the bike while in view of the screen.

Your vitals and metrics in training will be displayed on both bike’s screen. Schwinn can pair with a Bluetooth monitor to record your heart rate while for Echelon, you must link your phone to the device.

Pedals create another significant difference between these two brands as the Schwinn brand features dual-sided pedals that work with both regular gym shoes and special cycling shoes. Echelon’s approach is simpler with one-sided pedals featuring toe-cages to secure your footing.

Though Echelon provides a large screen that can be swiveled to do off-bike training, we find that Schwinn’s build is more flexible with the pedals and the overall functioning of the bike.

Schwinn IC4 Vs Echelon – A Comparison Overview

Schwinn IC4 – Overview

Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Connect with the Peloton and Zwift apps, allowing you to stream thousands of classes directly into your home and compete against others in a virtual world that motivates you at every mile.
  • Access the Explore the World app and digitally immerse yourself in a world of virtual races, exotic locales, and stunning trails from around the globe. Coming Soon (3 free courses, unlock more with Explore the World app)
  • Magnetic resistance with 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels
  • Dual link SPD foot pedals come standard with toe cages or clips
  • Full color backlit LCD console monitors heart rate, speed, time, distance, calories and RPMs

With magnetic resistance in the 40-pound flywheel, IC4 ensures your training is quiet and discreet while using the bike. A backlit LCD monitor is provided as well to display your statistics in training, calories burned and your heart rate as well.

The bike’s frame holds dual-link pedals with toe cages that keep your footing secure, accessory tray for your phone or other gadget placement and can hold up to 330 pounds. Unfortunately, there are no speakers or cooling fan in-built so you’ll have to do with your earphones and place the bike somewhere with a constant breeze.

Bluetooth connection works perfectly with a number of fitness apps that enable you to access workout programs as none have been pre-programmed into the IC4. What’s more is that a Bluetooth-enabled arm band is included to keep tabs on your heart rate.

Schwinn IC4 also has provided the user with 3-pound dumbbells to encourage a harder workout that targets more muscle groups.


  • 40-pound magnetic flywheel
  • Upper Body workouts with 3-pound dumbbells
  • 100 resistance levels
  • Customizable SPD pedals with toe cages and clips
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable handlebars and seats
  • LCD monitor
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Dual water bottle holders


  • No pre-programmed workouts
  • LCD only for display and cannot stream live workouts
  • No cooling fan

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Echelon EX5S – Overview

Echelon EX5-S Smart Connect Fitness Bike (Black)
  • FEATURES & PERFORMANCE: NEW 21.5" HD Touchscreen that flips 180° - Competition Aero handlebar system provides fore and aft adjustment for either performance or comfort set up - Competition seat with 6'' lever-style adjustment - Bluetooth capable - Indexing resistance adjustment knob with 32 levels of magnetic resistance - SPD compatible pedals with fully adjustable toe cages - 2 handlebar mounted bottle holders - New Kick Guards on Frame Stabilizer Weldments - New Back and Front Power Ports.
  • DESIGN: This bike is designed for everyone and every home. With a modern design and a footprint of just 3ft 5in x 1ft 10in, the X5S Bike provides a high intensive work out without taking over your space. The bike solid, stable and stays in one place as you pedal, but it'll take your at-home workout to new heights!
  • ECHELON EXPERIENCE: Live and on-demand studio fitness from the comfort and safety of home. Ride live with our supportive and energizing Echelon community and inspire each other to climb the leaderboard.
  • CONTENT: Live and on-demand classes for beginning to advanced riders ranging from 20-75 minutes long. Choose from endurance, climbing, HIIT, scenic rides and many others from our 30+ world class instructors. One membership works for all machines, including our Connect Bikes, Row, Reflect mirrors and future machines. You also get access to our Fitpass programs which include yoga, strength, pilates, boxing and more!
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Echelon is built with strong steel metal and coated with a powder film to preserve its metal quality and prevent effects of wear, moisture and time like rusting. The bike runs on a 40-pound flywheel which pushes 32 adjustable levels of resistance.

The seat designed into this bike’s frame is created to follow the race bike style found on such bikes. This means it is not meant for long hours of sitting. For some, it may play as a motivator and other people may want to swap it out for a more comfortable option.

SPD compatible pedals have been built into this bike’s frame and they have another side which you can flip to if you have some regular cycling shoes that will fit snuggly in the toe-cages. If you are concerned about keeping track of your health vitals and your performance metrics, pair your device with the bike’s Echelon App to display.

EX5 is built with Aero System handlebars which increase the support for those riders who like to get really low on the bike’s handles.

Also embedded in the bike’s console which measure 21.5-inches and includes speakers as well, is the Echelon Fit alternative workouts that range from yoga stretches to Zumba dance moves. The awesome screen also swivels to turn 180 degrees. This encourages off bike training to supplement your cycling.

Another notable feature about the in-built speakers is that they are not configured to pair with external devices to play anything on your phone while you train. However, even if you are late on your subscription, the App will still display your vitals.


  • 180 degrees flip touchscreen
  • Durable steel frame build
  • Compact and transportable
  • Magnetic resistance with 32 adjustable levels
  • 29-pound flywheel
  • Handlebars of Aero system provide great movement
  • Statics visible while training even without subscription
  • Pedals are SPD compatible and fully adjustable


  • Limited Functions with the Echelon Fit subscriptions
  • No other apps are compatible other than Echelon Fit

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Verdict: So, which is better, Schwinn IC4 or Echelon?

Even though Schwinn IC4denies its users pre-programmed workout options, they provide a device holder and a Bluetooth connection to facilitate streaming from and pairing of available training applications.  The crux of the matter falls on the flywheel size and resistance levels which Schwinn surpasses the Echelon by far.