Schwinn mountain bike reviews – How to save and still not miss out on the fun!

Schwinn Men’s High Timber is a resilient and agile bike that anyone can afford. Save your hard earned cash and choose this cheap bike for your exploration. Our Schwinn mountain bike reviews will teach you more!
At the beginning of every year, I find myself budgeting for a new bike. My friend has been helping me sell my old bikes as I look for new ones. Sometimes, defects in bikes force me to give up some brands. One of the significant problems that I face with some models is the lack of comfort. Being a long distance cyclist is fun, but I often have to deal with inflammation caused by uncomfortable brands. I finally stopped depending on ice to reduce the swelling on my arms and feet when I bought Schwinn Men’s High Timber Mountain Bike.

Schwinn Men’s High Timber mountain bike

The manufacturer of this brand designs it with the low-income earner in mind. It is a cheap brand that does not compromise on the quality. Just like expensive brands, Schwinn high timber mountain bike comes with all the right features that make it efficient and safe.
This bike provides you with stability, smooth riding, and quick braking. It is a bike that adult men can use to keep fit, explore and even commute to work. You can easily handle the bike even if you are still learning how to pedal. Intermediate riders also like the model.

Features of Schwinn Men’s High Timber mountain bike

Controlled riding

They say that crashing a mountain bike is part of learning. This, however, happens when the bike you are using is challenging to control. Schwinn high timber mountain bike reduces the risk of crashing thanks to features that put you in control of your ride.
It contains a steel frame and Suntour suspension that provide smooth riding. The suspension absorbs shock when you encounter raised grounds such as bumps. The two features increase your control and make your bike sturdy and durable. The reliable frame also makes the bike comfortable to ride.

Range of gears

Gearing is crucial to experts who enjoy riding along unforgiving terrain. Schwinn high timber mountain bike features Shimano rear derailleur and 21 speeds. The grip shifters and alloy crank also help you achieve a smooth gear change when riding on different surfaces. The manufacturers use high-quality components to design the gearing system.

Alloy rims and brakes

The alloy rims of this bike may be lightweight, but they are strong. The bike lets you enjoy a smooth ride on different types of surfaces courtesy of its alloy rims. You can also achieve precise stopping since the brakes work efficiently. These features ensure that you get an enjoyable riding experience with minimal limitations.

Other components

It has a masculine design and dark colors to match your style. You can purchase this bike in different sizes according to your height. It also features height adjustments that increase convenience for different riders.
Unlike other brands, you will not waste a lot of time assembling components of the high timber mountain bike. Let the manual guide you on how to assemble the parts and take it for a road test. Though some of the parts may feel flimsy, the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty. You can always replace parts without incurring any extra expenses.

  • It is a sturdy and affordable bike
  • You can adjust its height
  • It comes with a kickstand


  • Some users report that the seat is not comfortable
  • The pedals are made of plastic


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Schwinn Men’s high timber mountain bike is ideal for the adventure lover. It offers you an affordable package and quality components. Though you may need to adjust some of the elements, the lifetime warranty covers you. It provides you with precision, control and easy handling. To learn more, go through Schwinn mountain bike reviews.
You can also weigh it against other models of the same brand such as Schwinn Folding bike and Schwinn suburban bike. The producer of this brand gives priority to your comfort level and safety. All the models we have mentioned come with an affordable price. You don’t have any excuse as to why you should not give it a thought, do you?