Scwinn vs. Diamondback, Which One’s Up For the Adventure?

Finding a bike that perfectly fits your individual needs can be a challenge. This Scwinn vs. Diamondback review takes a look at specific features of the two to help you determine which one suits you best.
I am a cycling enthusiast like any other. The only difference between me many other cyclists is that I ride on virtually every kind of terrain imaginable. Everything from tarmacked roads, thick sand on the beach, gravel to rough mountain terrain. I need a bike which I can use on all my adventures.
What are the differences between Scwinn and Diamondback? How do they compare?

Schwinn Vantage RX1
Diamondback Overdrive ST
Schwinn carbon sport with disc mounts and alloy steerer, 15mm thru axle
SR Suntour XCT 27.5 coil spring 80 mm travel, Preload Adjust
SRAM Rival Hydraulic
Tektro Aires Mechanical Disc with 160mm rotors for front and rear
Derailleurs (front & rear)
SRAM® Rival 22
Front: Shimano Tourney,  top pull,  31.8
Rear: Shimano Acera M360, 8 Speed

Schwinn vs. Diamondback – A Detailed Comparison
The Schwinn Vantage RX 1 comes with 700c x 35mm Continental Sport Compact I tires. These have company specific Safety Breaker puncture protection. These tires give a smooth ride on paved roads, rough mountain tracks but fail on loose terrain where they offer very little grip. The upside is that the frame has enough room for wider tires. A Schwinn owner who likes rough terrain has the option to install fatter tires such as the WTB Resolute 42mm tires.
The Diamondback comes with Chaoyang Hornet 27.5×2.1 tires. These allow for high speed and stable cornering. They are comfortable on a variety of terrains including tarmac and sand. They provide good grip and minimal rolling resistance.
Schwinn’s bike has drop handlebars. Drop bar bikes require a fair amount of flexibility because the rider’s body gets lower and longer. The main advantages of drop bar bikes are that it requires less effort to achieve the same speed as compared to a flat bar bike. Drop bars also help to lower the bike and rider’s center of gravity therefore increasing stability especially when maneuvering corners.
Diamondback’s bike has flat handlebars. Flat bar bikes are good for beginner cyclists because they put the rider in a more upright position. These call for less flexibility and are ideal for riders who like to carry a backpack.
The Scwinn comes with plastic pedals with reflectors and a toe cage. Diamondback pedals are alloy forged. This makes them more durable than Schwinn’s plastic ones but lack the added advantage of reflectors which are quite useful in night riding. The toe cage on Scwinn’s model makes the pedal more comfortable.
The Scwinn has hydraulic disc brakes while the diamondback comes with mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulic breaks are easier to modulate than mechanical breaks and require much less lever effort to bring the bike to a halt. This is especially noticeable on downhill trails. Unlike mechanical brake systems, hydraulic brakes have a sealed system so it is impossible for dirt and mud to jam it, as happens with mechanical systems.
Scwinn vs. Diamondback Reviews, Pros and Cons
Scwinn Review

The Scwinn Vantage RX 1 has fender and rack mounts. Fenders help to prevent sand, rocks or mud from being thrust into the air as the tire rotates. Racks, on the other hand allow you to carry a small to average sized bag (luggage) which adds to the convenience of the bike.
Shock absorption is incorporated into the frame using Schwinn’s SRT (Smooth Ride Technology). This technology aims to reduce road vibrations felt by the rider by incorporating the Epicenter seatstay into the design.

  • Sufficient clearance for larger wheels
  • Wide range of gearing for varied terrain


  • Poor grip on lose ground trails
  • Tubeless wheels


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Diamondback Review

The frame is built out of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy which makes the bike light but strong enough to endure mountain biking. This is a hard tail mountain bike so it doesn’t have rear shocks. The advantage enjoyed as a result of this is that pedaling efficiency is increased. The downside reduced bump absorption on the rear end of the bike.
This model falls under Diamondback’s READYRIDE series. Unlike most bikes which require a lengthy at-home assembly process, this bike is shipped with much of the assembly already done. You only need to install the front wheel, seat and pedals. Once the tires are pumped up, you are ready to ride.

  • Fast
  • Front suspension makes starting out easy


  • Brittle pedals
  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • Paint scratches easily
  • Creaky brakes


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Both bikes under review are made with rough terrain in mind. This Schwinn vs. diamondback comparison reveals that the Scwinn Vantage RX 1 is a better option for riders looking for a versatile bike able to handle all kinds of terrains.
The Diamondback is a good option for paved roads, gravel and any relatively smooth trails. When it comes to rough terrain, the diamondback is barely able to take the beating. Some parts such as the pedal are likely to break off and the body’s paint easily chips off. The Scwinn handles well in a variety or terrains including very rough, bumpy tracks. In a nutshell, the diamondback is more delicate than the Scwinn and is therefore not a good option for frequent, rough road riding.
The diamondback’s saddle also offers less than the Scwinn when it comes to comfort. This makes long-distance rides increasingly uncomfortable as you go along.
Are Scwinn bikes still in production?
No. Scwinn, the company, doesn’t exist anymore. Rights to the brand name were sold to Pacific Cycle when Scwinn went bankrupt in 1992. Pacific Cycle was later sold off to Dorel Industries
How do I find my bike’s serial number?
You will find most serial numbers under the bottom bracket where the pedal cranks meet. If you can’t find it there check the front headset or rear stays.
Which is the best kickstand for a Diamondback bike?
Greenfield is the go-to stand if you want something reasonably priced. It is a simply designed aluminum stand. For something more complex check out Pletscher.
Where is Diamondback bikes located?
Diamondback Bicycles is based in Kent, Washington, USA.
Is BMX a model under Diamondback?
BMX stands for bicycle motocross. Diamondback begun and made its name as a BMX manufacturer. BMX became popular in the early seventies when children begun racing. Many years down the road, Diamondback makes just about all types of bikes including mountain bikes and road bikes.
What is a 29er mountain bike?
They are also referred to as two-niners. These are mountain or hybrid bikes which use 700c or 622 mm ISO (inside rim diameter) wheels. These wheels are known as 29″ wheels.