SkiErgvs Rower Vs Assault Bike – Which option is better?

Work out equipment, methods, techniques and designs keep evolving over the years. In the case of air resistant training equipment, the ski machine, rower and air bike have continued to top the list for most home gym planners. Which of the three options is the best? 

I just recently bought myself the SkiErgski machine and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve had so many of my friends over just to brag about it. Being home gym owners like myself, they too were madly impressed with its features and benefits.

A few of them asked me to make a review of the ski machine, rowing machine and air bike since it’s always been a hotly debated issue in the fitness world. So, here is a summary of my experience of each equipment and how they differ in performance and functionality.

What are the differences between SkiErg, Rower and Assault Bike?

Assault Bike
Works Upper Body
Works Lower Body
Pull – Extend Behind
Digital Display
Fitness Level
Easy to Move

SkiErgvs Rower Vs Assault Bike – How they differ


All three pieces of equipment are designed to perform differently and this will be their most obvious comparison. The SkiErg can be fixed to a wall uprightly or it could have a ground base. The work out technique requires you to make a skiing motion which may be tough for first timers.

The rower takes up the biggest space though storage and moving of the unit is easier as it can break apart in two pieces and it has some transport wheels built it. Rowing is great and easy for many individuals with varied capabilities,

The Assault bike takes up some space but not as much as the rower or as little as the SkiErg. What makes this bike stand out from other upright stationary ones is its movable handles making training fun and challenging.

The technique done on each equipment is different but they all provide you a great cardio workout. You can make your choice based on your preferred motion. So, do you like to ski, row or cycle?

Function and Performance

Whichever equipment you choose between these three, it must be able to provide you with some resistance that you appreciate and that gives you value for your money.

While using theSkiErg, rower or Assault bike, you are guaranteed of air resistance. This means that the flywheel of each equipment is fitted with a fanned flywheel. All three flywheels match the pace and energy exerted by the trainee with the right amount of resistance.

That takes your hands off the controls and you can focus on how fast you are going, how quick your heart rate is, how far you have cycled and how many calories you have burned as you train. All three equipment provide a Performance Monitoring (PM5) screen.

To get a reading on your heart rate, you have to buy a Bluetooth compatible heart rate monitor to pair with the bike, rower or ski machine. The handlebars of all of these training equipment are movable and adjustable which both accommodates different trainees and adds to the training challenge.

Other than the SkiErg, the rower and Assault bike provide pre-programmed workouts and games to keep challenging you to new training levels.

SkiErgvs Rower Vs Assault Bike – A Comparison Overview

SkiErg – Overview

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This is a ski machine with PM5 which is ideal for those trying to build their skiing skills and those who simply want to grow stronger in muscle and increase their level of endurance or resilience. The SkiErge machine has a flywheel with a tall base stuck up against the wall uprightly.

Handles are at the top of the base and they require you to pull on them keeping your back straight imitating the movement of cross-country skiing. This machine provides a low impact cardiovascular activity that targets several muscles.

You can either pull the handles simultaneously or one after the other making it more challenging on your muscles as the machine’s flywheel resistance matches the energy you exert. To change up the terrain you train on, you may adjust the spiral damper for an uphill climb or flat terrain skiing.

The machine has a PM5 console that will detail your performance in regards to stroke rate, speed and distance covered.

While the screen is limited to information display, you have the option of music or podcasts to use as entertainment while you work out on this unique machine.


  • Cheaper option for cardio machine
  • Low impact
  • Upper and lower body workout
  • Gives good high and low interval training


  • Challenging workout takes some time to get used to for beginners

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Rower – Overview

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With air power resistance, the rower provides smooth function with little heard movement. The rower has the option to adjusts the resistance by use of a damper or by adding or decreasing the effort you put in. This makes the equipment a great buy for both beginner and expert levels of trainees.

The rower comes with an awesome PM5 display screen that helps the rower, through Bluetooth connection to monitor your heart rate, calories burned, distance rowed and time spent. You are also able to share this data across other Bluetooth compatible devices for future reference.

For training, you have access to several pre-programmed work outs and even games you can challenge yourself on. Handles have been ergonomically placed on the bike with 10-degree bend for better support for rowing motion.

Foot rests on the rower are adjustable to accommodate different proportionate trainees and they break into two parts which makes storage easy.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Air resistance
  • Wireless heart rate monitor
  • Easy storage


Assault Bike – Overview

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This air resistant bike is like you’ve never seen before. It can either be a beginner friendly bike or an expert professional training companion. It all depends with who is riding it and the amount of pressure they are exerting on the bike.

The 25†wheel has 6 fan blades and with movable handlebars and pedals, the bike’s flywheel resistance will respond to match the trainee’s effort. To maximize your engagement, the bike has a display screen connecting you to seven pre-programmed workouts.

If you exhaust these programs or they don’t excite you that much, you have the option to customize your own programs. The screen will also display your health and fitness information such as heart rate, time spent, rpm’s, watts spent, distance and others.

The Assault bike is receptive to Bluetooth heart strap monitors which you need to buy separately. The bike is ideal for all ages because the training is low impact having minimal to no effect on joints and muscles. .


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Upper and lower body workout
  • Smooth and quiet performance


  • Wobbly seat

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Verdict: So, which between the SkiErg, Rower and Assault Bike is the Best Option?

Based on how much you can do on an Assault bike, it makes it an automatic choice for me. Out of the three options, the bike allows you to cycle, row and pull all in one equipment.

In my experience, all three options are great picks for cardiovascular training whether in the home or at the gym. You just have to do get the technique right, have a stable set up and learn how to manage and push through the stable and strong air resistance.