Schwinn vs Giant – Which One is a Smoother Ride?

Riding a bicycle is a leisure activity you can enjoy. In this Schwinn vs Giant review, we bring you two cruiser bikes that are great for riding through cities and exploring attractions.
Cruise bikes should come with a certain level of comfort. Most cruise bikes on the market do not measure up to this expectation. Either the saddle is slippery, too hard, or does not absorb shock when you hit a bump. I also got tired of doing bike repairs because most bike companies do not invest in quality components. My turning point came when I stumbled on two cruise bikes from renown bike makers. I am talking about the Schwinn cruiser bike and Giant single bike. I have road-tested both bikes and loved the results I got. In this review, I will compare the bikes side by side and choose my ultimate winner.
Differences between Schwinn vs Giant- How do they Compare?

Schwinn Cruiser Bike
Giant Simple Single Bike
Frame Material
Red, Cream/Purple, Purple/Copper
Black, Blue, Charcoal

Schwinn vs Giant- A Detailed Comparison
A cruiser bike made from quality material has better performance and shelf-life. Schwinn chose steel for their cruiser bike. it is one of the toughest frames I have seen in bikes and handles well under pressure. Schwinn also applied a special coating on the frame to protect it from rust.
Giant chose to make a rust-free bike by going for an aluminum frame. They used Aluxx-grade aluminum which is a quality lightweight frame. Handling the Giant was fun especially when negotiation tight corners at top speeds.
Besides a sturdy frame, I also want a cruiser bike that comes with quality components. Schwinn does not disappoint in using durable components to keep their cruiser bike going. The bike maker fashioned the bike’s forks, drivetrain, and crankset from quality steel. This adds some weight to the bike but for a greater good. The bike has lasted longer than I imagined.
Giant opted for Chromoly steel bike components. The forks are pure Chromoly steel while the stem is alloy quill. The seat post also has a micro-adjust knob made of alloy. The crankset also features an alloy 46t 3-piece design. Since the frame is aluminum, it gives room to play around with steel on the components and still achieve a lightweight bike design. This ingenuity had me favoring the Giant cruiser over the Schwinn.
Bike Size
I must commend Schwinn for releasing their Sanctuary cruiser in two main designs. There is the male version of the bike which comes with an 18inch frame. They also have a female bike version that comes in a 16inch frame. Both bikes feature a step-thru design through the cross tube is lower on the female bike version. If you are a couple that loves to ride together, I would suggest getting a Schwinn sanctuary for you and yours.
Giant opted to release their Single Simple cruiser in one size. This locks out a lot of consumers who would have loved to own this model. The bike’s saddle and handlebar are adjustable to accommodate a few more rider heights.
Schwinn Bike Review

Schwinn never disappoints when it comes to crafting quality cruiser bikes. Their Schwinn cruiser bike boasts of a steel frame strong enough to accommodate your entire weight. The lady’s version of this bike features a more refined step-thru design. It makes it easy for the ladies to get on and off this bike.
This bike also comes with front and rear fenders. You do not have to worry about getting dirty even when riding in muddy puddles. There is a steel carrier case at the back where you store your groceries after shipping. Schwinn added springs to this bike’s padded saddle. Not only does the saddle accommodate your weight it also absorbs shock when riding in bumpy areas.
The handlebar has a unique riser design with the grip handles curved towards the rider. It allows you to ride in an upright position which is comfortable. The bike comes ready to assemble with a convenient toolbox. This bike is available in cream-copper, cream-purple, and red.

  • Strong and durable frame
  • High-quality components
  • 7 –speed drivetrain


  • Some components are faulty


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Giant Bike Review

Giant is another industry-leader in the manufacture of quality urban cruise bikes. The Giant Simple Single bike features a unisex design. if you would love to get matching bikes with your spouse, Giant is the brand to go for.
This bike features an aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable. All other components feature high-tensile steel. This makes them durable and functional. You will love how this urban fixie engages corners and dash through traffic. This bike also features coaster brakes. Breaking is as easy as cutting on the pedaling and the bike comes to an immediate loo.
With a sleek and minimalistic look, the Giant Simple Single speed bike is perfect for urban cruising. This version of the Simple model does not come with a carrier. You may opt for the Giant Simple Three bike which includes a carrier.

  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Unique urban cruiser design
  • Great color variety


  • Does not include a carrier


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If this Schwinn vs Giant review does not convince you which bike is better, you are not alone. I also had a hard time deciding my favorite from the two. The Schwinn bike features a solid frame and includes a carrier I find handy. ant bike boasts of an Aluminum frame which is super light. With less weight on the frame, this bike is easier to maneuver through the concrete jungle. I will pick the Giant bike as the winner simply because of its lightweight. My wife loves the female version of this bike too.
Which is the best design for urban cruiser bikes?
A step-thru frame design suits cruiser bikes. It makes getting on and off the bike easier. This saves time if you live in a busy city.
What is the best speed for a cruiser bike?
A single-speed or fixie drivetrain is ideal for cruiser bikes. It is the best option if you only intend to cruise and enjoy the city on your bike.
What accessories do I need on a city bike?
Accessories like a water bottle, carrier, back reflector, and front light are ideal on a cruiser bike. Consider a helmet for head protection as well.
How much should I spend on a cruiser bike?
The more features a cruiser bike comes with the more it will cost. Consider the features that come with a cruiser bike to determine if the price tag is worth it.